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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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By Marc30599 Feb 18, 15
Racing code and rules for the track.
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By biafra84 Sep 29, 14
Are you going to be inactive for a while? Did you get a new job? Or are you simply going on a nice holiday? This is the place to tell us all about the good or bad stuff that sometimes gets in the way of gaming.
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By ZenzicJC a Mar 24, 15
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted. And once you've been inducted, please tell us a bit about yourself in the Introductions section below.
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By ZenzicJC a 3 hours ago
The Watercooler
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This is the place to discuss real life racing and cars. So whether you want to discuss the latest Formula One race or need advice on what car to buy, you can discuss it all right here.
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By Omar Feb 27, 15
The Apex Pub is the place to talk about anything that is not related to racing, cars, gaming or anything at all really. As if gaming isn't enough of a time sink already. (Proud home of the Cheesy Songs Thread)
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By GOOBER_John390 o 30 mins ago
The name says it all. If it's a game and you want to talk about it, do it here. Anything from reviews, previews, likes and dislikes about other games. In short: a place for those who find "outside" too low-res and think of a gaming server when hearing "real life".
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By Aizcold a 4 hours ago
Crew hangout pictures,car collections,garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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By nemaGTA Mar 22, 15
Grand Theft Auto 5
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This is the place for all sorts of general discussion about GTA and GTAO. Anything from favourite missions, activities and weapons to information on new updates can be discussed here.
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By Outlaw-Paulo Sun at 10:43
Want to know what cars are best in each class or just discuss your favourite vehicle? Or maybe you just want some hints on how to improve your racing. Everything related to racing in GTA can be discussed here.
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By Rodgerzzz a 20 mins ago
The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By Stag0saurus o 4 mins ago
Looking for people to join your heist crew or do you want to join a heist some of our other members are planning? Our Heists Headquarters is the place to be for anything heists related.
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By biafra84 Mon at 16:31
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Golf, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything not a racing event can be found here. Even if it is a bit silly.
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By Scasura 15 hours ago
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them. Crew favourites can also be found here.
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By Aizcold a Feb 19, 15
GRID Autosport
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Want to share tales of epic track battles or maybe looking for some hints from the more experienced members on how to improve your racing. Discuss anything and everything in here.
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By ZenzicJC a Jan 17, 15
Whether it's our own clan made events, Racenet Challenges or you want to propose something for the future, discuss it all in here!
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By NibbsTM a Mar 17, 15
The Archive
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The place where old threads come to die. Or be revived again. Oh no, zombie threads!!!
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By Taz a Aug 23, 14
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Welcome to our latest member Stag0saurus o registered 9 mins ago
Builder5150Gentlemen and Ladies of APEX.

I am giving my notice.
I have tried to stay interested in the gaming world, GTA, Destiny, Grid Autosport. Alas my excitment has dropped to levels of "Meh"
For several months I haven't enjoyed as much the world of GTA or Playstation.
I have decided to donate my PS3 to the cancer ward at the Hospital and will be in one week from now leaving the gaming world.
Life is becoming very very busy for me, Im getting promoted Senior Fire fighter, and a new house to build.

I have enjoyed many battles, many races, with all of the crew members here, Hanging with good friends, Most of all, Laughing. It has helped me after some really bad callouts to come online and de-tune from the shite I see and do, None of you realized how much hearing the bad jokes helped. For this I thank you.
(For those who dont know Im a firefighter)
Hanging with all of you has been a pleasure. And for those I kicked and enforced, you deserved it.
So the position of enforcer will be avalible for some lucky member, But remember, you have big boots to fill.

Apex is in my mind a fantastic crew run by fantastic people with a mind to the future. I wish you all the best.
For those of you who know me well and would like to stay in contact with me if you message me I can supply my Facebook I.D and personal email.

Aizcold. Barkeys. Zenzic. Rodge. Zig. Only. Biafra. Ffraccolli and all the others to numerous to mention. Thank you.
I will drop in everyday till the 6th of april. Then I delete everything.
Peace all.

The Enforcer.
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Builder5150   I will pop in from time to time. Just to see if Biafra has finally hit something with his gun. And to see what's been happening. It's not like aliens are whisking me away to a galaxy far far away........
biafra84   You're allready in New-Zeeland mate. They dont have to :sick:
Rodgerzzz   It's been an absolute pleasure Builder, thank you! I know I've been on the verge now and again but it was all in good jest :sick: Take care of yourself and congratulations on the promotion! Take it easy man, you're legacy shall live on for a long time with us! I for one would be honoured to get you on facebook Builder, if I can't make idiotic comments on here it'll have to on there :sick:

New GT summery and news up
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RoAEchoWhen is the qualifying for the F1/GP2 series.
JvdW1888   Information about that will follow later today. :sick:
JvdW1888   Excuse us, it will follow tomorrow. Make sure to keep an eye out on the Formula One subforum!
RoAEcho   What's a good lap time on Galileo Ring I haven't been able to find out, all I know is Shaggy got a 1:23 but said he couldn't get near that in his video?
Liquid7394Spotify is available for download on PS4. It can be used while playing games too.
PlayStation Music, Sony's collaboration with Spotify, Goes L...
After its initial announcement back in January, Sony is right on target with its intended "spring 2015″ launch of PlayStation Music - its Spotify integration with PS3 and PS4 conso...
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Rodgerzzz   Holy Shit! We should definitely make an APEX playlist to share! :sick:
Aizcold   I trust you completely when it comes to setting up this playlist, Rodge :sick:
Draco25240   Wow, that's cool! :sick: Just a shame that listening to Spotify while playing would instantly kick me out of every online game I join because of skyrocketing ping :sick: (and the fact that I don't have a PS4 :sick: )
TazGT Standings are up after week 2
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we_are_gta543psn smashcrash6
social club L___BAD___HAT
Why do you want to participate in this championship? i would like to participate in the championship as i can show off my racing skills and it will be a lot of fun
I have read and understood the Rules and regulations
JvdW1888   Please post your application here: [link]
RodgerzzzMe, Liquid, Aiz & Zen are taking on heists right now!!
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NibbsTM   You should post the link to stream here. :sick:
Rodgerzzz   [link]
Taz   Go get em' tigers
TazSo almost 20 people have joined/registered in the kat 24hrs since after the sports GT. Hmmm coincidence, me thinks not. GO APEX, probably shaggy feed, he is a followed superstar
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nemaGTAJust posted a vid showing my full perspective of yesterdays Sports GT race. :sick: My battle with Goober in the main race is worth having a glance at. [link]
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Shadowgamer7862PSN: Shadowgamer7862
Why I want to take part of the race: I'm rank 131 pro racer I always wanted to be In a race that people don't take u out strait away I would love to race in this Gp2 series
JvdW1888   Please post your application here: [link]
OMGitsEpsiloN(PS4) So tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:00pm GMT i will be hosting a endurance race event on Galileo Ring, We will be divided into teams of 2 (That you can pick yourself) and then each team will be split into GT1 and GT2.

GT1: Turismo
GT2: Vacca

We will be doing 31 laps (1 hour approximately) with 1 lap being a warm up/setup lap. There will also be a pace car and 16 players (8 teams) in a contact environment.

- 1 mandatory pit stop (has to be later than the 5th lap)
- No ramming or poor racecraft
- No early starts
- No re spawns
- Any wheel type is allowed
- No rage quitting

For more information please contact me on the forums or on my psn OMGitsEpsiloN.
Thank You...
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Liquid7394   You would have been better off setting up a thread for this.
biafra84Sry for bailing on the heists guys yesterday. Something came up. Raincheck ?
OnlyForward_   No worries dude! Catch you next time.
nktrnElMister, nnema and Rodgerz just finished top 5 in Panto endurance race by Shaggy :sick: GG Apex!
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Rodgerzzz   It was a really intense race but spectacular fun! Would do it again any day of the week :sick:
nemaGTA   I second that. :sick:
Taznew GT series interviews up, check out some of the drivers opinions
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biafra84If you front the money for a heist but no cunts join. Do do you lose the money if you back out of it after fruitlessly waiting for people to join?
biafra84   Yes i'm that popular
Liquid7394   As long as you haven't started the first cutscence for that heist you should get get your money back.
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