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Apex Stalkers XB has just passed 10000 race wins :) We're 10051 for 22890
you are what you eat...
Elegy is for poosies!
I don't like the elgy either..don't really drive it..i have a carbo which is what i cruise around in..a 9f which i drive the mowt..a feltzer and jester..might get rid of jester..and sultan for rallying
Guy I'm out of town, don't have the Xbox with me, so I won't be able to participate in the Touring car race tomorrow, or host the Endurance race on Sunday. Sorry guys.
Correction i dont like the elegy but i needed it for gtaf TT's and RRR TT's
I also have 5 and i never use my feltzer, elegy, comet or buffalo but i dont want to sell them cause i like them
I havve 6 sports cars D: i have a problem
I can still watch that serie and never be bored of it
Another line of him: I was the perfect warrior! Cold and ruthless! I lived by my strength alone, uninhibited by foolish emotions.
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