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Builder5150Soooooo talk on GTAO is next update is tomorrow? News to me.
GtGamer4hqI want this car! [link]
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Rodgerzzz   I'd take any car from GT, DTM, WTCC. LMP classes, even the BTCC has some way over the top cars! As long as it's got ridiculous aerodynamic parts and is road legal then I'd be all over it :sick:
TazNice to have 2 of our pillars back. From cradle to grave welcome back family. Go Apex
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Rik96   My New psn id is II-Rik96-II
JvdW1888This truly is one of the most beautiful songs I've yet heard in my life! Beautiful movie as well. :sick:
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Rodgerzzz   This is my favourite film song: [link]

Faking Death - Nick Urata from 'I Love you Phillip Morris'. The dreaminess of the song really resonates with the whole film for some reason, in a way that the main character is always trying to break free and live in happiness. Shame he's an absolutely massive fraudster and spends the vast majority of his life in jail! Fabulous movie though, I'd recommend it to anyone!
OnlyForward_   I'll take the blackjack and hookers thanks JV. On second thoughts, hold the blackjack. :sick:
JvdW1888   That movie has been on my watchlist for over a year now Rodg, but never took the time to actually watch it! I'm going to download it now and will watch it somewhere the coming nights. :sick:

Haha, you'll need to gamble some money with blackjack before you can afford the hookers I supply, Forward.. :sick:
RodgerzzzIf... And its a big if... I can manage to figure out how to place a decent grid size on top of the Maze Bank Arena, who fancies a NASCAR or Destruction derby endurance as a substitute for the Sports GT?
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Aizcold   Actually, I read it wrong, I place my grid on top of the Maze Bank itself. The arena shoul be able to hold at least 8. I had fun the other time we did that race on there, remember Mike? :sick: So yes, I'm still in!
biafra84   Sounds fund, count me in !
ZenzicJC   Yep, always up for some destruction derby!
Mikeplugers91Im thinking of buying a ps4 before the end of the week. And selling my ps3 once i got a nice price for it. Can you play ps3 games on a ps4?
Aizcold   Or... you could wait until November and buy a PS4 then so you can play Project Cars with other Apex members. I'm sure there are a fair few of us that will be getting that game. And you'll also be able to play GTA with us on PS4 then.
Mikeplugers91   Stop making my head full hahah, first the tv, today then i check if i will buy forza i really love that game. And idk about project cars. The customization im forza is just over 9000! And all the cars that are in it. I checked compact racing in project cars and touring cars. In offline modus. But i was not to exited as you guys are. Im afraid it will be gran turismo like and i really dont want that. Maybe you guys have a good video(s) for me to see?
Aizcold   It won't be Gran Turismo like, because you won't be collecting cars or modding them. It's all about racing. I just love the weather options, working pit stops, career mode that doesn't include collecting XP or cash.

And even if the offline racing isn't great, it won't matter because we could have loads of awesome events just like in GTA.
Marc30599just wanted to say I love Apex lol
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biafra84   Nobody like to be kept hanging...

Apex loves you too Marc !!
SenilssonSoo, I'll be leaving for Miami tomorrow. See you in two weeks-ish! :sick:
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OnlyForward_   Party in the city where the heat is on, all night all day till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami.
Lol, have a good one Sen!
chaotikspraya86   Enjoy your holiday Sen
ZigMeister666   Have a great one man!
Builder5150School holidays have started here in Kiwi land. And Im looking after my munchkins. Wont be on alot for next couple of weeks. Apparently the teachers are overworked and underpaid. Whatever, they get 12 weeks of holidays a year. Sheesh.
Rodgerzzz   You post some really random stuff sometimes Builder :sick:
Builder5150   Just keeping it real rodgz. Just keeping it real.....
AizcoldApparently there will be GTAO maintenance between 9:00 AM (ET) and 10:00 AM (ET) tomorrow. Not sure what that is in GMT, but I'm guessing somewhere in the late afternoon/early evening.
chaotikspraya86   Hmm, i just went online and couldn't load up gta online because of maintenance. Maybe they bought it forward.
biafra84   Is online, online now or down for the maintenance ?
Aizcold   I saw people online earlier today, so maybe Chao just got a random error. I've had that message pop up before when there wasn't any maintenance. In any case this maintenance shouldn't start until tomorrow afternoon.
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