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Builder5150All retails stores in New Zeland are pulling GTAV off the shelves. Due to graphic violence and sex scenes.
ZenzicJC   Well, sex from third person view is definitely a whole different experience, right? :sick: I totally agree, Aiz. It's like selling guns in stores but barring GTA because of encouraging violence.
NibbsTM   Ugh not this crap again. Elected people don't seem to get that showing violence in media isn't supporting violence in the real world, but again games are being singled out by halfwits.
Liquid7394   I wonder if i'll still be alive when video games are finally accepted as a legitimate form of entertainment for people of all ages and just viewed as childrens entertainment. The game is clearly labelled as an adult game, maybe parents should actually do their job and parent there kids instead of trying to censor everything they don't like.
Builder5150HOLY SHIT![link]
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p_lustig   haha wtf, but i think this is a fake.
Builder5150   You think? Looks legit to me.
ZenzicJC   Awesome. :sick: Sources seem reliable, so safe to assume this is real. [link]
Tazso still offline as far as my puter and smartphone are concerned, but now with my ps4 I can access the forum at least...Question ? how many people have done the next-gen jump, and are we ready for a small event or what ? I have somthing in mind to test the cars, because there obviously driving more distinct and specific to there stats and there competitiveness has changed slightly...need some fellow apex slash testers to help out...
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Aizcold   I think pretty much everyone that's made the jump is in the multi recipient message that Liquid created, Taz. There could be enough for a mini event, but it would need to be at a time that almost everyone can join.

I'll be joining you guys myself in the next few weeks. I have some event ideas already as well. Especially for some nice small city and off road tracks that make use of the new prop limit and large tire walls :sick:
S.I.N-dalu   Ill help you out tax, been wanting to race with the crew..raced with mike and had an epic 1v1 battle until last lap n I f'ed up..haha
Mikeplugers91   Yess now you can race much closer on higher speeds, cause the game runs so smooth. Had it a couple times also with sennilson. But the thing is on learning curve before the s bended corners downhil. I always braked at a certain bush. But now there are more bushes on the side of the road so i fucked up my breaking hahah.
Liquid7394In anyone didn't get a chance to try out The Crew Beta there will be an open beta starting on the 25th.
Get Ready to Start Your Engines, The Crew Open Beta for Xbox...
Ubisoft announced The Crew open beta will take place from November 25th to November 27th for Xbox One and PlayStation consoles. In the Open Beta, players will get one last chance t...
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Aizcold   The closed beta was enough for me. But I like the fact that quite a few games allow people to try games now with these betas. Where do you find out about all these betas, Liquid? I'd like to sign up for a few more closed betas and get to try games out that way.
Liquid7394   [link]

This site is a collection of different gaming news articles from around the web. If an Alpha/Beta is being planned it will most likely be on there.
Builder5150Im a little tired of repeating myself here. But One more time.

If I message you (Builder5150) You need to respond within the allocated time. No response. Bad news for you. Respond and the situation can possibly be resolved with no further action.
We have rules here in APEX. We all must follow.
DO NOT SHOOT fellow crew members, Unless in a deathmatch. Accidental shootings, i.e when fighting another crew/person is mostly sorted online quickly.
DO NOT Blow up members cars. There is no need for this, ever.
Racing. We all know our strict but fair rules here.

Please respond. I dont enjoy hunting down errant crew members. If I call. Answer. Simple.

TLaxplaya69 and Leo_a127, You have less than 12 hours to respond. Oh and I will be posting people I need to talk to on this forum.

Here endth the rant.
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Builder5150   Well Do ya PUNK!HArry_zpsb21e43cd.jpg[link]
biafra84   Just a Game huh !

Taz   builders the best, but kudos on only pic of the Ac20 from Robocop, awesome !
AizcoldDon't forget, the first ever Apex drift event will be taking place on GRID Autosport at 20:00 today. Who's joining?
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ZenzicJC   I love the acceleration on that Subaru! Feels like it has jet assisted take off. :sick:
Aizcold   So we're racing Subarus then? I'd be up for that :sick:
ZenzicJC   Yep, me as well!
ffraccaroliHamilton or Nico ?
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Mikeplugers91   Yeah i hoped lewis would win, am a dan of him since i saw my first race of him. And i know rosberg had nothing to lose but still it must have felt bitter for him. Lewis drove a very steady race, wih his engine downtuned midrace to spare the engine.

Racing is a beautifull sport. The tactics, the battles and just the overal skill is amazing to see.
JvdW1888   I have been rooting for Nico, but Lewis deserved to win the Championship.

When Nico said "I would like to go to the end" with that emotionally exhausted tone in his voice because he knew it was all over, my heart broke a little bit. Much respect for him showing great sportsmanship after the race.
p_lustig   damn mercedes
trickehSo i tested online quickly yesterday, when I first entered my garage all but one cars where there. After a while i restarted the game after a crash and when I went back to my garage, only one car was left. All my other cars where just gone.., Anyone else had this? :/ PS4
Liquid7394   If 1 car is missing it is probably parked outside. I've never experienced what you just described though.
Bradderz080   The first time where 1 car was missing, it was probably your current PV, and when you join a session into your apartment/garage, it is usually parked outside the garage or somewhere on the map. It annoys me tbh, i just want to spawn in my garage and pick a car to take out, and if it happens to be the current one i have to walk outside then either run to it or call for it :sick:
trickeh   No, there was only one car left in the garage. One car was destroyed and could be retrieved trough mors. All other garage slots where listed as empty :/
NibbsTMSome interesting changes to passive mode on the new consoles.
New gen passive mode? - GTA Online
Page 1 of 5 - New gen passive mode? - posted in GTA Online: So Ive read a few things about the new passive mode being much like the race ghosting. What reports have you read about ...
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Liquid7394   Sounds much better imo. I've yet to try it out though.
Liquid7394If you're on next-gen GTA you can now change your eyebrows, chest hair and contact lenses at the hairdressers.
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OnlyForward_   Well I'm not on next gen GTA yet, but if I want to I can shave off my eyebrows any time I like!
OnlyForward_   Liquid you have just prompted me to shave some of my other hair into the shape of a mustache. Hint: It's lower down than your Chestache.
NibbsTM   Don't get off-topic Liquid, this is about GTAO.
GtGamer4hqThis is just stupid, basically what GTA V is in real life. Someone could've got seriously hurt but still makes for a good video :sick:
Police CHASE Motorcycles Running From COPS Helicopter + Patr...
INSANE motorcycle stunt riders get chased by the police heli...
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OnlyForward_   Insane footage. They turn off their lights and use underground tunnels to lose the choppers... People do get hurt making these videos, you see one guy stack it in the middle of the pack. Didn't look like he was hurt bad though. Absolutely mad, these bikers just don't care, but as you say, makes a great video!
Mikeplugers91   Crazy video, to bad for the gay in the middle of the pack who falls of his bike. Great to see they use the tunnel to lose the police. Great video to watch.
GtGamer4hq   Im surprised that tunnel lost them that easily :sick:
Mikeplugers91I just did a point to point race, with 9 people and won 24.000 in bettings. It was a close race aswell. Thought i could never win more then 4.000 if i betted10.000 everytime.
Aizcold   We have the same in GRID really when racing with the camera inside or in front of the car. You just have to be more careful when you try to overtake, it's not too big a deal really. Of course it will take some time to get used to it, but we should have skilled enough racers to pull it off.
Aizcold   Oh and on PS4 everyone will have a mic as it comes with a free one that is actually not half bad. Even if someone doesn't use it normally, they could use it for first person races to warn someone when they attempt an overtake.
Mikeplugers91   Yeah your right aiz, i think we call pull it off. Just people need to understand that they need to be more carefull. Offcourse everybody want to win but now risking a crash is even bigger now.
NibbsTMThe Touring Car Championship will be hosted tonight if a decent number of drivers are able to join!
Sorry we haven't made this clear earlier, there's been a slump in GTA Racing for many of us.
Aizcold   I think a portion of those that were still most active on GTA have moved to PS4 now. So I hope we'll be able to have some events on there before the end of the year. I'm alread looking forward to a first person only race event as well as finally doing some heists together :sick: And for those that won't make the move we can still have GRID events. I know I'll be joining those still at least.
NibbsTM   Yep, you're right, and I'm strongly considering getting the PS4 bundle with the game. We might even have to pull the plug on the Touring Car Championship and anything big planned on the old consoles.
Aizcold   I'd say it's definitely worth it. I would have waited for the bundle as well if I had known Project Cars would be pushed to March. As it stands I think I'll be trading my PS3 copy of GTA in soon and getting the PS4 version instead. I think I'll spend about a week mostly replaying the story and in the creator, but after that I will have had enough rest to host some events again :sick:
NibbsTMRC Touring cars! It's intense and bloody quick. :sick:
Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! - IFMAR 1/10th World cham...
From RC Racing the worlds no1 RC TV show - www.rcracing.tv -...
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NibbsTM   And something for you drifters :sick:
ZenzicJC   The speeds those things reach are amazing. This one for instance, 200 KPH: [link]
NibbsTM   That's insane! I think the commentator on the first video said the cars on track reach about 60mph, which is still impressive. Relative to over 600MPH if the size was scaled up to real size cars. I'd try sticking a small camera inside one of those. :sick:
RounderIs the Touring Car Championship happening today?
Rounder   Ah well, I actually need to rake up the rest of the leaves before more snow arrives. Responsibilities :(
NibbsTM   I will be hosting the race, hope to see as many as possible there, including guest racers. :sick: Please join anyway, Aiz, I like our duels. :sick:
NibbsTM   Very few are online, unfortunately we won't have this event. I hope we can get it restartet. :/
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