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biafra84My Presssssiiiiiioouuuusss
Builder5150Finally got on for a bit yesterday, enjoyed a couple of Rodgerz famous tracks, passed a few RRR racers, nek minute, invite comes my way. Lol.
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Rodgerzzz   Well that's only a good thing that your talents are being recognised elsewhere Builder! You were rolling with the TOYS tag yesterday weren't you?
Builder5150   Yeah wasn't showing apex. Replied and said thanks but no. I'm already in the best racing crew.
biafra84   Careful not to race all to fast with that lot... You'll be accused of witchcraft !
SenilssonThis shit is just crazy! 'Merica
Texas Streets - SUPRA vs SUPRA vs SUPRA vs Lambo vs GT-R
1100hp Supras battle 1300hp GT-R's, and 1500hp Lambo's Purch...
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ZenzicJC   Not able to use my sound at work, but is there actual wheel spin at 3:48 at that speed?
Senilsson   The sound is 80% of the experience, but yes! :-)
ZenzicJC   Yep, much better with sound! :)
sahdow97I need one of these
Aizcold   Like street racing? :P
Mikeplugers91   Nah street racing not so much, if you know where and dont get in the way of anybody.

Like 4 days ago i was driving a very nice bmw 1series. The left lane where i am on goes to the left. And 2 lanes to the right of me goes straight on. I drive with my nose to the back doors of a opel zafira, on the lane to the right of me. Then a curb comes up to split the lanes. All out of a sudden the zafira switches lanes with no signal. On my lane when i was almost completly besides him. I had to brake hard and turn away. Then i get so mad i can stand idiots on the road, i did full throttle kicksown within 2sec i was beside him. With his nose at my backdoor/wheels. I turned in so sharply and braked so hard. I dont give a shit then. He had to brake so hard, and was yelling in slovanian just like his licence plate. I just blocked both lanes and a tram was waiting aswell. I stood there for almost a minute, untill i got an explaination and a sorry. If somebody wants to be a idiot i can be a bigger one. I was with my brother, the turnout can be different asswel cause there where 6 slovanian man in that car. XD
biafra84   Careful with that shit man, if the guy wasn't paying attention and slammed into your car, you, your brother or people in his car could of gotten fucked up. There's no shortige of idiots out there, i know. But we'll have to learn to live with that. The pot and the kettle i know, but i'm still recovering from the last time i called some skinhead idiots fucking morons after they made me crash my bike to avoid em. I'm not saying you're in the wrong but careful with that shit. Idiots all around... Just roll with it or shoot em in the balls in the name of the global genepool ...
RodgerzzzFound out last night that another track of mine was going to end up on youtube! Thanks very much to swifty for filming this whilst we were racing, Builder's in this somewhere but I think his lag makes him pretty much undetectable by the ingame radar :D
Vespuccino to go - Rodgerzzz
Race Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jo...
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TazBreaking News in the GT News and Interviews thread....make sure to check for all the juicy details
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Rodgerzzz   Excellent read as always Taz!
NibbsTMThe Super GT event is being held this saturday @ 19:00 GMT, and we will be racing sedans, sports and supers in a PL that should take about an hour. :) I hope a decent number of you want to join what I think will be a fun little event with an interesting twist on the vehicles we bring.
Please read the thread for information (I hope I've made the link properly)
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Taz   I'd like to join nibbs, but got a shift mid day on Sat :(
NibbsTM   No worries, guys. :)
NibbsTM   I will very likely hold a practice session tonight eu time, so we can get a little more familiar with mixjah's tracks.
Mikeplugers91Is there any way to turn that +{%{*#\ annoying, autocamera off. When you press up the phone. Most ridicules thing ever. especially now the snapmatic thing wont load. Useless thin to add to the game.
Aizcold   It's quite a good little addition really. It opens the camera when you press up on the d pad twice. Just press it once and then wait a little bit before going anywhere on the phone and your problem is solved.
Mikeplugers91   I am used to press a year long, up and the direction on the phone where i want to go, left right up donw dont matter i really have to wait :(
Aizcold   You should be fine pressing any way but up after you've pressed up the first time. It might take a bit of getting used to, but it's not really a big deal in my opinion.
chaotikspraya86Here is some ass**** who thinks he is so bad ass that he is livestreaming his mod menu. Just shows how f****** up the gta community can be
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chaotikspraya86   Click [link] to see it, not the freshgamer link
biafra84   I think you killed em ....
AizcoldSorry Rudolph, I'm having myself a reindeer sandwich :D
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Rodgerzzz   Excuse my ignorance but what the hell does Reindeer taste like? :D
Aizcold   It's pretty good. Especially if you have some nice dried reindeer meat. Not sure how to describe it other than that it's a bit like a gamey beef taste :)
Builder5150   its like heaven, as long as you have a nice deep red wine with it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm alcohol...
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