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AizcoldLa Mandarine, Arthurs TT, Race For A Cure and Under and Over Bridges have now been added to the Apex Stalkers Verified Tracks gallery.

Coming Soon:

El Condor by BrucePrintScrn
The Epsilon Program by Rounder
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dyr_glHey, when did the "eat yo veggies" line drop out of the crew motto? It was a pivotal principle!
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ZigMeister666   Haha :p I had to make room for the "PS3 Divison" comment. It was a sad day :/
NibbsTM   Heartbreaking. :/
Mikeplugers91This week has gone so fast, i was so busy and in the evenings i fall asleep with netflix on xD happend 3 times now. Looking to do some TT record racing today. See what i can pull out of some tracks.
ZenzicJCThis was my last night of racing for a day or four, but man was it an intense one! :d See you guys online in a bit! Will keep on checking the forum like a maniac of course.
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JvdW1888   Taking a few days off from life to celebrate the holiday season? :d

Hope you'll be at the pre-season test though!
ZenzicJC   Yeah, I'm taking my family to Vespucci Beach in our Radius. :d I don't expect I'll be able to take part in the pre-season test though. Have fun!
OnlyForward_   Have a nice few days off brah!
ZenzicJCWe've got a nice full text slider going on above! There's only a few free character spaces left. :d Look at all those yummy events! To whoever changed the text slider module: I had put proposals and events in a separate custom text line for ease of editing. :)
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Aizcold   I know, Zen. I changed some text in there and then for some reason the two text lines showed up on top of each other instead of next to each other. So I decided to paste it all into one line for now :d
ZenzicJC   Just had that happen too, it's because the maximum slider length applies to the sum of all custom texts, so it doesn't matter if you put text into one or multiple custom text lines. If you use one custom text and it reaches the limit it will warn you of that, if you use multiple custom text lines they will be stacked when the limit is reached. Neither is desirable I guess. :d Do you mind if I split them again?
ZenzicJC   Seems fixed again now. Can't even reproduce those two lines on top of each other anymore. Oh well. :)
JvdW1888There is only one spot left on the grid for the Formula One Championship. If you've been thinking about signing up, this is your final chance. :)
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NibbsTM   No I'm just not much for committing to an event series, easier for me to join and host singular events. Don't usually have time to play on Wednesdays anyway. :)
JvdW1888   Haha, you can always make an exception. :roll:
NibbsTM   You're better off with someone who has time and is less crash-prone than me. ;)
S.I.N-daluHave never posted music here but anyways...anyone here like these northern Irishmen? One of my fav. Bands. Love almost all their work. Most of you might know undercover Martyn or what you know..but trust me they got a lot of great songs ^_^
Sun, the 2nd single taken from "Beacon" - the new album from...
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S.I.N-dalu   And yes a very trippy song :p
ZenzicJC   This one is definitely new to me, but the other one does sound familiar! Good songs. :)
ZenzicJCThis song could fit in the Radio Mirror Park playlist right away! I mean, just listen at that little awesome sound at exactly 1:00! :d
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ZenzicJC   That little sound I'm talking about sounds very familiar actually. I think there's another song in GTA that has that effect too. Can't find it though...
ZenzicJC   Found it: FlyLo FM - Flying Lotus - Stonecutters. I can breathe again. :d
S.I.N-dalu   Old men got some moves! Lol hope I can move like that when I'm their age.
NibbsTMIf you're participating in tonights Pan-Galactic Compact Cup, please assign yourself to a team or start one yourself. We still have plenty of spots to fill, so join us, why not? :)
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NibbsTM   We will meet up from about 18:00 GMT, but the racing will start about half an hour later!
Liquid7394Seems like the driving in The Crew is being compared to WatchDogs driving. I really hope The Crew's driving is nothing like WatchDogs, the driving in WatchDogs is abysmal. I definitely won't be getting it if this is true.
Did You Notice The Crew and Watch_Dogs Striking Similarities...
The Crew and Watch_Dogs Comparison Video July 25th, 2014 By Maya Mayfield Is it just us or did anyone else notice the uncanny similarities between The Crew's beta testing via Games...
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Aizcold   It looked pretty similar to me, only a little bit better. I don't know what it is, but I never really like Ubisoft games. I certainly won't be buying any racing games they product. DriveClub and Project Cars looks much much better than The Crew anyway. More like actual racing games rather than open world car games with some kind of weird story in there :d
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