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NemaStreaming Lano's Danger Zone Cup right now for the bantz!! Tune in if you'd like
Nematwitch - Twitch
GTA V - Multi Class Endurance - Round 6 (PS4)
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Lano   Nema Lost!!!! Today was a good day!
dyr_glI know the interest in PCARS is sub-zero at the moment, but I thought I would share this in case a bunch of you guys wanted to give it a go. Formula Gulf was sort of popular here when we used it, wasn´t it?
Open - [PS4]Formula 4 Championship *starting may 16th* Test ...
we are going to race with the most realistic settings available; so real damages, real fuel consumption, real tires degradation, real assists etc etc...Drivers should try to get on...
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dyr_gl   Is there any way to race on Marmite just on Saturdays? Wednesdays are a no-no for me now
Aizcold   Yes, there's the 40 Laps of Shear Doom and Misery on Saturdays, Dyr :d Not quite the same concept, but should be fun too. At least the atmosphere with the guys we're racing with is always pretty good.
maxx69   This Saturday we will be starting a new championship ' 40 laps of hard luck' at Sakitto Gp in the GT 3 cars with 4 random weather slots and much banter and laughs .
AizcoldLooks pretty cool. I think I'll enjoy sneaking around killing fools in this game.
maxx69   There's some really good looking games coming out ....feel like a kiddie in a sweet shop
maxx69Epic cars , awesome racing and monster crashes ....oh sometimes Marmite just works :)
Marmite Cup highlights week 9
Marmite Cup highlights week 9 ,Vintage GT2 cars , race 1&2 S...
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maxx69I'm so excited.......
June 3rd release date
Assetto Corsa * Engineered to Perfection Trailer * FR * PS4 ...
Discover our new website : http://www.playscope.com Become a...
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Liquid7394   If it works out of the box then it's already worth more than Pcars. I might pick it up later, but NMS is a priority in June.
ROBIN   No sight of the Ferrari F138 in the trailer. Hopefully it will be in the game as they showed in the 'Console Trailer', otherwise it's a no buy for me.
maxx69   It's an old trailer , the newest one has your car , Robin .
maxx69I'm about to loose control and I think I like it ;)
'Gran Turismo Sport' Release Date On Track For 2016, Says So...
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016 1:00 AM GMT With the anticipated launch of PlayStation VR and rumors of a new PS4.5 'NEO' console, there's no question that So...
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Aizcold   I'd like this to be true, but "International Business Times" is about as unreliable and dodgy a source as you'll find out there...
maxx69   How very dare you , Aiz
Liquid7394   Original source: [link]
AizcoldSome pretty nice PS+ games next month. Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing World Tour for PS4. The former sounds quite nice to me to try out at least and I'm sure Table Top Racing could be fun with a few other Stalkers since we all get it for free anyway.
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Aizcold   Tropico 5 Review: [link]

Table Top Racing Previews: [link] AND [link]
dyr_glNow THIS is a "rolling start", and not what we used to do at Apex :d
Huge Start Crash 2014 ADAC GT Masters at Oschersleben
A massive crash at the start has halted the second GT Master...
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maxx69   Certainly not as smooth as Marmite ;)
Lano   Destruction derby!!!
Scasura   daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn
maxx69Damn those Apex are sinister ;)
This game actually looks really good
Homefront: The Revolution video chronicles the rise of the s...
Earlier this month, a new Homefront: The Revolution trailer showed a glimpse of how Greater Korean Republic (GKR) got a foothold in the US, and eve...
maxx69   Oh how I missed our conversations, Bia xD
Liquid7394   I heard the co-op beta was awful. Single player looks alright, but I'm burnt out on modern military shooters.
maxx69   No idea , I won't be rushing out to buy it , but I like the idea behind the story.
I've been on the lookout for a decent shooter for ages .
Division was shite , cod went all jumping about with space guns , Hitman just was too slow paced .
Maybe I'll wait and see what pops up when the PSVR hits the scene
LanoFeel free to invite your friends for the 1sr Danger Zone!!!! Thursday at 19:30 GMT!

Karting Playlist up to 30 players! 1 hour of jumping sliding rubing.. you get the picture! :) No practice, no custom cars, no setups, just fun!

Sign up punks!
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maxx69   I'm almost tempted away from PCars , sounds fun :)
Lano   And join us Max :p you just need to show up and have some laughs :d
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maxx69   A taste of Wednesday's Marmite Cup
maxx69'Marmite Cup' is vintage GT2 cars ( one car class) this week .
Our first Marmite Cup 4 weekly champion will be crowned this week . Saturday sees the start of the " 40 laps of hard luck " GT3 championship ....places available for both races
Love or Hate | David Mitchell's Soapbox
David Mitchell finds that the Marmite ad campaign leaves a f...
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maxx69   Thanks Nibbs for an excellent YT find :)
maxx69   Just to add , we did 40 laps at Monza in changing weather conditions on Saturday, 9 cars joined and no disconnections .
DruiDPrincEHello everyone, hope all is well. I'm still alive
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Watty   OMG :o He's back from the dead?
Lano   XD welcome back Druid
ScasuraWhat happended to our twitter account? its blocked
Scasura   also thought thats the reason, but come on twitter really? ^^
JvdW1888   Aiz kept getting drunk and sharing dick pics on it so eventually he just had to shut it down for his own good.
Scasura   hahaha :d :d :d
maxx69Marmite Cup highlights ( Renault 3.5)
Marmite Cup highlights
SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUS...
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Lano   Me liky liky!!!!
Scasura   oh yeah liky alot :d great choice of music maxx!
maxx69   Cheers guys :)
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