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ZigMeister666Newly converted Heineken man :sick: Shit is amazing!
Rodgerzzz   Estrella is a nice Spanish beer Id recommend to anyone! If were getting into the serious shit then there's this beer called Waggledance that is a pale lager infused with honey and is incredibly moreish. There's also one over here called Doris' 90th that is a Ruby ale with some crazy hop shizzle going on :sick:
biafra84   That idd was what i was trying to say :sick:
bruceprintscrn   You really must have awful beer in Australia if you think Heineken is amazing. :sick: We're so spoiled here... [link]
AizcoldThe first Touring Car Championship race is at 19:00 GMT today. Please comment here or in the thread to let us know whether or not you'll be there for all the touring car madness. See you tonight!
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NibbsTM   Good good. :sick: Any word from those drivers I mentioned?
Rik96   I need 30 mins just got back home from the beach, i need a shower and eat something real Quick, dont start without me!!!!!!
Aizcold   We start in 50 minutes, Rik. So take it easy, buddy :sick:
NibbsTMRace 8 in Sports GT is starting, in case anyone forgot. :sick:
AizcoldTrying out a new banner. Let me know what you guys think....
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Aizcold   Thanks, Zig. It's an evolution of the logo, Only :sick: I wanted to put a colour overlay on it and when you do that the lines disappear. I kind of like the logo like this though, it's very clean and simple.
PoshJosh   Simplicity at it's best! :sick:

I do however have one request. I like to have the logo on my clothing and vehicles but it's the black background that bothers me. Any chance of having that background removed from the emblem?
Aizcold   I'm not sure we can, Josh. I'm afraid we'll lose the emblem altogether if we try to change it as I'm not sure if it was created in the emblem creator only or if parts of it were imported. Probably best not to touch it.
RodgerzzzJust bought GRID:Autosport for a cheeky £18 in my local game, if a few of us can acquire it cheaply enough I think it could keep the crew going until Project Cars. The best part will be being able to race against Fracca again though! :sick:
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ffraccaroli   Cool Bruce one more Apexers ....
NibbsTM   Can't get it for less than £30/€40, that's too steep for me. :/
Aizcold   Yep, me too. I'll have a look at used games, but i'm not very hopeful.
bansi31Created a profile in [link] it is currently in invite only. Hurry up
Gaming profiles made beautiful | Player.me
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bansi31   My profile [link]
RodgerzzzIt never ceases to amaze me the level of childishness and general cuntishness in GTAO still... would've thought they'd have all moved on by now but clearly not :sick:
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biafra84   Wouldnt hold your breath Rodge, most people just grow into bigger cunts..
(Present company excluded offcourse)
ZenzicJC   The ultimate evolution is called "wizard sleeve", I believe.
OnlyForward_   It still stands for Grand Twat Auto to some people I'm afraid...
PoshJoshI have an idea for the #SanAndreas SnapMatic Contest but in order to achieve it I need at least half a dozen volunteers. Anyone interested?
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ZenzicJC   I'll try to be there as well. Curious to see what your plan is. :sick:
NibbsTM   Couldn't be there before, sorry. Did you get it done?
PoshJosh   Not yet. I'll be able to do it before the Touring Car Championship.
Aizcold"The first ever children's picture book had 151 chapters and contained instructions for winemaking and beer brewing" - QI.

Now that's what I call a children's book! :sick:
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ZenzicJC   I beg to differ, biafra! Have a look at Harvey in Little Britain.
OnlyForward_   Well you can, Biafra... Just not your mums. :sick:
biafra84   Was waiting for someone to phunt in that assist :sick:
Rik96Lol look at this car for sale ,[link]
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