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nkavcicI just wanted to say that im very happy with the fact that im a part of the crew :)

So many nice people around here.. Beatiful...
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Rodgerzzz   and were glad you're part of Apex to Niko!
Rounder   Glad to have you too! You seem to be one of the nice people making this crew so beautiful!
Forza_DIFSold my PS3 and GTA V today. See you in Project CARS and maybe in GTA V PS4.
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NibbsTM   Sorry to see you go, but I hope to race you again in another game indeed. :)
S.I.N-dalu   That deal tho for gamestop >_< I can see why.
JvdW1888Tonight at 19:00 GMT is the official Free Practice for the Zancudo Formula One Grand Prix. Join us to see where your rivals stand!
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Aizcold   Not going to be able to make it i'm afraid. I'll be there for the race tomorrow though.
S.I.N-dalu   Love this track and this track/vinewood track are the ones I really wanted to race. Unfortunately I won't make it :(
RodgerzzzThis race is just phenomenal, watch the first few laps in particular. The racing is so close and competitive it amazes me how they all don't take each other out by the end of the race!
BTCC 2014 Knockhill Race 1 (Full Race)
Uploaded by DEED XEES on 2014-08-29.
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Rodgerzzz   Forgot to say watch it from the 24 minute mark, that's the start of the race!
NibbsTM   Brilliant to watch. :d I especially enjoyed watching the row of cars going on two wheels hitting the curb at 30:22. Precision driving there, really impressive.
Bradderz080Anyone any good with video editing? I've taken 3 seperate videos but they're all sideways. All i need is a free website/software where i can just simply rotate it upwards and thats it, keep the sound and everything. All the options i've tried so far either has a tiny limit or removes the sound, WMM changes the formast to one that you cant do anything with... help me! :(
Liquid7394   Try this

AizcoldAnother gem from the QI Elves:

"Research published in 2003 showed that it’s easier to fart standing up than it is lying down." :d
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ZenzicJC   It does. Looking at the amount of onion in the ingredients one activity will inevitably follow the other.
Rounder   the best is sitting on a bench and the person next to you thinks a phone is vibrating.
Aizcold   I meant it more in the sense that this manly discussion about farting balances out the housewife talk in the Cook Book thread, but your explanation makes sense too Zen :d
GtGamer4hqComputer broke -_- Might take a while for those budget videos
Tazsometimes I'm impressed by the crew vids others do...this one's pretty nice, makes you wanna join an MC...well maybe.
Los Demonios - MC Reborn (GTA Online Crew)
Looking for an active, Fun, No Bullsh.it MC? Check us out. W...
Rounder   Pretty cool logo, looks like 5 separate patches on the back of their cuts.
AizcoldThis one is for you, Rodge.

"Di Maria says he's handling the pressure of moving to Manchester United quite well."
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Builder5150Hey guys can someone throw the link to Sandy shores 24hr enduro up. Cant find it, Would like to add it. Cheers.
NibbsTM   The thread or track?
Here's the track:
Builder5150   Cheers Nibbs.
NibbsTM   After re-reading I could see you meant the track. :) It was in the event thread in the endurance subforum.
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