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bansi31Created a profile in [link] it is currently in invite only. Hurry up
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bansi31   My profile [link]
RodgerzzzIt never ceases to amaze me the level of childishness and general cuntishness in GTAO still... would've thought they'd have all moved on by now but clearly not :sick:
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biafra84   Wouldnt hold your breath Rodge, most people just grow into bigger cunts..
(Present company excluded offcourse)
ZenzicJC   The ultimate evolution is called "wizard sleeve", I believe.
PoshJoshI have an idea for the #SanAndreas SnapMatic Contest but in order to achieve it I need at least half a dozen volunteers. Anyone interested?
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Aizcold   Sure, why not? Tomorrow evening and Saturday evening should see enough people online for the events so before or after that would be a good time for a little photo shoot :sick:
PoshJosh   Should easily be able to get a great photo before Race 8 of the Sports GT Series.
ZenzicJC   I'll try to be there as well. Curious to see what your plan is. :sick:
Aizcold"The first ever children's picture book had 151 chapters and contained instructions for winemaking and beer brewing" - QI.

Now that's what I call a children's book! :sick:
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biafra84   Cant stay on the tit forever !
ZenzicJC   I beg to differ, biafra! Have a look at Harvey in Little Britain.
Rik96Lol look at this car for sale ,[link]
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AizcoldGood news, everyone! It is now finally possible for all Apex members to own a banana phone! I am sure this awesome item will be on the Christmas wishlist for many if not all Apex Stalkers.
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biafra84   A big vibrating banana, Nibbs wants 8 !
NibbsTM   Haha thanks for that insinuating remark :sick:
biafra84   Anytime buddy !
AizcoldHey everyone, the first race of the Touring Car Championship is on Saturday at 19:00. Please let us know whether or not you'll be there by commenting in the thread. Thank you!
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ZenzicJCFound a pic of Taz's in-game character online.
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Taz   Awww...zing zen, however, I would never have such puny arms brother. .. face, similar. ..I see it, for sure. ..lol
Taz   O and, hide to wife, hide yo kids. :sick:
Aizcold   The likeness is simple uncanny!
SenilssonSo, I had eye surgery yesterday and just got home now. Still have a slightly blurry sight but should be able to get back into the action soon enough. :sick:
It feels great to throw my glasses and lenses in the trash at last.. :sick:
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Builder5150   Working outside in the sun and fresh air I believe has kept my eyes in great shape. Only one in my family that doesnt need glasses. Yet. Hope it works for you. My wife had it done and it didnt go so well. She still gets tired eyes.
NibbsTM   I think that's part of it, but genetics also play a huge role. I think the amount of close-up reading we do increases the chance of nearsightedness.
ffraccaroli   Well done Sen ... I'm colorblind, surgery does not exist for this, but the good thing is that even with advanced age i still doesn't need glasses, doctors say that the pressure of the colorblind´s eyes is better than the normal ones.
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Rik96   Beemer fans This movie is for you!
NibbsTM   That looks really good, thanks. :sick:
The racing looks so good, it doesn't matter that I'm not really a fan.
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