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Keep in touch with all the latest changes and happenings in the crew, kept updated by your humble Commissioners.
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By Rounder Jan 16, 16
Racing code and rules for the track.
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By Rodgerzzz a Apr 9, 16
Crew management discussions.
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By Scasura Oct 4, 15
All new members head here to find out how to be inducted. And once you've been inducted, please tell us a bit about yourself in the Introductions section below.
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By Watty Jun 23, 16
The Watercooler
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This is the place to discuss real life racing and cars. So whether you want to discuss the latest Formula One race or need advice on what car to buy, you can discuss it all right here.
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By apexpucks 5 hours ago
The Apex Pub is the place to talk about anything that is not related to racing, cars, gaming or anything at all really. As if gaming isn't enough of a time sink already. (Proud home of the Cheesy Songs Thread)
186 3872
By biafra84 a May 26, 16
The name says it all. If it's a game and you want to talk about it, do it here. Anything from reviews, previews, likes and dislikes about other games. In short: a place for those who find "outside" too low-res and think of a gaming server when hearing "real life".
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By Liquid7394 a Jun 14, 16
Crew hangout pictures, car collections, garage showrooms and videos from Apex Stalkers.
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By Scasura Sun at 09:28 pm
Grand Theft Auto 5
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This is the place for all sorts of general discussion about GTA and GTAO. Anything from favourite missions, activities and weapons to information on new updates can be discussed here.
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By Lano Jun 20, 16
The bread and butter of APEX. You'll always find others looking to rev their engines here.
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By Watty 11 mins ago
Looking for people to join your heist crew or do you want to join a heist some of our other members are planning? Our Heists Headquarters is the place to be for anything heists related.
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By Bradderz080 Oct 23, 15
You a little bit different there son? Gymkhanas, Parkour races, Golf, Celebrity Spelling Bees etc. Anything not a racing event can be found here. Even if it is a bit silly.
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By Scasura Jun 15, 16
Post your completed creations so other members can download and play them. Crew favourites can also be found here.
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By DJ_BIG_L Jun 19, 16
Project CARS
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This is the place to express your unrestrained love for that one car, give some tips, show us your wheel setup or share all the details on how you got the race win after Rodge took out the driver in front on the last corner!
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By Liquid7394 a May 23, 16
Where the next funky race events and dead serious multi-season championships are being forged.
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By maxx69 Mon at 10:22 pm
Start your engines and reserve a spot on the grid!
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By maxx69 May 28, 16
We secretly love hotlappers.
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By Aizcold a Aug 24, 15
The Archive
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Welcome to our latest member vImHorst-_ registered Wed at 10:46 pm
DJ_BIG_LHello everyone, I organize a Sultan RS CUP with PERF Sunday 10 July... Are some of you would like to participate? If you are interested, contact me in private ;) Event roule just here in the link :
The Sultan RS CUP "Sunday 10 July"
English Hi friends and welcome to the event The Sultan RS CUP This event will take place the Sunday 10 July 21h french time & 19h in UTC time http:/
DJ_BIG_L   Playlist link : [link]
TazLet's post a couple of things and push that stupid vid of me down out of the sight of the thread
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Nema   I got a better idea. Let's put all our posts in this comment section so the vid can remain there forever. :p
DruiDPrincE   still waiting on that fight club to start
Watty   How do you dislike posts? Because this one is up there...
WattyStill my favourite video of all time.
Recruit Video
Some words from Taz to Welcome you new recruits
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Aizcold   I concur! :d
Taz   O Gawd. Lol
#Brexit at Last: UK To Leave EU!!
Sources: Greece: The dangerous game: http://ow.ly/kKfJ100cux...
maxx69   Communism definitely works for some
NibbsTM   No further than what a few hippies decide to do voluntarily.
maxx69   I was being sarcastic :p
apexpucksNow that all the tracks and rules and regulations are finalized, it is time for you to sign up because registration is now open! [link]
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Scasuramy latest fail/win vid, alot of wingsuiting in this one :)
Fails, Wins and Funny Moments 5 (compilation) GTA 5 Online
a lot of wingsuiting in this one - funny moments, fail, win,...
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apexpucksAfter a couple weeks of thinking, I have decided to scrap the FMJ WC and create a newer, better event, the King of the Massacro Endurance Event Season 1, please check it out and tell me what you think about it!! [link]
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WattyCoupe World Cup 2016 Promo is now up! Check it out :)
Coupe World Cup 2016
Welcome to Apex Stalkers' very first Coupe World Cup hosted ...
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Aizcold   I like that Apex Stalkers intro!!! I need it! For if I ever make some videos again :d
Aizcold   Great stuff, Watty. You've really got some sweet video editing skills there.
Watty   Here you go :) [link]
The download links are in the description.
apexpuckssince there is a lack of signups for the Vapid FMJ WC event, ive decided to postpone it until more people are signed up
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Watty   I usually give each event a month for people to sign up
apexpucks   yes, however, i think a different event will be much more fun, so ive decided to scrap this one, and create the new event
Nema   Considering the fact Apex has very few events going on at the moment, can you really blame for nobody checking the forums to see your event? The key is to advertise the event, like creating promo videos like Watty for example.
maxx69Coming to PS4 soon
This Battlefield 4 DLC Is Now Free, Here's How You Can Get I...
More free Battlefield DLC is now available as part of EA's "Road to Battlefield 1" campaign. The latest freebie is Battlefield 4's Second Assault e...
dyr_gl   3.99? Damn, I haven´t played a shooter in ages, might as well grab a decent one
Liquid7394   Battlefield Hardline is £3.99 as well, or you can get both bundled for £7.99. They're also giving away DLC for Hardline.
maxx69   New free dlc yesterday :) no idea about multi-player but we have a 64 year old American BF4 expert joining us lol who hopefully will lead us to a scumbag blasting victory .
I'm not going mad on buying extras as the new one is coming out soon and I'll probably pick that up when the price drops
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Aizcold   5d25bd1688bf8bcf56eae09ec81be6b8.jpg
ffraccaroli   lol big heart Aiz
Aizcold   You deserve it, Ffracca
mrbas13Hey guys I am new here, I am from the netherlands and like racing. I really like rotary engines and the mazda rx3
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maxx69   Hi, I'm Maxx I love an ice cream and rotating on roundabouts . Sometimes I combine the two
Aizcold   Oh. My. God. Me too! I once ate a whole box of Cornettos while driving around a roundabout for at least an hour. Some people said I was crazy, but I told them there's nothing better than eating ice cream while going around in circles!
maxx69   OMG,OMG,OMG no freaking way .....cornettos are just so dreamy .
Was meaning a playground roundabout, but I love driving around roundabouts over and over again , stopping all the traffic and the idea of doing it with a whole box of sweet strawberry iced cornettos .....OMG , OMG
DJ_BIG_LTonight I the CUP F1 with PERF, so I must be representative of PERF. But the next week i will play at APEX ;) I hope to meet some of you ;) :)
WattyOk guys. thought i'd clean up social club a bit. Finally got rid of all the pending requests to join the crew (300+). Messaging each person to confirm their request by replying to the message. Took a while but now we can start recruiting just like old times :d Already got a few members joining, to get more drivers into the Apex family and start filling up events :)
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NibbsTM   Great effort, mate!
Scasura   nice Watty, good work!!
DruiDPrincE   your the man
DJ_BIG_LHello everyone :)
I tried yesterday a rally track created by one racer PERF crew. Personally, I find it very well worked with realistic and well-placed props. It's a track which reminds me a lot of the true rallycross tracks as we can find in Dirt Rally. So if you wanted to try it, here is the link :) It is very cool with Kuruma. [link]
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NibbsTM   Nice, rallycross is pretty great. :)
DJ_BIG_L   This is a small well-worked track, I like it :)
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