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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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By Builder5150 Jul 10, 14
Racing code and rules for the track.
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By Rodgerzzz ao 13 hours ago
Think you deserve a promotion for all your hard work? Want a job to work hard at? APEX always has something to keep you busy. Head here for all hierarchy and job/role related chat.
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By Rik96 a 6 hours ago
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted.
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By Graphikaldesign 23 hours ago
The Watercooler
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What do petrolheads like to do most? That's right, talk. This is your place for General Discussion and for arguing about your favourite car, bike or even lawn mower.
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By NibbsTM a Thu at 20:45
Welcome to Apex Stalkers, feel free to start a new thread to introduce yourself.
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By Rik96 a 6 hours ago
-Crew hangout pictures,car collections,garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By bansi31 7 hours ago
Day off work? Looking to get behind that wheel and say goodbye to the outside world? So are we. Red Bull supply recommended.
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By S.I.N-dalu Mon at 19:58
Are you one of those perfectionists who won't race nothing but a clock? Head here for your ultimate fix.
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By Rounder Jul 24, 14
Enter the brand new King of the Apex contest. Rules and Regulations as well as a feedback forum and sign up can be found right here.
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By Senilsson Thu at 10:04
Subforum dedicated to the Formula One Championship. Here you'll find the sign up thread, rules & regulations and the Driver's Lounge.
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By Taz 28 mins ago
Show us your rocket or set up a Car meet with your buddies..
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By Exodeath Jul 23, 14
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything silly can be found here.
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By OnlyForward_ a Sun at 22:53
Got an awesome idea for an event? Share it here and test the waters before spamming your 24 mile Lawn Mower Enduro.
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Find out about all ongoing and upcoming events by checking the Event Schedule here.
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By Aizcold ao Apr 30, 14
Race Creation
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This is where you will find the crew's favourite tracks. This includes both Apex Stalkers Verified Tracks as well as other great tracks that are listed in the Apex Stalkers Track Library.
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By Aizcold ao Wed at 19:48
Enter the Apex Stalkers Verified Contest to have your creation Apex Stalkers Verified.
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By Graphikaldesign Mon at 0:05
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them.
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By Scasura 14 hours ago
Welcome to Apex Stalkers Present, where our very own Rounder and Toes host playlists full of custom tracks up to five times a week.
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By Toes Jun 13, 14
Records & Awards
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A celebration of all the past winners of all Apex events.
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By Aizcold ao Jun 12, 14
Feel you can go faster than the fastest? Take to the track and challenge the Crew records
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By OnlyForward_ a May 7, 14
Off Topic
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The place to talk about anything non related to GTAOL
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By Rik96 a Thu at 7:22
Discussion forum about the games we also play besides GTA.
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By marcinguy Tue at 20:40
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Welcome to our latest member MikeyCA161 registered 3 hours ago
RodgerzzzSorry about bailing half way through Nibbs playlist, had to pick up the mrs. and think I'd completely GTA'd myself out :d didn't want to cause any more problems for anyone!
LimitedFusion   Its all good
AizcoldAnyone else excited about this? :d
Bradderz080Has there been any game updates? If so can i get the links to all the patch notes please? :d
Rik96   Not sure about it, but i think the update will be next tuesday..we have a double xp weekend to end the july 4th patch.
JvdW1888I think that the Formula One Championship subforum is finally completed... No more new threads showing up, yay! Happy with the result of my work. :)
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Rik96   Great job on the F1 champ. section Jvd im impressed.
Senilsson   I'm impressed Jv! Too bad I wasn't smart enough to sign up. :p
JvdW1888   Thank you guys. :)

You can still sign up Sen, 2 places left, but I'm afraid that you'll have to drive the Cheetah.
Liquid7394I'm trying to think what the point of a 2x RP weekend is and the only thing I'm thinking is that heists might be coming. Usually they would do more in the events like discounts, 2x GTA$ etc. but this weekend is only RP. I'm thinking that R* wants to help people reach the rumoured level requirement to do heists.

I'm probably completely wrong though.
Rik96   Fuck the heaists, i want the casino !!
I really need your moneys you know.. :d
Aizcold   Never mind the casino. When are we going to the Vanilla Unicorn, Rik? :d
Rik96   Do you wanna see me dance?
Builder5150Okay all.

So I have told the Commissioners Im leaving the job as head of rules and regulations and resigning my post as a commissioner as well. Just not needed anymore. Also Just a little raced out and not that into it anymore. Wont be fully leaving, just a crew member from now on. But trust me. I will keep an eye out.

RodgerzzzFound this old and dust filled thread on GTAF. Back in the primitive days of GTA online when I was looking for a cool crew to join, this thread pretty much sealed the deal when it came to actually joining one! Can't say it worked out to badly at all :d
Who here races clean? - GTA Online
Page 1 of 2 - Who here races clean? - posted in GTA Online: Not going to lie. Im looking for recruits to my crew. But I am curious, who races on gta for fun times smashing into eac...
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Aizcold   Well that's funny. After I commented in that thread two new people have signed up to the site, one of which also commented on GTAF.
ZigMeister666   Wait a second.. Are you Elvis Aiz? 0_o

Totally forgot lol

But seriously, nice find :d
Aizcold   Lots of people posting in there suddenly. What have I done? :d
Bradderz080Im baaaaaack!!! USA was amazing :d Will be back on GTA either this weekend or next weekend! Whats new? :p
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Mikeplugers91   Good to hear you had a great time.
JvdW1888   Welcome back Brad! You have missed the F1 season being set up.. Still two places on the grid left!
Bradderz080   Saw lots of Gauntlets and Sandkings among other cars in USA :p But i did see a black Gresley with black wheels! Looked well nice :) (Dodge Durango)
JimmyMcDopeOmg that was a pretty crazy session Mike, terror (and you other guys) haha
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Tazsurprisingly impressed by the recruit vid this crew produced....I'll be setting up negotiations with them to get some CV C going soon, keep eyes open for details
GTA V Online | Six Star Street Racers Crew Promo
Are you interested in joining the Six Star Street Racers? Th...
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Mikeplugers91   Cool vid, i like the house and car idea. The area they choos is perfect for that. Looks nice
ZigMeister666   Alright.. I'm jealous.. Why can't we have houses in Mirror Park!! Awwwww!!!! *Spits Dummy*
ZigMeister666   My only critique would be their entry requirement. With their recent feature, a time trial will do nothing to prevent dirty racers. As cool as the idea is.
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