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NibbsTMTonight the second to last Sports GT race will be hosted on the track Neon GP. Please let us know in the thread or here whether you'll participate.
Now is your chance to set yourself up for a good finishing position next week! :sick:
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ZenzicJC   Look out, if your daylight saving time ended this race will be one hour earlier tonight than during the previous weeks.
NibbsTM   Welcome back pundip, of course you haven't been replaced. :sick:
I forgot about that, thanks Zen. Should it be moved in that case? I forgot what the plan was.
NibbsTM   I see that would make the title contender Jv miss it, so maybe we should keep it where it is. :sick: I'll have to hurry a bit but it should work
Builder5150Hey people, this is for everyone in the Apex crew, new and old. If I send an email, or chat to you online, please reply, I'm just doing my job and following leads to sort problems out. I'm not scary, i just need answers and I ask very nicely.
I have stated this before, but if you ignore me, do so at your peril.
So please respond to emails or to me when I see you online ( sometimes online is best, not everyone checks their rockstar account or forums. )
We have had a few new members lately who seem to just appear without any induction. There are rules to follow and they a for us all. Please do not add people to the crew unless you are an inductor, or have been given permission from a commissioner. Or our mighty leader.

Thanks for reading, and hey, let's be careful out there.
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ZenzicJC   Well said, Buildinator. It amazes me that we still have people being invited to the crew without induction after all this time.
Tokinbong_420I'm shopping for my first car and found a 06 Eclipse GT for a good price. What do you guys think? Any opinions are appreciated.
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Loaded! 6-Speed, Pwr Pkg, Rockfor...
this price has been reduced for our massive fall special!! 2006 mitsubishi eclipse gt! loaded! rockford fosgate surround sound! rf sub! beautiful rare white silver on black interio...
Builder5150   Well the first and foremost Tokin. The bloody steering wheel is on the wrong side!

Seriously though, nice little car. The only thing I would suggest is, How comfortable is it on long trips? I know many people buy cars and round town theyre fine, Not sure if you do alot of open road driving like I do. I have a Holden SSV8 Wagon, and love that its solid and comfy, not a speed around corners machine, But I need a station wagon for my work as a builder.
The only advice I would offer would be comfort, If you like it, and its suits you go for it, Looks good.
OnlyForward_   Have to agree with Builder on the steering wheel issue here, sorry Tokin heheh! But yeah, looks like a fun drive! The only thing I decided long ago was, after my first 3 cars were white colour, it shows up the dirt so much I decided never to buy a white car again.
SuperNufcfan1I feel quite bad for any Man City fans...
Rodgerzzz   Nobody likes Man City and their oil rich club! Even their own supporters are delusional, nearly as delusional as Liverpool fans! :sick: good win by the way, Newcastle have been having some bad luck so two great wins on the trot should kickstart your season!
ffraccaroliAPEX GRID CLUB 11 members now .... guess Who is the new guy
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Aizcold   That is GRID Autosport, Mufasa. Just to make sure you download the correct one :sick:
ffraccaroli   My god , Mufasa i try your name in Racenet´s page and see you dowloaded GRID 2 , please tell me i am wrong
Aizcold   Oh oh.... That would be most unfortunate.
RounderAnyone else get a "Maize bank error in your favor"? I got like 600K deposited in to my account and a text message from Maize bank saying "sorry for any inconvenience.." No inconvenience, Thank You!! Maybe it was because of my open ticket about not being able to sell my fully modded Exemplar? Not sure but not complaining :sick:
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NibbsTM   Oh cool, it's gotta be the Exemplar. I didn't get any :sick:
Rodgerzzz   I need to do this still for my Monroe! I think its worth like 750K or something and its just sitting there collecting dust.
Rounder   Yes I feel much better now about simply replacing my Exemplar with a new purchase, I have been hanging on to it in hopes to sell it someday, maybe I'll have some fun and blow it up in some special way, sticky bomb it and "Thelma and Louise" it off some cliff and dive out before the cliff and blow it up mid air! :sick:
NibbsTMHow come we have so many belgians in the crew and barely any germans? I noticed because of the similar flags. :sick:
JvdW1888   In countries like The Netherlands we just watch our movies subtitled in Dutch in the cinemas. In Germany, literally every movie theatre only shows movies that are completely voiced over in German. I think that only shows that they are not as accepting of the English language as most other countries.

Same goes for business. The German people often demand that everyone speaks German when communicating with them, instead of just communicating in English.
mixjah   well, germans who demand german are just not good at speaking english. same goes for the french..the more important you feel, the less likely you're going to learn another language. look at the usa, i rarely meet americans who can speak more than just english. there are a lot of americans living here in vienna who don't speak german..simply because they don't feel the need to learn it since everybody's capable of talkin english anyway.

me personally, i only like watching tv shows n movies in the original version. there are some that are ok when dubbed, but most of them just lose too much. starts with the fact that too many characters have the same voice actors. lets take bart simpson for example...his german voice also speaks eva mendez! this..is...crazy!! ..but we're used to it and i actually like to say that german dubbing is probably among the best dubbings worldwide. (anyone knows tv polska's dubbing? ^^)

nothing beats the original though..
OnlyForward_   But surely in countries where English isn't the main spoken language, it just means that we have to talk in English but LOUDER and slower to be understood? I always thought that was the way it worked amirite? :sick:
GtGamer4hqMy bike got stolen today but these two fucking pricks. Caught on CCTV and reported to police
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biafra84   Did he get it back? That pic doesnt seem tomuch help. Sry for the bike man, hate when that shit happens.
biafra84   Doubt the cops will be able to do to much with that. But hang that pic at a few local supermarkets. Their moms will positively be able to ID the little cunts and give them the asswhooping they deserve !
GtGamer4hq   No, i wish i had it back rodgerz, and hanging it in the supermarket might work. They were wearing jackets so they will probable were them more often
Builder5150Like the new banner.
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Builder5150   Hey Aizcold, Could you send me a more detailed picture of the banner? Like it so much going to get my friend to print it on a T shirt. If thats cool with you?
Aizcold   Not sure how much higher the detail would be, Builder. But sure I can send you something. Will send you a PM in the coming days. If I remember :sick:
Builder5150   CHUR BRO
Rik96Is the forum white?
or its me?
biafra84   Looks the same as always overhere
Rik96   It is now, but i swear it was white when i posted before.
ZenzicJC   Confused Rik is confused. :sick: [link]
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