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ZigMeister666Man, I swear the PS4 GTA public is more toxic than ever.. Every person shoots you on site despite being unarmed and all...

I miss the days of going on random hikes. Everyone plays the game at a million miles and no one stops to smell the virtual roses :sick:
San Andreas is so beautiful when you take a moment to look around.
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PoshJosh   That's why I like the improved Passive Mode where you become a ghost and you can smell the roses all day unless it's an NPC vehicle then I would step to the side.
Rounder   Sweet, so all the crazies went on to the PS4, that's why the PS3 lobbies seem more tranquil than ever.
ZigMeister666   Haha sounds like a date! :sick:

I can't do passive mode for some reason.. It just feels odd. I guess I feel more connected when I'm not a ghost :sick: I know it doesn't matter since I'm not shooting or anything but yeah I dunno.. :/
Tazcheck out the new Event coming mid febuary. and reserve your spot now :sick:
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AizcoldRidiculous... In an awesome way :sick:
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Taz   Damn.
AizcoldIt's early, but this is the best fact I've read all year :sick: :

@qikipedia: "Pigeons don’t bob their heads when they walk if you put them on a treadmill."
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ZenzicJC   Don't forget about this one, Jv! [link]
JvdW1888   Interesting read, Zen, thank you! :sick:
Aizcold   This is my favourite Uncyclopedia article: [link]

Glorious! :sick:
AizcoldThere's a new thread in the Round Table section of the forum about recruiting. We really need everyone's input and help on this, so please read through what has been discussed so far and also leave a comment yourself on what we should do about recruiting and if/how you are willing to help.

Thank you! :sick:
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TazMuscle madness standings and summery are up check em out, 2 races left in the season and the modern, vintage, and masters cup are still up for grabs
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Liquid7394Hmm... that font looks very familiar.
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Aizcold   I saw that a few days ago. The APEX expansion pack :sick: I'm half tempted to get Driveclub, but I don't want to get burned by it coming to PS+ just after I buy it so I'll wait.
GtGamer4hq   I do like the yellow Caterham in the back. Reminds me of my one :sick:
Rodgerzzz   anybody here trained in law? That looks far too familiar to be a mere coincidence :sick:
GtGamer4hqHey all, just wondering what happened with the Xbox 360 crew? There's only 5 members left all of a sudden... Any explanation?
Aizcold   I really think we should just merge the crews. There's such a small amount of Xbox players now anyway.

I also think we should change recruiting a bit and maybe disable people being able to request an invite. There are so many requests now and not many people to handle them. And with so many requests not actually then applying here on the forum it is getting a bit silly.

I'll post something tomorrow or later this week so we can all discuss what to do and how to get some more events going again. Taz and Kdawg have already proven that it's possible to get people active. You just need a fun event and a bit of planning :sick:
SuperNufcfan1   I would love to help, but at this point I have other things I need to take care of first, I might be able to focus a bit after june but for a month or 2 then I have to focus on my next step etc
GtGamer4hq   Same here, if anything comes up, let me know
GtGamer4hqThis was some incredible drifting, sad to see the finish though :(
Kawabata vs Saito D1 crash
Masato Kawabata S15 Silvia vs Daigo Saito JZX90 @ D1 FUJI sp...
Aizcold   These guys are terrible racers. Missing apexes all the time. Probably why they were forced to do the slidy thing in the first place :sick:
NibbsTMGRID: The final race in Formula C is here, we'll be tackling high-speed Spa-Francorchamps to find our champion of the series. JvdW looks to have this in the bag, but should he fall short or suffer a retirement, both Aiz and Rodge can take the number 1 spot. I'm proud to say that these three haven't missed a race between them and deserve to be in the top 3. :sick:
In addition I will host a preview-event for the Touring Car Championship. This will take place right after the Formula C race, most likely with a short break between them. I'll see you on track. :sick:
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ZenzicJC   I gave my wife 6 hour notice of this race, so I should be there! Whether I'll be able to keep up with FF will remain to be seen. Still have a 0.5 second handicap with my new wheel at the moment.
NibbsTM   I've given my gf lots of notices, the latest a few hours ago, so we should be clear. :sick:
ffraccaroli   Going home now sad i lost the event. .. but happy with my sunday with all my kids and wife. ....hope you guys had a good race .
ZenzicJCAre any of the GTA inductors still active on PS3 or PS4? I'm asking because the number of outstanding applications has been growing over the last few months. Maybe it's best if we close applications for GTA?
Bradderz080   Im GTA-ed out personally, tired of waiting and waiting. Wont really be playing till heists.
marcinguy   same, I haven't played much and also just haven't had the time. I had a few messages through PS4 from various people asking for an induction race, but I'm not an inductor anyway so couldn't help them.
Aizcold   When heists finally do come out we should really set up a few Heist Events so we can get together for some well planned out heists. And of course some party nonsense afterwards to celebrate a successful heist (or heist gone wrong, feck it) :sick:
ZenzicJCTomorrow, Saturday, 20:00 GMT: V8 Championship race on San Francisco Sprint Circuit!
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Aizcold   Fuck yeah! :sick:
JvdW1888   I can't make it.. Have fun though!
NibbsTM   Me neither :/
Liquid7394Just found out you can place props in midair without glitches. L3 raises the prop and R3 lowers it.
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NibbsTM   I thought that was only for specific stuff like the camera/air race checkpoints. Guess I've been missing out. :sick:
Liquid7394The subscription model for Elder Scrolls Online has been dropped so it might be worth a look at if you're a fan of the franchise.
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Announced, Dated...
Although The Elder Scrolls Online was released all the way back in April on PC, fans of the series have been left waiting. Bethesda had previously confirmed that the game would be ...
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ZenzicJC   Definitely!
Draco25240   Same here Nibbs, I'm sticking with Skyrim for now :sick: Although great to hear that they're not going to charge money each month for playing such a letdown (IMO). Great find Liquid!
Liquid7394   I should mention that a lot of sites are claiming it's free-to-play, it isn't. You will have buy the game but from there on you can play it freely. I might check it out in a year or two.
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