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mixjah24h race on nürburgring, start saturday 13:30 gmt
Der Nürburgring - das einzigartige Ausflugsziel für Motorsportfans und Familien rund um die zwei faszinierendsten Rennstrecken der Welt (Nordschleife und Grand-Prix-Strecke). Buche...
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p_lustigHi guys, i have a question. Who's responsible for the website? i mean the guy who makes that everything works.
mixjah   mr enjin, i suppose :d ..no clue. zen made most of the magic back in the more active times i think, but ...well..tell me what it is you want, and i will very carefully explain to you why it can not be :d
ZenzicJC   "and i will very carefully explain to you why it can not be" :d:D
AizcoldRight, how many of you mother bitches are getting this game? I know it's only a trailer, but it looks pretty damn cool. Finally a shooter I think I might actually enjoy.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer - We Are Ghosts [...
Watch Ghost Recon Wildlands' brand-new trailer and see how t...
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Liquid7394   Depends.
Aizcold   I always prefer open world games anyway. And this game looks like it will be the kind of shooter I like too. Freedom to approach a situation in different ways, not a multiplayer shooter, no jumping around and shit. I like what I've seen so far.
maxx69   It's looking likely
Merely a rumor, yet to be confirmed.
Sources: No Man's Sky Delayed
The ambitious space game No Man's Sky has been delayed, two sources tell Kotaku. We don't know exactly what the new release date is-and it may not be finalized yet-but we're hearin...
Liquid7394   The same guy has now confirmed the delay. According to him no new date has been communicated, they simply have to put "coming soon" on promotional material.
ZenzicJC   [link]
ZenzicJC   Still nothing official, of course.
ScasuraMarmite Cup finals - Race 1 Lotus 51@Azure Circuit
[ProjectCARS] Marmite Cup - Lotus51@Monaco (Azure Circuit)
Marmite Racing Community Marmite Cup, Wednesdays 20:30GMT on...
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Scasura   thx maxx, thought this would match perfect :)
DJ_BIG_L   Haha, the music is very appropriate to the year and model of the car :) FUN !!!
Scasura   thx dj big :)
rob r_whalley89Crazy crash at the red bull ring this morning
Massive Formula3 crash at the red bull ring
Crazy crash at the formula 3 event at the red bull ring.
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rob r_whalley89   Turns out the boy broke his back in the crash
biafra84   Which one? Well the best to all of em offcourse. But who got hurt ?
ROBIN   Pretty rookie-esque to go straight through a dust cloud. Luckily everyone survived the massive incident.
Liquid7394I'm actually pretty hyped for this now.
Gran Turismo Sport Gamelplay Trailer Captured on PS4
This is the movie revealed at the "Gran Turismo Sport Unveil...
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Liquid7394   That's like saying Fallout 4 looks like Fallout New Vegas, it doesn't and GT Sport quite clearly has noticeable visual improvements. Anyone with functioning eyes can see it, he must not remember what GT6 actually looked like.

For a VR game it looks pretty good actually.
NibbsTM   Looks pretty good indeed.
GtGamer4hq - TGI_J   Now to get a PS4 I guess
Scasuralive stream starts soon!
Gran Turismo Sport | LIVE FIA Gran Turismo Championship, Pre...
Watch live, via YouTube Gaming, the pre-season test for the ...
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Scasura   release > 16th Nov 2016
Liquid7394   Was just about to post this [link]
DJ_BIG_L   Great !!! THX ;) :)
ZenzicJCHey brodudes, just letting you know I'm still around and checking the forum regularly! My complete loss of interest in GTA and PCars combined with spending more time with my family have definitely slashed into my multiplayer gaming and Apex time, but since that was a huge time sink now and again I guess it's not a bad thing. Prioritizing and not feeling obligated can be exhilarating, it seems. Anyway, I pre-ordered No Man's Sky and I hope that will get me fired up again and give me some more to talk about with you guys. To Maxx and Bia: cunt!
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JvdW1888   [link]
biafra84   First planet i discover, i'm calling it ' the sticky shed' Make yourself at home bub !
ZenzicJC   Seven replies in and we're at poof songs and shed innuendos. Good to see we're still the same. :d
biafra84DTM season started again last weekend aswell. Those you can always follow on their Youtube livestream or watch the whole race in HD afterwards.
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rob r_whalley89   I'm a happy Scotsman. Paul di Resta leading the championship
NibbsTMExciting race yesterday due to Merc blowing off both feet with a sawn-off, but what do we think about the remarkable crash? Lewis went out and took some blame by apologizing to the team, but it was deemed a racing incident. Yet in my opinion, based on this footage, I'd put almost all the blame on Rosberg for going way off the expected line into a corner and forcing Lewis onto the grass.
Hamilton and Rosberg crash out
Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were involved in a dramatic crash on the first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix, which has seen both men retire from the race.
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maxx69   Rosberg , in my opinion was more to blame , he has mirrors and Hamilton had more speed with his nose in the door ....Rosberg slammed the door on him .
It's a bit of both , Hamilton could have come off the gas but was carrying more speed and would have made the pass easy if he wasn't pushed into the grass .
Any way , well done Max
Rodgerzzz   The crash taking out 5 of the top 8 at Thruxton in the BTCC last weekend was far better than this. One crash in F1 and everyone hits the roof... in the touring car race the entire Factory Honda and MG teams were taken out along with a privately run Toyota. They all just got out of the cars and got on with it for the next race. This was the first F1 race I've watched for about 9 months now and minus Verstappen winning nothing else really caught my attention. I don't know why F1 is still getting so much attention, the quality of actual racing is shocking and drivers moan their tits off about everything. Ricciardo overshot his attempted pass on Vetted and Vettel is straight on the radio shouting and screaming... people think football is full of prima Donnas, I genuinely believe F1 has taken over that illustrious reputation.
Aizcold   IT was the first F1 race I watched in years and it was quite a good one. Not a lot of overtaking, but exciting until the last lap at least. But yeah, touring car races are much more fun to watch in general and a lot more eventful :d
rob r_whalley89
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NibbsTM   Poor Kvyat. :d
biafra84   Nice one Rob
ScasuraBiker dlc prosposal (petition)
even i am not a huge mc fan but i still would love to see some more mc style clothings, accessoires and Bikes. There is a running petition and maybe some of you feel the same, if so, sign this petition :)
> [link]
A Biker DLC Proposal to Rockstar for GTA Online | Motorcycle...
Original Video Here: https://youtu.be/FwnhDonhUSU Petition: ...
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Aizcold   Meh. I'm with Liquid on this, I would really like to finally have some single player dlc. And I share the same opinion Trevor has when it comes to bikers :d
Liquid7394   "We have been ignored long enough, and we feel it's time our needs are respected."
The racing community is larger and gets ignored. R* don't care about any community other than the cash card buyers.

"What we ask for, we do not expect for free"
Yeah right. R* don't and won't outright charge for online updates, so how can you not expect it for free?

I'm sure they'll do a biker DLC when they've run out of ideas but the racing community have asked for a racing DLC a few times now and nothing has happened.
Scasura   true true and sad they dont react to large communities but nevertheless its worth a try :)
maxx69Just had a message from Zenzic and he sad "HELLO APEX" and that he's fine and enjoying life .
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Lano   That´s good to know! (About zen)

The rest i dont really care :p ahaha im so going to Hell! :)
maxx69   cock
biafra84   Tits !
biafra84Godfuckingshit. Been an hour now. This cocksuck of 'n motherfucking hickup event doesnt seem to be pissing the fuck off.
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Lano   Bia your kiss my mother with that mouth? (no mom jokes.. that shit aint funny)
Aizcold   Tourette hiccups? That's surely something new to medical science...
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