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Bradderz080Proceeding from my previous post, I'd like to get a group sorted to do heists on PS4. Im free pretty much anytime but evenings GMT would probably be the most suitable for doing the heists. Scas you said you, Mix and a friend of yours haven't done the challenge yet? Would you 3 be up for going for it?

I'd like to get started ASAP, getting bored with missions!
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Scasura   sure, I`ll talk to mix and our friend, should be no problem :sick: only little problem for me is that i probably have to send my PS4 to the Sony support because it plays no DVD`s and my guarantee is only running 2 more months. So either we do it quickly in the next 2 weeks or we wait a bit more longer until i get it back. But as i said i`ll talk to mix and our friend ans also will check the support for some infos how long it takes until i get it back.
reyaz4hmed786Check out the new formula 1 2015 game trailer!!!!!
I believe jvdw1888, nemma95, elmister are interested in formula racing.
LanoYesterday we were talking about videos and putting music in them! I remebered that 3 years ago i uploaded a video of me and my friends doing a kart "race"!

The video had lots of warnings and stuff because of the copyright! In some countries i dont think it even plays! But its actually kinda funny! I´ll just leave it here:

Someday i hope one of us is rich enough to do a kart race in their private mansion and invite the rest of us! lol
Karting @ Matosinhos
Apenas uma sessão divertida de Kart com amigos! =)
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ElMisterSaw this picture earlier from Project CARS official Instagram account. Old Hockenheim, right? I remember that corner from Grand Prix on the N64.
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pundip6   That certainly does look like Clark curve to me. Old Hockenheimring would be epic for an endurance race!
Liquid7394   There's videos on YouTube of historic tracks from older builds.
ElMister   Yup. I remember watching a historic version of Spa.
p_lustighej DJ_BIG_L one for: u[link]
ASD (Afrob & Samy Deluxe) - Tortellini Augen / Hase (Offizie...
Das neue Album "Blockbasta" von ASD jetzt bestellen: iTunes:...
p_lustig   nieuw-vlaamse alliantie?
p_lustig   or nationale volksarmee :sick:
maxx69   is this an add for ASDA ?
ElMisterFIAWEC 6h Nürburgring GP ongoing. Get busy watching!
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Scasura   Porsche livestream > [link]
ElMister   Livestream I'm currently watching - [link]
rob (r_whalley89)Alrite guys. Sorry for not being more active on the forum over the last 4 weeks or so. Sold the flat and I've have move in with parents until I find a house. just been really busy and not had the time I would of liked to play pcars. Not sure when I'll be back racing hopefully not too long. Been keeping an eye on events though looking good
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Aizcold   No worries, Rob. Here's hoping you'll find a place soon! Looking forward to racing you again soon, whenever that may be :sick:
biafra84   I think i speak for all of us when i say
AizcoldI've never played a Hitman game before, but this looks pretty cool. Looks like the player will have lots of freedom, which is always good. Might pick this up at some point after release when the price drops a bit.
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maxx69   I think the last hit man game I played was on ps2 and was a great game . I will definitely pick this up , it looks stunning.
My only concern is how the multiplayer will work out .
Aizcold   I couldn't care less about the multi player. I am interested in the plans they have to continuously add new content and new hits though. There are also supposed to be one time contract you can only complete on a certain day. After that they are gone. And if you fail they are gone too. That should really add to the atmosphere of being an international hit man.
TazI'm getting a bit better, matched the music much better with the sequencing. Probably gunna get sued for copyright infringement. Lol
Muscle Vintage Series Mashup Week 2
Week 2 of the Muscle Vintage Open Series, and we return to a...
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DJ_BIG_L   Respect TAZ !!! :sick: Busta Rhymes Feat. Ol' Dirty bastard - Woo - HAH ! Got You All In Check [link]
Liquid7394   I've never had a video blocked because of music. Most of the time they'll issue a copyright claim which means you can't monetise the video and instead the copyright holder will monetise it. Copyright claims don't negatively impact your channel either, copyright strikes do. Most copyright claims are done through YouTube's Content ID system so you'll get found out.
ZenzicJC   I have had a warning pop up that my vid would not be visible in Germany due the song I wanted to use to mock the pit lane bug at Nordschleife: [link]
Mach1budWoah so PCars has added a classic and a modern Mustang? Nurburgring wasn't always in the game was it?

Guess that is them calling me. Telling me I need to buy the game finally. In case some of you have forgotten, I have rl classic and modern Mustangs, and I have an infatuation with the Ring.
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mixjah   dont forget the mustang cobra trans am..makin it 4 mustangs actually.
Mach1bud   Yeah the classic is what really interests me. Maxx there are some pics of it around here somewhere. Yes that is my car, had it for a long time now. I think there is a real life car thread somewhere that has a few pics of it in it.
maxx69   hey mach check out some youtube footage of the fastback , sure you'll love it . Aizcold posted the trailer below , this car sounds fantastic and is more fun than a bag of boobies
AizcoldGood TV show this, The Stunt Lads Show :sick:
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Taz   Love this show, these guys do a good job. At least they did the first episode
reyaz4hmed786   Hahahahahaha! Makes me laugh when I watch it
Lano   Ahaha way to funny!
TazNew topic in delgado's. Check it out
Delegados' Corner - ApexStalkers
This is a link to an Enjin page with restricted view access.
Bradderz080Yooo, so has anyone here not completed the GTA heists yet? Overly late but I want to get cracking at them, giving up waiting for the 3 people I know to do it with.

I'd like to aim for that '0 deaths challenge' as well so if I can get a good group of 4 together to do the heists in ordee that would be awesome (Y)

This is for PS4 btw!
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Bradderz080   Some very helpful tips all :sick: And I agree Aiz, though the less the group has done heists the better personally, I wanna experience them as if the first time rather than everyone else knowing exactly where to go and what to do etc.

Also I have a rare Dubsta fully blacked out and ready to roll as the unofficial heist vehicle :sick: Who will join me? Evenings GMT will be best for causing chaos.
Liquid7394   If you're going for the 0 deaths challenge then you'll want the heavy utility vest.
biafra84   And kevlar helmet
TazNew Super series coming, details are up.
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AizcoldLove the trailer for the new Project Cars content! It definitely gets me enthousiastic about these cars. Might even end up buying my first dlc pack :sick:
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DavidCore89   The Yellowbird should have came with a health warning, it's absolutely insane.
maxx69   I only tried it with cold tires .....it didn't go well ...lots of four wheel drifting lol
ZenzicJC   Wow, they really stepped up their game with this trailer! I just wish they'd unlock that free camera for us too...
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