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biafra84Anybody els keeps on getting errors when trying to start GTA ? Not even the online bit just the game itself :s
Aizcold   Yep, it's been like that all day. You can play offline if you disconnect from the internet altogether, but if you're connected to PSN the game keeps giving an error and then shutting down.
Aizcold   Here's the R* support thread for this issue: [link]
biafra84   Kay, thx. Working tomorrow anyway so rockstar has all day to fix it. I get home around 16o clock. Fix it by then you bums !
TazJumping on a train for 29 hrs from La to Portland. I should be on this weekend, but will be running off a mobile got spot until Tuesday evening my time, miss you guys and Los Santos to death. I know it's been quite lately, but an event follows on my heels. Tazmania, go APEX
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AizcoldPS Plus games for August. Nothing too exciting, but I'll give them all a try regardless :sick:
PlayStation Plus in August: Lara Croft, God of War, Stealth ...
It's that time of the month again! The next batch of PlayStation Plus games arrive in just six days, so if you haven't already done so, make sure you pick up all of July's goodies ...
DavidCore89   4 player co-op looks interesting on Lara Croft.
AizcoldSome decent looking deals in the PS Store Summer Sale.
PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts today - PlayStation.Blo...
Summer is here and what better way to quell the heat than with a raft of discounted games? Don your hunter garb in Bloodborne or get behind the wheel in Project CARS, as both title...
Watty   Should i get Project Cars now? Or wait till Projects Cars 2 comes out?
Aizcold   It'll be a few years until Project Cars 2 comes out...
Liquid7394Just a reminder, make sure you download or at least add Rocket League to your library before Tuesday if you have PS+.
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Builder5150Hahaha Some guy asked me today how I got into APEX, he told me he had been waiting for a couple of weeks now, I just told him I brought a PS4 and the invite came.

His reply,

"Wow you must be the shit!"

Havent laughed so hard in a long time.
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FloriddSuper car race xbox 360 coupes race gta 5July 29 10 pm eastern time leave you gamer tag and I'll invite you or send me a msg on xbox gamer tag Floridd. The race will be the north loop 30 laps
GtGamer4hq   As far as i know, I'm the only one who still plays on 360.
reyaz4hmed786   is their any races on ps3 still which i could join
Draco25240   There aren't a lot of events anymore on PS3, but there are still a few of us racing (and just generally playing) on PS3 from time to time. It's just to ask anyone of us while we're online, and we should be able to do some races with ya :sick:
Bradderz080Yo B Mac, saw this and thought of you :sick:
All Blacks Skills - Part 2 - Summer Skills
Part 2 of our 'SKILLS' campaign for SKY SPORT and the RUGBY ...
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Builder5150   An oldie but a goodie. Mad skills from Nonu, and Dagg. The sausage and sauce with Jane, Now thats a little camera magic.
camwestuaeWill there be any races in the near futures for gta racing because at the moment they're seems to be not much racing taking place.
Watty   I'd be keen to host something as soon as my internet is fixed
DruiDPrincE   I am always down for events or just plain fun racing!!!!!
ElMister   @Rodgerzzz, Smorgasboard playlist!
ScasuraGroup TT session is open! inv coming
Liquid7394New update expected this week. Link contains patch notes and car DLC concept art.
Rocket League's Next Patch Fixes These Issues
Rocket League should be getting a new patch sometime in the next few days. While developer Psyonix hasn't yet offered a comprehensive list of patch notes, it has now detailed quite...
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Team Rocket's Top Ten Rocket League Tips
Ten quick tips, from us to you. Take this as sort of a suppl...
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NibbsTM   Solid video. :sick:
pundip6   If you think this guy is good Sen, you should check out Kronovi....dude is an absolute beast!
nemaGTA   Kronovi is probably the best.
ScasuraWeekly Time Trial #11: GT3 @ Nordschleife >> Group TT sessions, today and tomorrow around 17:00 GMT !!
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RodgerzzzThis is just brilliant, the guy popping up in the middle like a modern day Jesus is a particular highlight!
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NibbsTM   Too bad, then I can't be amused by it!
biafra84   Sure you can, in the privacy of your own home.
NibbsTM   Or in space. In space no one can judge me.
Builder5150So Im rumbling round Los Santos, Just minding my own.
Get a message from a Dude in Apex asking for help. Head on over and bring out the mini gun.
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Cost me a little bit blowing up 3 T20's and an Osiris. But the swearing aimed at me while they were being pulverised was music to my ears.

Oh yeah baby, The Enforcers back.
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Builder5150   Oh I do.

Lano   [link]

Boom here comes the Boom!!!!
marcinguy   Don't worry my man. We'll make up all that cash with the 2x $ Series A heist. All week!
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