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Sony unlocks PS4's 7th processing core for developers | Game...
From launch day, the Xbox One has been carrying a performance deficit when compared to the PlayStation 4. Hardware choices made during the design stage by Microsoft meant a games c...
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Liquid7394   Hopefully SMS can use this to some effect.
camwestuaehi guys, as you guys know i was in a badd accident a couple of days ago, i thank my brother for telling you guys however some of the information he passed towards you guys was in fact not true, thankfully, at the time i was believe to be in a coma however i wasnt, i had a pretty bad concusssion. if i was to be in a coma i would then be out on life support which at first they did however the next day they knew i wasnt in a coma, im back but i think ill be having a little break considering its hard to see when you have 2 broken cheek bones and a nose, but anyways thanks for the support, im a little pissed off at my brother for sending the wrong information. thanks
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NibbsTM   That comes off as a bit cold, PoJo. :sick: Not worried about his health then? :sick:
Scasura   get well soon! :sick:
mixjah   glad to hear you're back on track! now for a good recovery, all the best!
WattyThere are still 15 spots left for the upcoming Nascar Event. Invite your buddies for a bit of fun! (GTA V - PS4)
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mixjah   boogiddy boogiddy boogiddy
TazQuestion on Delgado's corner
Delegados' Corner - ApexStalkers
This is a link to an Enjin page with restricted view access.
My name is EINVIV and I joined Enjin on 28 November 2015. I'm into gaming and other fun activities. Add me as a friend or message me if you're interested to learn more about me.

I drive with the steering T300RS.
I like to compete without Traction Control and without ABS
My vehicle category GT1 GT3 LMP1
I love F1 but can not find. Right calibration (regardless of the track)
I want to thanks MAXX69. That introduced me to you all
Ill asphalt
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ROBIN   Hi NEW, I am ROBIN. I'm sure you'll fit in here with the grumpy old men and the young hot shots.
Lano   Welcome :sick:
NibbsTM   I guess I'm one of the grumpy old men - a group consisting mostly of guys in our late twenties and early thirties. :sick:
Get off my lawn, you damn kids!
lady steals from KID! black friday 2015
Im posting anonymous because I don want 2b fired, but I work...
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mixjah   0591dab6dd17b1b7d3b74f3dd5aebbc2.jpg
Bradderz080   How ironic that its the day after Thanksgiving, where you celebrate everything you are thankful for.

And then you fight people to buy things you really don't need and won't be thankful for.

NibbsTM   We seem to import the nonsense to Europe though, just without the thanksgiving part. ^^
Dirty Sanchez-fun with cactus
Dirty sanchez throw a cactus into pritchard's face, he then ...
maxx69   They're like a more stupid / dangerous , British version of Jackass lol
biafra84   13Million years of evolution and this is how far we made it. Proud bunch of apes we are !
Mattinho   Love this show!
Scasuraawesome battle with mix in the type 51 :sick: we need to race this things in an event :sick:
[ProjectCARS] Lotus Type 51 @ Oulton Park Int - 1 on 1 Battl...
1 on 1 battle and close racing over the whole race distance ...
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maxx69   Classic Silverstone, that's some pit in ha ha I love this track . What a great dlc ......except that two geared torque steering , tank slapping indie car ....wow that's a beast
Aizcold   Perhaps we could have a one v one racing event at some point. Race of Champions style with all the other drivers watching on their monitors... Could be a fun one time event.
NibbsTM   Sounds like fun, Aiz.
Project CARS Classic Lotus Track Expansion - Now Available!
Today, Project CARS continues its programme of continual upd...
Scasura   by the way, the Lotus 25 climax on the Nordschleife = awesome experience!! trust me :sick:
DavidCore89   I don't have the pack yet, but I was able to try some of the cars with Mix and Scas a few days ago. Players without the DLC are often given a random setup and that usually causes the car to drive poorly. Luckily the true default setup isn't hard to find on Google.
mixjah   yea i think aiz mentioned that a while back..a bit annoying when you end up with negative arm angle and stuff like that ^^ there are a few combinations we have to try someday anyway..like the evoVI on mojave boa ascent and stuff like that. and i agree, the 25 climaxes all over the nordschleife, the 51 felt like home at oulton..highly recommended!
Nacho-_-BanditoThe next GT4 race day thread is up . Please be aware that rain showers are expected in Nuremberg on Saturday. Also, I've updated the standings to include the Donington results. Let me know if anything is incorrect.
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Nacho-_-Bandito   Also be aware that auto correct and shit phone.
mixjah   fair enough. either way, its a fairly common mistake, no biggy, just thought i'd clear it up :sick:
Nacho-_-Bandito   The weather forecast actually just expects A.M. rain in Nurburg, so we may be in the dry.
TazGoing old school and resurrecting the Apex Verified Contest, Focusing on the area of the map recently opened, wide open, and open to the public the Airport. Get those awesome tracks submitted and featured in the apex verified. It could also get your track notice as well made tracks will be used in the future for events, and the Verified Time Trail Coming Soon.
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NibbsTM   Good to hear, man! :sick:
NibbsTMI'm considering hosting a ROCKET LEAGUE tournament in december, would like to know if there would be any interest in that, and if someone wants to co-host. :sick:
Each encounter would consist of a best of 3 matches - With one regular match, one in a custom pinball-mode and one in moonball-mode being played for each encounter. The format could be a tournament similar to the one in Season-mode in the game.
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NibbsTM   Welcome aboard! If you more or less agree with the format then it doesn't matter if one is host or co-host. :sick: If you want to do fancy graphics, then you've really sold yourself. :sick:
mixjah   i usually get a bit annoyed by the game after a few matches tbh. but if i'm home i'm in :sick:
NibbsTM   I think the different modes (and the good company) will clear those issues completely. :sick:
maxx69Now for a nice safe yet manly cuppa ( following on from Bia and Zen )
THE JETTLE pulsejet powered kettle (longer version)
We all make cups of tea but is there a louder faster way wel...
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biafra84   Thank fuck i'm a coffee kind of guy
ScasuraProject Cars Classic Track and Car dlc is out now!
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ROBIN   The Lotus Type 51 is really fun to drive.
maxx69   Was expecting more track content for my money :( like Zen I'm not that fussed for the cars
mixjah   yea its not exactly what i would call a huge expansion pack. well, except for the pricing maybe :sick:
JvdW1888Hey friends,

After spending the last five weeks in hospital, three times a day for an hour, I'm sorry to say that my father passed away last Thursday. The final weeks we've had with him were great, we've been able to say everything we wanted to say and we've said our final goodbyes before he passed away calmly and without any pain, with our family around his bed.

I've missed racing with you, and I don't know when I'll be back since there's still a lot of things that have to be done, including me filling my father's shoes in our household. These have been tough times and there's a lot of tough times ahead, and I hope to be back soon. When, I don't know. Could be in a week, could be in a month, could be in a few months. It all depends on how life's going to be for the coming time.

See you all soon. :sick:

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NibbsTM   Condolences from me also. Spend your time well, and I very much look forward to seeing you again.
Nema.   So sorry to hear about this Jvd. If you're ever looking for a chat, I'm there on Skype like I always am. Stay strong man.
JvdW1888   Thank you for your sympathy, everyone. :sick:
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