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AizcoldAs Heists will finally be coming to GTA Online next week it was time to set up a Heists HQ on the forum as well. Please use this section to set up your heists and look for people to carry them out with. When posting a new thread meant for heist planning please use the following format (or something similar) for the thread title:

(PS3 or PS4?) Heist Name - Time and Date

Happy robbing, everyone! :sick:
Aizcold   I'm not Lester by the way. Just moved some posts around after creating the forum section.
Lester Crest   Thanks for helping out creepy uncle Lester.
Draco25240Just a little heads up to anyone who might be interested. Epic Games has now made Unreal Engine 4 (and all its updates) FREE for everyone, not just students! So be sure to grab it if you've ever wanted to look into game development or any other use it might have :sick:
Unreal Engine is Now Free!
Unreal Engine is Now Free!
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ZigMeister666Amazing! :sick:

Now I know technically the androids can absorb ki and that Gohan should be missing an arm. But hey, I think those changes are for the good of the series :sick:
Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot
DONATE HERE FOR EPISODE 2: http://www.robotunderdog.com/dona...
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Mikeplugers91   Personaly i dont like these movies, i really love the anime of DBZ. Also only 19/20, super android 17 can absorb ki, however 19/20 do it in a different way then super 17.

Android 17/18 have infinite power, so they never run out, and that why they cant absorb ki. Also the power of 17/18 cannot be sensed.
JvdW1888Doing a GTA Online racing playlist with a friend next to me. Friend keeps asking if he can race. Being in dead last after some crashes and allowing friend to finally play. Friend turns around and deliberately crashes into the top 3 of the race, just before I can stop him.

Worst feeling in the world.
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ZenzicJC   I hope we're talking about a hot female friend here, JV! Because in terms of racing etiquette there's not much to work with... :sick:
Mikeplugers91   You could not resist the temptation did you jv, always wanted to be on the other side for once haha.
JvdW1888   Nah I won't play GTA with my female friends Zen. :sick: And you're onto me Mike!
Tazwhew ! 29 drivers... teams and drivers thread is up, and a news thread for the sports GT series, make sure you check it out. and calling anyone who's brave enough to drive a surano, comet, alpha or banshee they still have driver slots open. use the team and drivers page to see who's where....Go APEXstalkers...this spam is endorsed by Taz and Muttley Presents :sick:
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NibbsTM   Insane to see so many participants, you people better record some of that for me to gawk at. :sick:
Liquid7394   I'll try and stream to the ApexStalkers twitch channel unless someone else wants to do it.
OMGitsEpsiloNcan someone link me to the apex stalkers introduction / tryout playlist plz i like the tracks in it thnx
Liquid7394   I don't think we have an official tryout playlist, I think the inductors choose whatever tracks they want. Did Zigmiester666 induct you?
Liquid7394   Here's a link to Zig's playlists. [link]

Maybe one of them is what you're looking for.
ZigMeister666   Yeah Liquid has the right idea. Bookmark the "Induction Run" PL Epsilon :sick:
NibbsTMAnyone up for a practice session in GRID tonight to prepare for the race tomorrow?
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ffraccaroli   Me maybe
Aizcold   I'm too hungover to race today, Nibbs. But I'll be there tomorrow, of course :sick:
NibbsTM   I think I'll just do some practice whenever I feel like it. Alright, will see you there. :sick:
ffraccarolihad to change my psn account , FFraccaroli does not exist anymore , its only FFracca now .
Liquid7394   Yep, go on your PS+ account > go to settings > PSN > Activate as your primary PS4.

Then you should be able to access online on your old account.
ffraccaroli   Yep, did it and is working. ...didnt lost my character
ZenzicJC   You lucky bastard, FF! :sick:
TennyZuFace9f anyone?
Taz   on the right hand column tenny, that's the thread you ask that under sports GT Series
TazI think we just broke 20 drivers in the sports GT. 18 spots left. Jester, Carbo, feltzer, and croquet manufactured have been locked up. Mass, 9f, Comet, surano, and Alpha spots still up for grabs. Get your cars before your choices dwindle.
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ZenzicJC   Congrats on the organization of these events, Taz! It's not every day an event draws 20 people!
NibbsTM   Really impressing me, Taz, but then you've consistently been great at getting big events together. Is there a list of the registered drivers and their cars we could take a peek at?
Taz   I should have it and a current news update up soon
TazIn look like a zentorno. Ugh
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Taz   All those were great guesses. Massage, cupping technique
biafra84   Thats one hell of a hicky
Aizcold   They do a sort of cupping technique in some Finnish saunas too. Only there they use smaller cups and cut your skin open a little first and use the cups to sucks some blood out. Crazy Finns :sick:
RodgerzzzPoor ElMister, words are extremely hard to come by after watching this!
This is actually GTA Racing
It's so bad that you can think it's all staged.
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Liquid7394   I didn't watch all of it since I've experienced many times. The first crash where ElMister got hit by a Massacro was so predictable, when I'm in that situation I just sigh because I what's going to happen and there's nothing I can do. This video is a prime example of why armour is a must.
nktrn   I raced yesterday with NoDo guys...and I was slightly disappointed. Crashes everytime and everywhere... Top positions are ok, but in the bottom people don't care about clean racing :(
So IMO inductions is an awesome way to recruit people
Evil Tuinhek   Sad to see I wasn't the only one. I make an appearance in this video @2:40. I'm in the Schwartzer getting smacked over the barriers.
Liquid7394If Power Rangers was made for adults.
Adi Shankar Presents a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Bootleg...
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Omar   :(
NibbsTM   There, there, Omar.
Omar   HAHAH, its very frustrating when some' dont work, the way i want. I hope i can sleep today. Lol
ffraccaroliMan beer is good! !!! Damm good. ..one of the best things in the world. ...cold beer
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NibbsTMLike there is for football and others sports, there is apparently a management 'game' around the upcoming F1 season. Would anyone in the crew be interested in some competition? :sick:
Introducing PF1 Fantasy Racing
So you have always dreamed about managing your own F1 team, but will you turn into a Ross Brawn or a Paul Stoddart. Can you manage your money like Williams and Bernie Ecclestone, o...
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Wrong_Way_Woody   PM'ed :sick:
NibbsTM   Got it, invite sent your way. :sick:
Wrong_Way_Woody   Requested to join (Apparently you have to accept my join request)
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