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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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Racing code and rules for the track.
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By biafra84 Sep 29, 14
Are you going to be inactive for a while? Did you get a new job? Or are you simply going on a nice holiday? This is the place to tell us all about the good or bad stuff that sometimes gets in the way of gaming.
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By Aizcold ao 1 hour ago
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted. And once you've been inducted, please tell us a bit about yourself in the Introductions section below.
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By PoshJosh 2 hours ago
The Watercooler
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This is the place to discuss real life racing and cars. So whether you want to discuss the latest Formula One race or need advice on what car to buy, you can discuss it all right here.
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By Scasura 1 hour ago
The Apex Pub is the place to talk about anything that is not related to racing, cars, gaming or anything at all really. As if gaming isn't enough of a time sink already. (Proud home of the Cheesy Songs Thread)
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By Scasura 1 hour ago
The name says it all. If it's a game and you want to talk about it, do it here. Anything from reviews, previews, likes and dislikes about other games. In short: a place for those who find "outside" too low-res and think of a gaming server when hearing "real life".
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By ZenzicJC ao 5 hours ago
Crew hangout pictures,car collections,garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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By Scasura 8 hours ago
Grand Theft Auto 5
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This is the place for all sorts of general discussion about GTA and GTAO. Anything from favourite missions, activities and weapons to information on new updates can be discussed here.
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Want to know what cars are best in each class or just discuss your favourite vehicle? Or maybe you just want some hints on how to improve your racing. Everything related to racing in GTA can be discussed here.
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By Bradderz080 Jan 7, 15
The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By lumre 48 mins ago
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Golf, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything not a racing event can be found here. Even if it is a bit silly.
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By KHonda777GTA 2 hours ago
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them. Crew favourites can also be found here.
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By ZigMeister666 Mon at 11:15
GRID Autosport
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Want to share tales of epic track battles or maybe looking for some hints from the more experienced members on how to improve your racing. Discuss anything and everything in here.
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By ZenzicJC ao Jan 17, 15
Whether it's our own clan made events, Racenet Challenges or you want to propose something for the future, discuss it all in here!
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By bruceprintscrn a 1 hour ago
The Archive
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The place where old threads come to die. Or be revived again. Oh no, zombie threads!!!
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By Taz a Aug 23, 14
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Welcome to our latest member BIGwarrior98 registered Sat at 11:53
Online users: Aizcold , ZenzicJC
NibbsTMGRID: Touring Car Championship - Race 1 at 20.30 GMT. Be there for fun times!
Please get your teams/liveries sorted for the event. :sick: Builder, I'm posting the updated livery we'll be using, changed the sponsors and rims.
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RodgerzzzWhats the general opinion on having a weekday Futo & Blista Compact series? Both cars seem to be around the same overall speed but with completely different characteristics. Would be nice to get a fun little weekday series running again that doesn't have to be taken too seriously :sick:
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ZigMeister666   Hell, I'm down!
Aizcold   I would be happy to join the shenanigans :sick:
ZenzicJCThere will be a bundle with Xbox One, Ferrari 458 steering wheel and Project Cars. Price in Belgium was set at 459 euro. Don't know if this is actually news or not, and most of all I'm hoping you guys will buy the PS4 version of Project Cars. :sick:
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SuperNufcfan1   Thats exactly how i feel about that bundle
petter2093   Why didn't they make the price €458? Then it would match the wheel, and I'm sure they could miss the 1 euro on each sale
ZenzicJC   I got that from a stock keeping system of a toy store. There wasn't one for PS in there, which of course doesn't mean there can't be one later on.
Liquid7394Reset to rank 1. -_-
nemaGTA   Seriously?? Any idea why? Just cruel R*!!
Liquid7394   It's just something that randomly happens to some people.
Liquid7394   Apparently they've fixed it, I hope none of my stuff is missing.
Mikeplugers91Hey guys, wanted you to know that i miss racing you guys. I cant wait for project cars. Its the must have game for me this year. Finally normal tracks, no curb surfing nonsense just racing.

Oh and btw, did heist come out already?
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ZigMeister666   Nawww we miss you too! :sick:

Nah we don't have heists yet. Good one though!
AizcoldSome of you may be interested in this. I'm not a big FPS fan myself, but I think I'll be checking it out anyway as it will be free to play this demo/beta for a few days.
Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Starts February 3rd
It?s time to get a piece of the action! Today we are announcing that Battlefield Hardline?s open multiplayer beta will be active between February 3 and February 8. Available to pla...
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GtGamer4hq   I might as well check it out, Ill get my friends to join in and well and record some funny stuff :sick:
Liquid7394   I wasn't impressed by the beta they had last year but I'll definitely check this one out and see if things have improved.
Aizcold   The only thing that looks interesting to me about this game is the single player. If that has a nice long story and fun gameplay I might play it a year after release or something. I'm not interested in multiplayer shooters at all, but I can try it out :sick:
NibbsTMGRID: Touring Car Championship PREVIEW today/tonight at 20:00 GMT. We'll give each of the tracks in the upcoming series a quick look and show off our fancy (and hopefully tacky) liveries. :sick:
The main event thread is being updated with new info, please give it a quick read.
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NibbsTM   Rodge was up for it as well, we should be a handfull. :sick:
Rodgerzzz   I told you Nibbs, set it up and we'll flock to it like a group of scantily dressed blonde bimbos to a reserve team footballer contracted to an anonymous Premier league team!
Rodgerzzz   or like Zen to a Sex Toy Megastore in the backstreets of Amsterdam!
petter2093We're now live on twitter, follow @apexstalkers for the latest new and event updates!
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ZigMeister666Man, I swear the PS4 GTA public is more toxic than ever.. Every person shoots you on site despite being unarmed and all...

I miss the days of going on random hikes. Everyone plays the game at a million miles and no one stops to smell the virtual roses :sick:
San Andreas is so beautiful when you take a moment to look around.
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ZigMeister666   I was kidding when I said date but nonetheless Hyped, Aiz and I still ended up dancing under the moonlight behind some abandoned building on the outskirts of Sandy Shores! All we needed was a bottle of wine :sick:

^Not even kidding. When in FPV your animations look weird to others. We had Hyped doing the tango (air guitar) and Aiz busting out the Thriller dance (DJ Synth I believe). Funniest thing to see!
Aizcold   The dancing in the moonlight was definitely the highlight of the day, Zig. Absolutely hilarious that :sick: We really have to do that with a few more members of the crew some day, including animal and other masks and then make a nice little video of it. That would be gold :sick:
ZigMeister666   Haha yes I agree!
Tazcheck out the new Event coming mid febuary. and reserve your spot now :sick:
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AizcoldRidiculous... In an awesome way :sick:
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Taz   Damn.
AizcoldIt's early, but this is the best fact I've read all year :sick: :

@qikipedia: "Pigeons don’t bob their heads when they walk if you put them on a treadmill."
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ZenzicJC   Don't forget about this one, Jv! [link]
JvdW1888   Interesting read, Zen, thank you! :sick:
Aizcold   This is my favourite Uncyclopedia article: [link]

Glorious! :sick:
AizcoldThere's a new thread in the Round Table section of the forum about recruiting. We really need everyone's input and help on this, so please read through what has been discussed so far and also leave a comment yourself on what we should do about recruiting and if/how you are willing to help.

Thank you! :sick:
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TazMuscle madness standings and summery are up check em out, 2 races left in the season and the modern, vintage, and masters cup are still up for grabs
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Liquid7394Hmm... that font looks very familiar.
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Aizcold   I saw that a few days ago. The APEX expansion pack :sick: I'm half tempted to get Driveclub, but I don't want to get burned by it coming to PS+ just after I buy it so I'll wait.
GtGamer4hq   I do like the yellow Caterham in the back. Reminds me of my one :sick:
Rodgerzzz   anybody here trained in law? That looks far too familiar to be a mere coincidence :sick:
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