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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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Racing code and rules for the track.
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By biafra84 11 hours ago
Think you deserve a promotion for all your hard work? Want a job to work hard at? APEX always has something to keep you busy. Head here for all hierarchy and job/role related chat.
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By marcinguy 12 hours ago
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted.
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By ZenzicJC a Sat at 17:51
Welcome to Apex Stalkers, feel free to start a new thread to introduce yourself.
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By Aizcold a 6 hours ago
The Watercooler
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What do petrolheads like to do most? That's right, talk. This is your place for General Discussion and for arguing about your favourite car, bike or even lawn mower.
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By OnlyForward_ a 11 hours ago
-Crew hangout pictures,car collections,garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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By biafra84 Sat at 13:52
Want to discuss mission strategies, payouts or anything else related to GTAO missions? Mission Control is the place to go.
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By nkavcic Aug 23, 14
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The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By ZenzicJC a Sep 21, 14
Day off work? Looking to get behind that wheel and say goodbye to the outside world? So are we. Red Bull supply recommended.
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By Rodgerzzz a Sep 15, 14
Are you one of those perfectionists who won't race nothing but a clock? Head here for your ultimate fix.
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By NibbsTM a 13 hours ago
Enter the brand new King of the Apex contest. Rules and Regulations as well as a feedback forum and sign up can be found right here.
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By Taz a Aug 23, 14
Subforum dedicated to the Formula One Championship. Here you'll find the sign up thread, rules & regulations and the Driver's Lounge.
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By Senilsson Thu at 5:38
Subforum for the Sports GT Series.
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By Mikeplugers91 a Sat at 23:59
Show us your rocket or set up a Car meet with your buddies..
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By Exodeath Jul 23, 14
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything silly can be found here.
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By Bradderz080 Sep 15, 14
Got an awesome idea for an event? Share it here and test the waters before spamming your 24 mile Lawn Mower Enduro.
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By Rodgerzzz a Fri at 16:01
Find out about all ongoing and upcoming events by checking the Event Schedule here.
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By Aizcold a Apr 30, 14
Race Creation
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This is where you will find the crew's favourite tracks. This includes both Apex Stalkers Verified Tracks as well as other great tracks that are listed in the Apex Stalkers Track Library.
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By Rounder a Sep 16, 14
Enter the Apex Stalkers Verified Contest to have your creation Apex Stalkers Verified.
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By nikolaos1120 Sun at 20:01
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them.
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By Scasura Wed at 16:51
Off Topic
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The place to talk about anything non related to GTAOL
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By PlayDutchY 2 hours ago
Discussion forum about the games we also play besides GTA.
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By Rodgerzzz a Sun at 19:01
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Welcome to our latest member Rik96 registered 13 hours ago
Online users: Builder5150
Mikeplugers91Im thinking of buying a ps4 before the end of the week. And selling my ps3 once i got a nice price for it. Can you play ps3 games on a ps4?
Mikeplugers91   Im really thinking about it. I think its better to buy a tv first aswell. And i think i will get some money for it, i just buyed fifa15 3 days ago for 50euro, also got emails that i can sell 4 of my games loose for atleast 120 euro and then i keep some games and the console. Wich i can sell aswel for atleast 120 euro. Even if i get 200 for it all then its just 200 extra for a console and game(s) and like 100 for a tv that i can buy off a friend.

Idk it gives me a headache. But i need to think about it first really good.
biafra84   Well seeing you're gonna need the TV anyway, you can get that one out of the way.. You'll enjoy it like a good old upgrade for your PS3. A 100 for a TV sounds good, if its a decent TV..
Taz   I'm gunna get GTA V on pre-order...then hopegully get the ps4 on sale before the year ends
Marc30599just wanted to say I love Apex lol
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biafra84   Nobody like to be kept hanging...

Apex loves you too Marc !!
SenilssonSoo, I'll be leaving for Miami tomorrow. See you in two weeks-ish! :sick:
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Senilsson   Thanks guys, it's my first time in the US so should be pretty fun. :sick:
OnlyForward_   Party in the city where the heat is on, all night all day till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami.
Lol, have a good one Sen!
chaotikspraya86   Enjoy your holiday Sen
Builder5150School holidays have started here in Kiwi land. And Im looking after my munchkins. Wont be on alot for next couple of weeks. Apparently the teachers are overworked and underpaid. Whatever, they get 12 weeks of holidays a year. Sheesh.
Rodgerzzz   You post some really random stuff sometimes Builder :sick:
Builder5150   Just keeping it real rodgz. Just keeping it real.....
AizcoldApparently there will be GTAO maintenance between 9:00 AM (ET) and 10:00 AM (ET) tomorrow. Not sure what that is in GMT, but I'm guessing somewhere in the late afternoon/early evening.
chaotikspraya86   Hmm, i just went online and couldn't load up gta online because of maintenance. Maybe they bought it forward.
biafra84   Is online, online now or down for the maintenance ?
Aizcold   I saw people online earlier today, so maybe Chao just got a random error. I've had that message pop up before when there wasn't any maintenance. In any case this maintenance shouldn't start until tomorrow afternoon.
ZenzicJCWe don't have any events scheduled this weekend. Can't have that. I'll be hosting an Apex Library playlist at 19:00 GMT. I'll also throw in Los Santos Street Circuit and The Penguin, the next F1 and Sports GT races on the calendar. All for free! Join me!
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Aizcold   Won't make it, Zen. My girlfriend is watching You've Got Mail. Thank feck I have my laptop to watch NFL Football on though. Go Bears!
Rounder   Too bad the Bears lost, Aw man such a downer. There was a game in London this weekend, and talks of a London based team! Pretty cool the NFL could go worldwide!
Aizcold   Well at least I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team :sick: And yes, a London based team would be awesome. I really want to go to one of these games in London in the coming years.
biafra84Never meet your heroes they say, but this wasn't even all that horific.. I'm amazed on how close they got the characters to look like the voice actors. At some point it looked like "trevor" was contenplating eating the mic....

GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh
Meet the actors who brought the three playable characters in...
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chaotikspraya86Quick TT announcement. This weekends TT is CUSTOM coupe's and not stock as i mistakenly left in the settings section. I apoligize to anyone who has already tried some laps using stock cars.
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chaotikspraya86   Dunno why it affects you Jv, even in stock you could probably win
Aizcold   I think we should force Jv to do every TT or racing event on a bicycle from now on. Let's see how fast he is then! :sick:
Taz   At least give him a motor, I mean we aren't barbarians *let him ride a Faggio scooter at least. Lol
chaotikspraya86Isn't this just the best crew there is? Absolutely love being a member of the one and only Apex Stalkers. We are the most respectful, mature and responsible crew that exists and no other crew is quite like it. Not by a long shot. :sick:
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Rodgerzzz   Very funny guys :sick: Basically Rich certain members of other crews (which will remain unknown) have been reading the APEX forum and have began slating us in our own comment box for being 'elitist' and 'not held in as high regard as we think'... Apparently we're not allowed to discuss other crews and/or specific members on our own crew forum because its detrimental and shows them in a bad light. Im not saying anymore because the whole thing has got out of control and I seriously can't be arsed with it...
richmills   Ah OK, whatev's :sick:
Aizcold   I think we should take a moment to pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves a nice big hug to celebrate our awesomeness :sick:
GtGamer4hqSeems like i will be "ill" on the 3rd of october… Got my Forza Horizon 2 on preorder at long last!
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