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October 2016
TheSherbertDipKnow a stock car driver when you see one

As oGStig posted below CoreGaming is haveing an epic 4 hour endurance race on our best Featured Race "The Devils Loop" (track has been update now called The Devils Loop 2.0) This may be the longest Race in GTA histoy, defiantly the longest race event in Core.

So we at CoreGaming are officially inviting APEX to this event. You may sign-up at the link below

The winner of this event will have their name on the track description, on our racing page, Car&Racer [link] and become a GTA Racing Legend. (were only doing this event once)

The Devil's 99 (sign-up) [link]

Thanks for letting me post on your news feed, and i hope to see you there. LETS RACE!!!!!!!!!
THE DEVILS 99 - 10.29.16
The DEVILS 99 - Saturday October 29th @10pm [uk times] if yo...
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Daniel1Plainview   Video by xiRoNiCzZ, you may remember her, she did a few videos for the APEX Sports GT Series. Thanks again.
oGStig   Official Devils 99 rules regulations and such hope to see some of you there!
TheSherbertDipGuess whos back
ffraccaroli   Michael Jackson ?
Rodgerzzz   Slim Shady... you know like in the song? :d
TheSherbertDip   Ive lost all faith
Scasurahey fellas and RDR fans, i think the time has come...at least i hope so^^ All R*pages are Red since yesterday :d

| Rockstar Games
Game information, trailers, screenshots, soundtrack details, Social Club community news, et cetera.
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Scasura   Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming Fall 2017 - Watch the Trailer this Thursday, October 20th at 11AM ET [link]
p_lustig   Yeeeehaah!!!
p_lustig   trailer was a bit shorter than expected. but damn.......it's still 2016?
oGStigSo if anyone is interested on Saturday Oct. 29th 5pm est CORE will be hosting The Devils 99 the longest fastest featured race in core ,and maybe GTA history(aprox. 4hrs+). This will be 99 laps of The Devils loop in the Supers Class (any car, tires ect goes). Conditions will be, Time: Current, Slipstream: On, Catch-up: On, Weather: Clear. RACE CLEAN there will be wreck but it is a long race. if you have questions or would like to loin message Daniel1Plainview.
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Taz   Yikes! And I'm interested, I know after 4 hours the distance between me and someone fast like watts will be a day and a half, but might be down to commit to the challenge for endurance sake.
Rodgerzzz   I'm actually interested in this, I love a good endurance race
WattyWe have finally got the Events page up and running!

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Watty   *likes post*
Pucks   this is amazing watty, well done, i love it
Lano   Great stuff man! and all that while dodging dangerous aussie lifeforms... not bad
GAMERPinkie35Why is the Xbox one division of Apex so small?
Liquid7394   Because some power hungry snake decided to set up his own crew and steal our members.
richmills   The real problem we have is that none of the XBox members are bothered about using the forum, so it makes organising anything very hard. We actually have about a dozen regular GTA racers active on XBox which is enough to function.
Rodgerzzz   That's crew wide tbf Rich,everything's done through PSN messages nowadays it seems.
LanoThe crew VS crew event is getting closer! I did the first two tracks yesterday and i found some weird ass lines! The guys from the other crew are smart...

Anyone want to get some laps done later? We should get together for a practice run and have some fun :)
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mixjahglad to see events scrolling again on top of the screen..finally. whoever did this - good job! :)
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Watty   No problem :p
TazGetting my twitch account in gear, so this is a shameless plug. I'll be broadcastin most events, as well as apex driven content to help keep us in the map. Any sup port helps if you do watch twitch. Thx
Link Description
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Watty   Link is brokeded
enderofmidnightHello everyone! New event posted, kind of a crew vs. crew event with NoDo, Nascar-style! Oct. 15, thread in in racing events.
enderofmidnight   Please?
Taz   This is a hard sale my dude, we just wrapped up a 4 week series doing this exact same thing. As well as a big push for activity in our crew right now to ssupport. Also and I tell my guys this, even I struggle to make numbers for events, erry single one. Might just be bad timing, best of luck tho
WattySo we have 7 events running at the moment.... Apex is back baby!
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Taz   I wouldn't say 7 events. The weekly Pl's are there at your leisure no sign up necessary. TT is a standing challenge, and content creator is for utilization of great ideas. But we are rolling a bit more and looking great goon options for the crew, great job everyone helping, let's push some participation. Lol. Tomorrow the ASSCAR championship
Lano   Taz.. you buzz killer ahah :p
TazSo October the 14th @20gmt we have a crew vs crew against unity racing. I'll be broadcasting on my new cam and my twitch account which I'll plug at a later date. If you see the apex Vs unit Pl go up help or boys get some practice. Participants the negotiations have been solidified and are updated in the Op thread. Let's go get em' in some kind of polite respectful manner ;)
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LanoClimbing that mountain! GTA racing is still very much alive.. with 4 full grids and a waiting list race with another grid! At least 70 guys racing..
GTA V - COTM - Season 3 - Division 4 - Race 1 (Highlights in...
Highlights: 00:10 - Lost P2 at the start but on the second t...
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Lano   If you´re his friend or a youtube sensation... or even if you just win playlists.. you get an automatic pass to D1 / D2! If you´re a low life scum like me you have to wait half a season just to race in D4 lol
Nema   I used to win races in this event but now studies are more important than GTA racing. :p
Lano   that was before merphos and stuff! :p you suck now nema! muahaha just kidding.. you´re a beast and we miss you :(
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