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Use the GroupMe chat or the PS4 chatroom when you're online to arrange ad hoc races, playlists and other fun activities in any of the games we play! :sick:
theninja9119how can i watch the race
mulla1985Out of curiousity was there people that applied for f1 and GP2 places but got neither? and if there was how come there isn't a 3rd event to give them some experience?
ZigMeister666   These are events on there own. Every one in Apex is free to make an event. F1 and GP2 we're put together by a couple of guys working extremely hard to bring it to what it is now. The crew doesn't strive to host x number of events on weeks y and z.

You have to understand the incredible amount of work just running F1 and GP2 is. Let's just appreciate that and if someone wants to step up and make another' series like it then great! Quality events are inspired not forced.
ZigMeister666   I do like the idea how ever, it's a nice little niche you've identified. Hopefully this might have inspired someone.
ZenzicJCToday is day 551 of Apex Stalkers' existence. For quite some time now we've been comfortable enough in each other's presence to fart (looking at you, Bia!), burp and sing (looking at just about everyone else!) over the mic, and we're still going strong! We even got Ffracca to use his mic and unexpectedly sway us with his seductive manly-man baritone voice. With the release of Project Cars getting closer I'm confident we'll have many more hilarious and unforgettable moments. May we continue to cherish our bromance and value each other's company for years to come! I'm now going to drink a beer to all of you, my dearest brodudes!
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Rodgerzzz   Bloody hell... We're getting old! Still can't believe how many of us have stuck together through thick and thin just for the love of playing games in a respectful manner. Here's to many more sessions of lunacy, crap jokes and out of tune singing whichever game world it may be in!
biafra84   Fuck you only, I was waiting for the moment to use that quote. " We shall fight em on the beaches, on the mountains, race em though the deserts, the hills and citys. I ask of you one more time into the breach. This isnt the end, not the beginning of the end, if anything its the end of the beginning. Race on my apex soldiers !
NibbsTM   May we be able to don our cowboy-hats together for years to come!
RodgerzzzThe F1 championship is about to get started!
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Rodgerzzz   [link]
msfc2010how do i join a race league or something, where i can do competitive fair racing with people??? any help would be great as i am bored of going into races leading and then being taken out by some bandit. thanks guys
biafra84   You can do that right here buddy, You can see the recruitment tab above.
Aizcold   Have a look in the recruitment section. Top of the site, the button next to 'members'. All you need to know about joining us is written down there.
AizcoldProject Cars release dates have been announced, hopefully for the last time. They vary a bit by region though with us Europeans (except for the UK) getting the game first:

Europe and Australasia: 7th of May
UK: 8th of May
US and Canada: 12th of May
Project CARS Goes Gold!
Set your Launch Control to "On", warm up your tires, and rev your engines because Project CARS is ready for release! Set your countdown clocks to the following...
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ffraccaroli   I assume Australasia is Australia , New Zealand and south part of Asia .... Europe and UK ok .... Us and Canada ok .... and the rest of the world ? Doesnt count ? South America ? Brazil ? And most important ... ME ... When i will get that ? I hope at least the same time as US
Aizcold   With the game now being gold a new delay seems extremely unlikely.
Liquid7394   I'm guessing they count South America as the US.
mixjahnon apex stuff, just had to share..maybe we could try (something like..) this during the next freeroam meet..if people are up for it.
SpeedFly Elite
SKYZ and SBMX come together in this crazy fun session twisti...
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biafra84   Looking forward to the next meet. All ideas for freeroam games and activities are welcome! And this looks pretty cool idd.
Scasura   ohh yeahh mix, already thought about this for the next meet :sick:) by the way i posted a vid of our last session [link]
JvdW1888The "highlights" of the very first race of the GP2 Series season are up and running! An absolute fantastic effort by GuN1t123. Make sure to check it out!

Also, don't forget to drop into his stream on Friday, the Formula One Championship Galileo Grand Prix will be streamed directly onto his Twitch channel. :sick:
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JvdW1888   Check out the post race interview [link]!
Taz   Well looks like production is one of the things I'm be looking for in hiring another Co host. KDawgs the man, a homie,and always had my back a ton picking up the slack when I need him too. I have lots of ideas to spruce up the series, looks like I gotta put somthing on Craigs list for a perfect hire :sick:.
Taz   F that the vid is awesome, don't care how nanny peeps helped. I'm jellies :sick: great job guys, respect.
g0ldensniper170Asking for a public favor when using the Turismo R. I want to ask a very skilled driver with that car. With that being said would anyone give me a few pointers on how to control it better when swinging wide and coming in close to the turn and accelerating out? Would be very much appreciated!
g0ldensniper170   NibbsTM i have watched both of the videos and my only problem is going into a corner and spinning out i feel like the back end of the turismo gets squirrely going and out of turns. Any tips?
NibbsTM   I'm not really the guy to ask, I'm not on the level of these fellas. :sick: Maybe it's a throttle-control issue?
Fishy175   better throttle control dont be flat out while turning
IDuarte_BrDo anyone will stream the race tomorrow?
Pls let me know.
Bradderz080WANTED: 4th member to join Bradderz A.R.S.E. Previous member dropped out so need a replacement, preferably use Skype and must be well skilled, for we are attemtping the challenge of zero deaths.

If you got what it takes let me know. We are free most evenings GMT for tackling heists.

ZigMeister666   I'm down bit timezones don't match :/
Bradderz080   I would prefer someone who has not completed heist 2 onwards yet, as it would sort of ruin the 'exploring' for the team. And Bia we havent been able to begin heist 2 for weeks now so we're just waiting for a new member.

I guess not Zig, 19:00-23:00 GMT will generally be when we'll be tackling heists
biafra84   Well we're trying to beat mastermind so i have to do em in the right order with the same team. Would help you out but i cant do other heists with other people or it would fuck up the continuety of the order we have to do em in. We have to start over tho so i can help out till Azi, zen and liquid start playing with arse again
NibbsTMAnyone streaming the GP2 race?
NibbsTM   Looks like he is, though going to watch Game of Thrones, might catch the end of the race. :sick:
SuperNufcfan1   Its good Nibbs! I've seen the first 4 episodes. they were all good!
NibbsTM   That's the third done. :sick:
ZigMeister666Man... How great is the Hydra! Playing around in missions with that thing is so much fun! Best 3 mil I ever spent!
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Liquid7394   I prefer the handling of the Lazer, something feels off about the Hydra.
NibbsTM   Why is nothing ever on sale in gtao? :sick:
marcinguy   The Hydra needs a long time to get up to speed but once it's there it can maneuver pretty well. It just takes forever though. I'm satisfied with it after an exhaustive freeroam battle last night. Held my own with the Hydra and took down many various air vehicles with it. It took forever to get that 3 mil though, now I'm broke, lol.
mulla1985Should I have gotten an invite to the group me chat? or did I miss it somewhere
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ZenzicJC   Here you go: [link]
TazStats are updated and a new summery is up, read about all the excitement and action going on in the GT sports series as we head into week 5
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