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NibbsTMNoDo are having a Futo tournament tonight, if anyone is interested. Only a few spots left and a small gift certificate as a prize. You might have to join The Racing Union (so they'll know to trust you :sick: ), but that shouldn't be a problem for any of our regulars here on the forum.
Futo Fun (PS3) | Nonchalant Dominance
I'm moving in slow motion Feels so good It's a strange anticipation Knock, knock, knocking on wood Bodies working overtime Man against man And all that ever matters Is baby who's a...
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Rodgerzzz   Im already signed up! Can't wait :sick:
NibbsTM   Yeah I saw your name. Gotta study and go to bed early, so I won't join. Don't have a modded Futo anyway. :sick:
bansi31   They are giving 10$ gift card for the winner.
ZigMeister666You know those stories about police brutality in LS? Well in a cop chase, I was shooting at cops chasing me when I hit a spike strip, roll three time and crash into some shrubbery. As I dive out of my vehicle before it goes off a cliff, a cop car slides sideways into my car at high speed pinning me between the two vehicles. I'm dead. The cop then gets out (I'm dead by his door), standing on top of me, he pumps 3 blast into my stomach...

Upon respawning I hear a random cop chase, and a cop screaming over the sirens "if you don't stop, right now, I'm going to fucking kill you!". Then only gunshots and the sound of women screaming...

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NibbsTM   A new [link] game :sick:
ZigMeister666   Re watched that video and I'm now on the floor crying and my throat is throbbing from laughter. Worst part is, every time another line pops into my head, it starts all over again..
NibbsTM   "Take that, ya mug!" - haha glad you're enjoying it. It's hilarious for me even though I haven't hear Bogan-speak before. :sick:
Builder5150Yeah not a good move Australia. Never challenge the haka, its meant to say to opposite teams " here we are, we challenge you to beat us"

biafra84   I'll start clearing out some space in the livingroom to propperly prepare and challenge my rival racers !
Aizcold   Oh Biafra, you're the undisputed Apex king of one liners :sick:
biafra84   Ochh, you're gonna make me blush..
RodgerzzzThis was pretty much the finale of yesterdays celebrations and my lord did we go out with a bang! Many thanks to Carson for filming the absolute mayhem that was on show in the last round of the Bangerfest! Incredible way to finish an unbelievable day of events!
One year anniversary of the founding of the apex grew I got ...
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nemaGTA   Was loads of fun. You guys were really targeting me in the demo derby last night weren't you? xD
Aizcold   The person winning a race always gets targeted in the next race, Nema. That's all a part of banger racing :sick:
NibbsTM   Yep, don't think you can get away with winning unpunished.
AGNT009Please check out my new tracks for the upcoming Italian Job Series (Proposals thread). Accepting track submissions to get the track total to 10-15. Hurry and get your tracks in, before I create all 15 myself lol.
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GraphikaldesignGreat fun today with everyone for Apex's Birthday!
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Mikeplugers91I had an amazing night yesterday, driving a 645ci upgraded to 388hp!! Total m6 package, exteriour, interiour. Everything was m6 every little detail. It was so nice to drive. I reached crazy speeds in no time. And i always feel myself as a boss of the road now even more. This thing accellerates from 0-150 so fast and makes such a brutal sound. The womans that give you attention cause of the car. Yesterday i teared up the streets, i drifted troughout multiple corners, put down a burnout, and going trough traffic in the middle of rotterdam. I got a vid, where i go from hofplein traffic lights, trough weena full throttle and then in the tunnel, putted it in N revving 2 times, back in D and full throttled untill i reached the end of the straight after the tunnel. Going more then 3 times the speed limit. Omg!! That car is fcking amazing.

But that sound that came out of those m6 exhaust was so fcking brutal. Amazing! I love cars.
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biafra84   Sounds like a ton of fun. Tho i'll have to agrea with nibbs on this one
NibbsTM   I know mike, but even if you don't mess up, someone else can and make it a dangerous situation. I knew a guy who got run over at night by a speeding car when he was crossing the street not paying attention as he had been drinking. The funeral of a healthy 18 year-old is not fun. :S Just asking you to be careful so you don't find yourself in a tragedy some day. :sick: (sorry to bust your balls about it)
Mikeplugers91   Youre right nibbs, you deff are. Dont worrie about busting my balls, they are big enough hahah. And im thankfull that i never had a accident before, but the temptation is very big with cars like that. Its not that i drove every piece of road like that no, in the city loads off cops around. Its the party area of rotterdam. Im also thankfull for the driving skill, and vision/insight (dont know the exact word). An accident is in a small corner is the saying in dutch. I would never forgive myself if i caused a accident, i know myself well enough.

Dont want to cause commotion here, was just exited about the night :sick:
NibbsTMSorry I couldn't stay the whole Benefactor cup. In related news: The Birthday celebration is off to a lol'ing start!
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bansi31   Yeah me too, due to some shitty issues may be I will join after some time.
AizcoldI really hope this game isn't an Xbox exclusive. It looks amazing!
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OnlyForward_   Not sure if it beats Goat Simulator though but I'd still play it through. :sick:
Aizcold   I hope they turn this into an MMO and add plenty of character customisation and quests!
biafra84   Reminds me of Toy Commander on the good old dreamcast Rip
Marc30599Guys it seems we are really well known in the GTA community there's a wikia page that says we are one of the 3 racing crews that started the car meets trend
Link Description
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NibbsTM   Not bad with the mention, but I'm not sure the trend can be attributed to us, would have happened naturally in GTAO (no point in GTA4 multiplayer). :sick:
OnlyForward_   Still pretty damn cool though! :sick:
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