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TazEvents are on the horizon. ..*Lightning crashes*
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Lano   DO IT!
Nema   Wouldn't mind a cheeky Le Mans championship or a Dirty Mudders. Either way, I'm looking forward to what Taz our top dog has in store. ;)
LimitedFusion   dirty mudders sounds fun!
Liquid7394Assetto Corsa cars.
Cars - Assetto Corsa
The all-new ASSETTO CORSA physics engine uses practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the highest accuracy in physics an...
Aizcold   That track list is very far from impressive. I know it's not a full price game, but I still expect more than that after the amount of tracks Pcars offered.
camwestuae   Loving the looks..... but they haven't put the new fucking ford gt 2016 or 2017 and that car is legendary after winning winning le man in its first season of the 50th anniversary of winning it before with ford shelby ffs.
mixjah   if they make it possible to get the mods for ps4, i will instantly buy this game. until then, i'll think about maybe getting it on pc. because as aiz said, the track list is pretty underwhelming..
camwestuaeguys this is incredible! I'm amazed look at all the features, one of them giving you the ability to earn a professional FIA license you can use at race days! This really is the future.
GT Sport PS4 Gameplay - Everything You Need To Know
Hollie and Nath bring you a huge drop of brand new GT Sport ...
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Liquid7394   1. There will be weather, it won't be dynamic.
2. There will be damage.
3. Nothing has been said about standard cars. Pretty sure they're gone for this game.
4. Tyre screech is pretty bad. Apparently the final sound system wasn't used in all the gameplay footage, we'll see though.
mixjah   "no, no, this is not gran turismo 7"
...few months later...
"yea you could call it gran turismo 7 if u like"

so many features in the game that are hardly needed in sth that calls itself "the real driving simulator"..and then there's also a massive lack of tracks it seems. gonna wait til they officially call it gran turismo 7 (probably after a year of dlc or sth) and then go buy project cars 2 :d haha..nah man, i dont have a clue..all i know is that i dont really like it ^
NibbsTM   Thanks for the info, Liquid. Not too bad then. :)
I believe they mentioned that some cars have extra detail on them, effectively making the others 'standard', just not as butt ugly as in previous games.
AizcoldThought I'd share this video over here as well. Mixjah and I had an amazing seven lap battle on Mt. Panorama on Wednesday while racing with the Marmite boys. This is the very exciting final lap. Enjoy!
Vegemite Wednesday - Aizcold vs Mixjah | Final Lap
Mixjah and myself had a lovely little battle on Bathurst wit...
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Aizcold   I think some bigger balls in braking for The Chase would have helped too :p
mixjah   yea, well tbh, it was pretty much about not wanting to fuck up your race..i was too late on chase entry, knew you'd be on the inside, and damn, i braked even earlier than i did the laps before..where i did it mainly because i could, i played it safe, there has always been enough room between us 2 for you to only catch up but have no chance of passing. but with my little barrier kiss on the exit of the mountain section (due to you gettin me nervous ;) ) you were a lot closer than in the laps before..and i didnt adjust accordingly..of course, as you stated earlier, i could have done a rosberg :d lol
Aizcold   I know, after you hit that wall I was willing my car to go faster and pushing the throttle like a maniac :d In any case, that was one of the best battles I've been in for quite a while. Can't believe it lasted the full seven laps without either of us crashing.
WattyJust to confirm all speculation is true! You can remove lamp posts, 150 prop limit, snapping props and heaps more. Check this video out for more info.
GTA 5 Early Access to Stunt Creator. New Max Props, Lightpos...
GTA 5 Cunning Stunts DLC stunt creator early access. New fea...
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camwestuae   my day has just got better
Aizcold   I can't stand YouToobers like this guy. Early Access my ass, he just glitched his way into some sort of version of the stunt creator without the permission of Rockstar. I might go ahead and report the video. Not a fan of twats like this making money that way
DJ_BIG_L   We can remove electric poles? :o
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camwestuae   comin soon lads

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DJ_BIG_L   RIP the real racing :-(
Watty   RIP real racing!? This is the birth of real racing in gta xD
DJ_BIG_L   I'm waiting to see what we can do with ... :) ;)
maxx69As always any apex boys want to join the races , you'd be welcome :)
There are always some familiar names who regularly attend .
All skill levels welcome
MRC Marmite Cup highlights
SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUS...
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WattyDirty Mudders S2 confirmed????
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biafra84   Wouldn't mind 'n other GTA offroader with you lovely lads !
LimitedFusionHey guys, just wondering if anyone plays PC games like GTA V, CSGO, or PS4 games like GT Sport or even GT6 on the PS3...
Liquid7394   Mainly a PS4 community.
Aizcold   Also, no one is playing GT Sport as it isn't out yet :d
CCC_010 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ccc_010 Subscribe fo...
Watty   I don't think L meant for this to be about stunting but proping for normal tracks too. It's a pain in the ass, turned me off creating tracks for the time being. Hopefully all these bugs will be fixed by then too.
DJ_BIG_L   I think we need to wait for the update of August :( No Creator for 3 weeks :( RIP*
DJ_BIG_L   To be happy APEX, we can play with many RANDOMS :) :-( lol
I imagine probably a lot of things, but is that the bug was not created on purpose... For we all play together rather we play in private with only players we know...
Sam Sosa
New RE 7B: High-ends vs off-roads ft. Manny
Manny https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcX2sNjwAwKt3MtlmmiB...
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Aizcold   I'm really curious to see exactly which props we'll be getting in the creator and what the prop limit will be. Some of the R* created ones seem to have lots and lots of props on there. I hope we'll be able to do the same.
Watty   There's a few rumors going around saying that there'll be 200 props now, only rumours... Would be so good if it was true.
Aizcold   It would need to be at least that to make tracks like the R* ones. Or maybe the prop limit will be related more to the total size of all the props used now, like it is in other games with creators.
WattySo this beaut of a track just hit 100,000 plays.
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Nema   That is a mega milsetone. Well done xD
DJ_BIG_L   Congrat watty :)
Taz   Big up, i think my best is 300 *welp
breadking123wut the crew called
Aizcold   We're a sponsored crew. Zenzic Erotic Furniture Inc. supplies us all with special "play seats" in exchange for us promoting their incredible range of erotic furniture and other erotic products. So our official crew name is Zenzic Erotic Furniture Sexy Time Racing Crew, or ZEFSTRC for short.
Rodgerzzz   [link]
Taz   Ha ha Rodge wins, the gif remains triumphant
DJ_BIG_LWhat is this bug R* ? ? ? :(
What is this bug R* ? ? ? :(
Grand Theft Auto V https://store.playstation.com/#!/fr-fr/ti...
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DJ_BIG_L   RIP the creator for 1 month :(
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