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mixjahstill having issues with my crew rank..left crew again. someone please reinvite. thx! [link]
Rockstar Games Social Club
Rockstar Games Social Club
RodgerzzzThe Apex Verified Contest is well under way, remember to get your track entries in before the end of the week! There's been some awesome entries so far so keep them coming everyone!
sahdow97If you are wondering why i am not answering in chat im downloading a game just so you know
SenilssonWhere do we stand on the sidewalk boosts? I try to avoid it but if I'm racing against someone who also knows about it and exploits it to the fullest it's difficult not to do the same.
Rounder   thinking about it more this is just stupid! like a car would realistically be faster on a sidewalk?!?! Is this like the grass trick for off-road races?
emptyplayer   I don't think I'd go as far as to calling it cheating. It's not like R* aren't aware of it as it was in GTA 4 too. Using it in a race where no-one is using I agrees is ungentlemanly but using it in a race or playlist where everyone is using it is fine. I tend not use it when there's a chance I'll be knocking poles over and cars are behind me though.

The double boost is fine imo. You get rewarded for hitting the accelerator at the correct time - I don't see any problem with it.
Builder5150   You get a boost from driving on footpaths? How the hell does that work. Wouldn't it be more lethal with the crap all over them.
GtGamer4hqGreat public races yesterday with rich, brain, ace, ferrarimad and some other clean randoms?
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richmills   Yeah, we need to do it more often :)
GtGamer4hq   I'll be on same time again, not sure about others?
ZigMeister666When was the last time anyone seen black sentinel man? I only noticed last night and now I'm starting to miss him :/
ZenzicJC   No worries Zig! He tried to run me over yesterday, so he's all well! :)
Liquid7394   Nowadays he seems to drive more different vehicles. I've seen him in a Comet, Stinger Gt, Roccoto, Baller 2 among other vehicles.
Builder5150   Chased him the other night.
SuperNufcfan1Wow these Humble Bundle games I just are slowing the terrible internet right down.
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Apex Racing Season Starts in 2 weeks, sign up now and get on your team...individual/team standings rewards

Reminder : Crew Vs. Crew Tuesday July 22nd at 22:00 GMT come represent APEX against RACE, no crashes here, head to head "race of champions" style racing

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GtGamer4hqgot bored and made a track, opinions? (xbox) [link]
Plan_D   Very twisty indeed. Kinda like my track, though on the other side of the golf course... [link]
Plan_D   I thought all that would become a [link]
Plan_D   it just did
AizcoldThe Sixth Edition of the Apex Stalkers Verified Contest opens today. A lot of great new tracks have been created/discovered lately so we expect a lot of great creations in this contest. Th track submission period closes on Sunday, but the sooner you enter your track for the competition the sooner we can all try it :)

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