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Scasuraalmost 32 years on this planet but never seen a crash like this before :sick:
Unusual crash at Porsche Cup leaves cars stacked up
A driver finds himself stacked on top of another car after a...
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ZenzicJC   Awesome, right? Porsches usually mate in more secluded areas. Highly unique footage!
biafra84   " Careful at the start"
- No wories, i'm on top of this
RodgerzzzI know a couple of guys (Maxx I'm looking at you) already subscribe to this guy but if you don't he's well worth a follow for all PCARS related stuff. Has a very non-chalant German manner as well which makes it a very soothing experience :sick:
Tony's Racing
This Channel is about Motorsport, real life as well as virtual. Therefore I mostly upload SimRacing videos of various kinds. League Races as well as informat...
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maxx69   yep the guy makes for excellent viewing ....super soothing , informative and great dry, German sense of humour.....well recommended Rodgerzzz ( stop bloody looking at me all the time ) :sick:
DruiDPrincEFor those of you who may be online and playing gta today we are having the 2 man LeMans race exactly 2 hours 40 minutes time. Lobby gathering will begin at 19:30 GMT. Please go to the Event proposal forum for instructions and details. Hope to see you there!
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DruiDPrincE   Link for easy access [link]
NibbsTM   Sounds fun, have a good race. :sick:
I once took part in a 2-per-car event. It kind of took a wrong turn when the pitstop/gasstation exploded.
Lano   Had no idea it could be such great fun! A shame that josh lagged out.. my brain stoped for like 5 seconds until i realized i could just spawn in the car! lol 60 min and we all finished so close.. awesome.. im in if a series comes out of this! :sick:
RodgerzzzAs Jv has posted his championship, may as well get this rolling as well! For those who prefer roofs over their heads whilst racing, here's the Ginetta G55 GT4 Supercup & GT4 Endurance Championship: [link]
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Lano   If it was delayed for two weeks it would be great.. the SSS would almost be over lol :sick:
Aizcold   I suppose we could do that. Up to Rodge and Nacho really.
Rodgerzzz   I've changed it to realistic driving aids and pushed the start date back to the 31st!
JvdW1888It is now possible to sign up for the Apex Stalkers IndyCar International Series! Make sure to join the fun on Sundays, 19:00 GMT, starting on October 18th. Don't let your dreams be dreams! Click here for all the information you need: [link]

Also, make sure to congratulate our previous champions and watch all final standings of the first season if you haven't done so yet: [link]

Thank you, bye!
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maxx69   great picture :sick:
AizcoldThis is an old thread, but the same situation still persists so I thought I'd give it another try and see if anyone wants to help out with this. Please post in the thread or leave a comment below if you want to lend a helping hand. Thanks! :sick:
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ScasuraMay i present to you my third fail/win vid :sick:
GTA 5 Online "Fails/Wins III" (funny moments - fail, win, st...
Fails/Wins and funny moments - Bmx/Skydive/Motorcycle/Car/st...
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Scasura   i almost forgot, if you haven`t subscribed yet do%20it_gif_zpsdyt3bkgl.gif !
Aizcold   Nice video, Scas. And excellent choice of music :sick:
Scasura   thx Aiz, i always try to find the right song for my vids :sick:
maxx69check out the spotter app ....apparently comming to ps4 soon ,with the soothing sounds of " talks with tony"
[Talk] Spotter App, Facebook Page & the new DLC #3
Hello and Welcome! In this talk we are going through the mai...
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maxx69   Like Tony says a couple of times during his video clip , you can tell the spotter to shut up , as he's controlled using voice commands .
The stig is like having my missus in the car ( unhelpful and annoying) but this app would be very useful and could really help .
The plusses far outweigh the negatives for me , I hope it's free , but would happily pay for it .
ZenzicJC   [link]
maxx69   how did you get that footage from the inside of my car ? you filthy pervert zen , are you stalking me ? :sick:
maxx69Hot girl makes my hard drive swell
Smartly upgrading a Playstation 4 to 2TB
Sony can't handle PSN, we all need something to do with our ...
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ZenzicJC   "Alli Berry". With that name she's set to produce a different kind of videos soon, Maxx!
maxx69   This is actual hardcore geek porn ....apparently its rumoured on the dark web theres a 4TB version
ZenzicJCBlancpain sprint race at Misano this weekend. Supporting races being broadcast live are F4, F2, Trofeo Abarth and Prototypes. [link]
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WattyDownloading the new Need for Speed now. Anyone else get the closed beta?
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maxx69   need to swap my ps4 hard drive asap ....stupidly small
maxx69   Can't get into game , keeps telling me that the network is down :(
maxx69   Ok kind of get the feeling the Gta boys and girls would prefer this game . I won't be rushing out to buy it .
ZenzicJC[link] Back online!
Apex Stalkers on Project CARS
Apex Stalkers is a PlayStation community founded in 2013. All of us go totally bonkers over online racing. That is why we have expanded our gaming activities into Project CARS. Our...
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dyr_gl   Nice! This looks great, I always leave the link to the site in the descriptions of our races highlights to see if someone bites.
Liquid7394Rainbow Six Siege Beta codes, first come first serve:




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maxx69   After waiting 24 hours to download and 10 mins for multiplayer to load i was met by a bunch of prepubescent , English ,school boy gangsters, saying "kick max init ?" and "max yous a white pussy ting init ?, ams gonna shoot yous, yous a dead ting , init ?"
deleted before i even played it , forgot the twats that these games attract ....shame
NibbsTM   What?? Didn't know Rainbow Six attracted such little shits, thought they were all on CoD and FIFA. I guess there are so many awful teenagers it's overflowing into most games.
maxx69   Damn their youthful slang and disrespectful , unwillingness to comply with age restrictions and rules .......far to many teenagers .....never like it in my day , was all fields back then .
biafra84"The tactical use of child labour"

.......new southpark 's out :sick:
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NibbsTM   Go child labour force!

Take your order, pwease...?
AizcoldWith the new PS4 system update you can now finally disable the automatic screenshot when you get a trophy. Simply press SHARE > OPTIONS button > Screenshot Settings > and disable the feature there.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm happy I won't have to manually delete all those useless screenshots anymore :sick:
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biafra84   That was an automatic screenshot ? No wonder this trophy horse 's HD 's nearly full.
NibbsTM   Trophies/Achievements are fucking pointless (to me).
maxx69   absolutely pointless Nibbs , never had a use for them either
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