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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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Racing code and rules for the track.
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By Rodgerzzz a Sep 6, 14
Think you deserve a promotion for all your hard work? Want a job to work hard at? APEX always has something to keep you busy. Head here for all hierarchy and job/role related chat.
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By ZenzicJC ao Sep 9, 14
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted.
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By Aizcold a Mon at 11:54
Welcome to Apex Stalkers, feel free to start a new thread to introduce yourself.
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By Rodgerzzz a Sun at 11:11
The Watercooler
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What do petrolheads like to do most? That's right, talk. This is your place for General Discussion and for arguing about your favourite car, bike or even lawn mower.
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By ZenzicJC ao 18 mins ago
-Crew hangout pictures,car collections,garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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By Rounder a Sat at 19:15
Want to discuss mission strategies, payouts or anything else related to GTAO missions? Mission Control is the place to go.
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By nkavcic Aug 23, 14
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The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By ZenzicJC ao Sun at 13:42
Day off work? Looking to get behind that wheel and say goodbye to the outside world? So are we. Red Bull supply recommended.
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By Rodgerzzz a Sep 15, 14
Are you one of those perfectionists who won't race nothing but a clock? Head here for your ultimate fix.
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By Mikeplugers91 a 6 hours ago
Enter the brand new King of the Apex contest. Rules and Regulations as well as a feedback forum and sign up can be found right here.
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By Taz a Aug 23, 14
Subforum dedicated to the Formula One Championship. Here you'll find the sign up thread, rules & regulations and the Driver's Lounge.
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By Rodgerzzz a 5 hours ago
Subforum for the Sports GT Series.
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By JvdW1888 a 3 hours ago
Show us your rocket or set up a Car meet with your buddies..
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By Exodeath Jul 23, 14
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything silly can be found here.
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By Bradderz080 Sep 15, 14
Got an awesome idea for an event? Share it here and test the waters before spamming your 24 mile Lawn Mower Enduro.
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By AJCentric 3 hours ago
Find out about all ongoing and upcoming events by checking the Event Schedule here.
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By Aizcold a Apr 30, 14
Race Creation
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This is where you will find the crew's favourite tracks. This includes both Apex Stalkers Verified Tracks as well as other great tracks that are listed in the Apex Stalkers Track Library.
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By Rounder a Tue at 22:15
Enter the Apex Stalkers Verified Contest to have your creation Apex Stalkers Verified.
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By bruceprintscrn ao Wed at 21:55
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them.
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By AJCentric Mon at 15:19
Off Topic
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The place to talk about anything non related to GTAOL
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By bruceprintscrn ao 20 hours ago
Discussion forum about the games we also play besides GTA.
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By SuperNufcfan1 Sat at 10:38
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Welcome to our latest member rich1659 registered 21 hours ago
JvdW1888It's quiet on the forums lately. :P
Aizcold   LOUD NOISES!
ZenzicJC   And here's a cool and loud video about a guy jumping his trial truck over bikini girls: [link]
Mikeplugers91I can view everything on the site, but as i reply on the tt threat. It says acces denied: owner denied you acces to the site.. But i can view and click on everything. Only when i reply on the tt threat it does that :(
Aizcold   I've heard others having similar issues before, Mike. It's just an error that occurs every now and then, I guess. Your replies are still there in the thread though, so it doesn't seem to have much of an effect.
Mikeplugers91   It gave that error, when i replied with numbers first like i first replied 10 laps, and the story. I wrote. Hello working and it got posted. So tried again, and it got denied. So i changed the opening of 10 laps, to i did 10 laps and then i got posted aswell so maybe i cant post something that starts with numbers first idk
Builder5150Builder will be back enforcing from tomorrow........
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JvdW1888What the actual fuck...

I sent R* this ticket about the scraping bug we've had occurring to us for so many races now. Look what they replied. :')

"Upon further investigation and a review of the video included in regards to your issue, it seems as though everything is running properly as programmed." My ass.
Rodgerzzz   The shit Rockstar's Support Network conjures up is truly remarkable...
JvdW1888   Ticket got closed immediately, don't know what to do about it..
mixjah   whatever you do, make sure to reopen the ticket and tell 'em that they're wrong because, quite frankly, they are. happened to me once..they gave me an unsatisfying answer and closed the ticket. i reopened it, told em they didn't solve anything. message got forwarded to 2nd level support after that, got a new reply (took a while of course) and..well, actually solved the issue myself but anyway...let em know! ;)
Mikeplugers91Got a message by gta racing incs called RINC, they would like for me to represent their crew. Saw my times on cc, dockyard, dorset drive, downtown underground. And they where even before the spoiler update i believe. They say that they dominate the leaderboards times.

I reply'd: i am happy with apex, and i appreciate the offer. I would like to race you guys and expand my racing community. Also i said the times are without run ups, sidewalk/pavement surfing to get a boost. And driven alone. Cause he said that a guy had a 50.5 at cutting coroners. Wich i think cant be done without those tricks. But i said add me ons psn so i can try out your crew tracks and we can race together.
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Mikeplugers91   Idk rodge, have not had a serious race besides the gt and f1 season. Its hard to find motivation. Also i never joined a second crew, cause i only want to race for apex. But i think i need to create something some vibe for myself so i can find that motivation to race serious again. I lost it, lost my competativeness and thats whats made me a good racer. And i want that competativeness back. Cause i want to race serious again. But i dont know how.

Same in the gt and f1 races first i must do something stupid, in all races we had i crashed in lap 1,2 or 3 and then drive a perfect race on a very very high pace. So first i need to crash or something to gain my scharpness and concentration back and that not how it supposed to be.
chaotikspraya86   You can get your competitiveness back by doing some TTs, Thats something i know will get you back on top form. And guess what? There's a new TT ready and waiting for you. :)
biafra84   You can push me around the track and try and make me finish first... I Challenge You !
chaotikspraya86Prolaps TT - Track 1 - Downtown Cougar is now available in the TT forum
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Rodgerzzz   Looks great Chaotik! :) I'm not going to have a whole lot of time this week but in the odd hour I have I'll definitely be putting in the laps! Downtown Cougar too, what made you pick it?
chaotikspraya86   Its verified, but also kinda new, so its not something we've all spent a long time racing on. Plus i feel its a track where you can make a lot of improvement when you're new to TTs so I'm really hoping some of the new guys will have fun seeing those lap times drop massively as they get better. Nothing worse than starting a TT for these first time with only a few corners in it and only losing a few tenths after 50 laps. With lots of corners and different lines to take, there will be massive improvements for those new to it and thats a very rewarding feeling, shaving off maybe 4-5 seconds off your time. Even i dropped a second after 10 laps which is nice progress. Its also a good length with the car choice to come in just under the 2 minute mark by a few seconds.
GtGamer4hqThis could be intresting race wise… First person for next ten: [link]
Gta V First Person in foot and car CONFIRMED ! - GTA V
Page 1 of 15 - Gta V First Person in foot and car CONFIRMED ! - posted in GTA V: there will be first person view in foot and vehicle , animals in GTA ONLINE http://i.imgur.com/g3C6...
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sahdow97Its my birthday today :)
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biafra84   Congrats, have a good mate !
sahdow97   It will just be an ordinary birthday Zen i will just be with family and friends at home. :) Rodge i havent felt like playing anything on Ps3 and i will be switching to XBone or Ps4 soon. :)
Taz   Happy Bday playa
pundip6Commiserations on the final result guys! You all put up a hard fought battle and can be proud of yourselves. Congratulations to Jv on topping the individual points....can you come anything other than 1st at the moment? And well done to Bruce for stepping up to the plate when the crew needed him, you earned a lot of respect for that!
Thanks to Taz for helping me do all the running around behind the scenes as well...it took a while but we got there in the end mate haha.

This was "Rumble in the Jungle" which can only mean that "Thrilla in Manilla" is gonna follow soon. I'm sure both crews would enjoy a rematch at some point.
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pundip6   I haven't heard anything since the battle but it was raised before the first race and I think I saw it mentioned in the stream. Definitely not an issue for me and the other guys involved I don't think. Jv and Doodle 1&2 on the grid could not have been scripted any better!
Rodgerzzz   I thought that's what you were referring to Pundip, I saw that too! Oh well, some people are never going to be satisfied I guess :D Broughy seemed pretty impressed so well done Jv, all the crews will be after you now :P
Mikeplugers91   Yeeey lets blame mike for this. On the next crew vs crew i shall be there. And make time for it. Today i really was busy, going to a big swimming park from 17:00 till 22:00. Bit i make the promise i will be there next time. You can put the blame on me. :)
pundip6NODO v APEX starting any minute now (stupid R* and their spectator glitch won't let Broughy in atm) [link]
chaotikspraya86   Well done for stepping up Bruce, wish i could have but my internet was struggling to even cope with the livestream so i probably would have disconnected like josh did anyway.
Mikeplugers91   Yeah dont be to hard on hourself bruce, youre a very fast and strong driver. Maybe you miss form but it will come back. And unprepaired its hard to race and keep pace then. When you start to get a feel for the track the race is already over.
biafra84   Well i'm not gonna put a + underneath bruce apologizing for being trown to the lions and fighting the fair fight. We'll get em next time and it would be cool to see you behind the wheel when we do so !
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