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Use the GroupMe chat or the PS4 chatroom when you're online to arrange ad hoc races, playlists and other fun activities in any of the games we play! :sick:
OnlyForward_Hey guys. It's been another really rough couple of weeks for me off sick but just wanted to let you know I'm back on my feet again. Hopefully for good this time. me and my Doc seem to have found something that works for my long term health issues so I'm back on the scene! What have I missed? Any juicy news I need to know about heheh! :sick:
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AizcoldHere's a message for all you fair weather racing princesses, tonight at 19:00 GMT we'll be separating the princesses from the men in the first ever Bad Weather Cup. Sign up on the forum and join us at 19:00 or forever be known as a spoiled little princess among Apex Stalkers! :sick:
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dyr_gl   Adrian Sutil dislikes this and runs away from this event.

dphaneufhey guys, not sure about introduction race on GTA, I followed steps on recruitment thread and all I have to do are the intro races... I am not completely sure if I did everything correctly on the thread but im pretty sure I did, either way, responses appreciated :sick:
dphaneuf   Thanks a bunch man, I will definitely get in contact tonight, appreciate the help :sick:
Taz   I'm out of town the 28th till the 3rd. I'd you can wait I got u. Otherwise hit up my dawg :sick:
nemaGTA   I am also extremely active. Hit me up if you want, unless by this stage you have already been inducted.
snse87Hey guys dont know what the go with inductions on pcars. But i have been a member of the apex stalkers on GTA since the start of 2014. Do i need to go through inductions again for pcars? If i do who do i talk to. Just looking for some clean racers to race against. Im sick of racing kids that think they are playing burnout and barrel into the first corner with out even thinking about breaking.
Codex_PT84   I've signed up here for the same reason. I play GTA V PC.
Liquid7394   I believe no one here plays GTAV on PC.
Aizcold   Nope, not really. We're basically a Playstation only community with one or two guys on Xbox.
dyr_glLately I´m enjoying a lot playing around with ShareFactory seeing what you can do with it LOL. RIIIING-A-DING-DING-DING!!!
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ZenzicJC   Wow! :sick: How long does it take to build one car, Dyr?
dyr_gl   These ones are from PS3 days, just couldn´t record them back then. At a steady pace, giving it 1 hour per day 3 days per week, about 2-3 months.
PlayStation Plus UK - June 2015
New monthly games, including Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero...
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dyr_gl   Holy crap, a PSN free game I enjoy! This is a first.
Aizcold   Once again amazing value for money. That is four euros for four games including Metal Gear. Thank you Sony! :sick:
ZenzicJCNordschleife practice session tonight at 19:30 GMT!
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ZeNzI23Happy B-day Jv !
If not then Skype lied to me..
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JvdW1888   Thank you very much guys! :sick:
Rodgerzzz   Happy Bday Jevva!
biafra84   Hip Hip,....
xyoDRFTHey guys I have an idea for racing with a variety of cars in general GTA V racing. We could possibly calculate the different cars speeds/acceleration and try to match them so racing can have different cars/driving styles while also no car being faster or slower than the other. Ex: A Vapid Bullet has Engine lvl 4, Turbo, Transmission lvl 3, etc. While a Grotti Cheetah would have Engine lvl 3, No turbo, Transmission lvl 2, etc. I know that this sort of testing would take tons of time to calculate but it's just an idea for maybe the GP2 Season 3 or GTA V racing overall. Just an idea that can hopefully be spread throughout the racing community and see if we can make it a reality. Thank you for your time. -xyoDRFT (Apex Stalker)
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amutatedfox   Good idea
biafra84   Alot of member are racing Project Cars these days but good to see some ideas coming up to keep the GTA side kicking.
NibbsTM   I thought of something similar once, it would be quite interesting indeed. :sick: It takes quite a bit of testing and cash to get right though, one would need help. If you want to set it up, an open spreadsheet could allow people to post their times under the different circumstances on a test track, where the testing could be done with some collaboration. Super would be a good class due to the low number of cars, but maybe the top ones are just too fast.
Liquid7394Take with a grain of salt.
Logitech G27 support on PS4 soon!!!
Email from logitech support:
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Liquid7394   Apparently support for older wheels will come as well.
RodgerzzzContender for catchiest song ever? I think so... :sick:
Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)," performed by Daryl Hall &...
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ZenzicJC   To me that song sounds like a guy refusing to get pegged.
ZenzicJC   Luckily Simply Red made it better. :sick: [link]
biafra84   *Rolls up a newspaper and hits Rodge on the snout.

No, No bad Rodger, Bad !
ffraccaroliSince the PCars launch i havent had much time to play , so today i bring my Ps4 to work with me . Letsssssssssssss playyyyyyyy
tinypic photo
Link Description
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ZenzicJC   I like your job already, FF! :sick:
ZenzicJCCongrats, Josh! From now on you shall be known as an Apex Legend! Very long overdue and very well-deserved. Thank you for your continued efforts within the crew!
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PoshJosh   It is a privilege to be racing with you fine gentlemen...and ladies if any of you are still active.
biafra84   You'd like that wouldnt you now your a bossman..
RodgerzzzWhy we haven't spent more time in these beauties yet is beyond me... :sick:
Project CARS - 'Comedy Capers' - Watkins Glen Stockcar Inept...
Online multiplayer race with the Matsuo Racing guys around t...
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dyr_gl   It´s always REALLY hard to adapt to the absurdly low levels of grip these things have!
Aizcold   You'll have even less grip when I slam my car into yours and knock off a few wheels next week, Dyr! :sick:
dyr_gl   U fokin wat m8 am gonna rec you so hard your gonna cry
ZenzicJCFirst practice run for the Nordschleife Endurance will take place on Wednesday May 27th at 19:30 GMT. Please let me know if you want in by posting in this topic so I can send you an invite when setting up the lobby!
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Aizcold   Not going to be able to make it on Wednesday. But I'll be there for the next practice run, I hope.
ZenzicJC   Set up new thread for practice session: [link]
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