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Liquid7394Didn't get a chance to play the The Division Beta? You can Pre-load the Open Beta on the 16th and it contains an extra story mission that wasn't in the Closed Beta.
Ubisoft's Latest Email Announces Tom Clancy's The Division O...
Tom Clancy's the Division Open Beta Announced Today, Ubisoft announced an Open Beta for Tom Clancy's the Division which will take place February 19-21 on Xbox One, PlayStation4 com...
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maxx69   The Division lets you turn off lighting effects to increase framerates on consoles

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DJ_BIG_L   exactly the same but in miniature :) [link]
Builder5150So how has everyone been?...........
Taz   Wow, the enforcer. How do builder
Aizcold   Almost everyone has been behaving very well, Enforcer. Except for maybe Zen, but we are all very aware if his euhm... 'eccentricities' and have learned to live with them :d
ZenzicJC   Um4Az0g.gif
camwestuae[link] just posted my new rally vid from the event lads check it out! thanks Aiz to hosting.
Apex stalkers Rally showcase!
Had loads of fun racing with these guys, thanks to Aizcold h...
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NibbsTMWhat a great game!
Innuendo Bingo with Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler takes on Chris Stark for another edition of In...
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LanoI missed GTA racing..
I hate Nema because...
Grand Theft Auto V https://store.playstation.com/#!/pt-pt/ti...
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Nema   Timed to perfection. #rekt
DJ_BIG_L   Nice !!! :)
Lano   When Nema is in a race i drive like shit.. Because i know this kind of shit is bound to happen! Lucky prick..

You Mr Nema.. are obi wan to my anakin skywalker! I burn in a lava pit while you scratch your beard in amazement!!! i HATE YOU!!!!
Draco25240For anyone who aren't aware of it, Microsoft will be adding an automatically installing, forced Windows 10 upgrade in a recommended updates this week, so if you're using Windows 7 or 8/8.1 and don't want to upgrade to Windows 10, then you need to disable recommended updates ASAP.
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Aizcold   Found this on some website: "While the upgrade process starts automatically, existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will have to choose whether they upgrade to Windows 10 or not. Windows 10 will automatically download and start the upgrade process, depending on your Windows Update settings, but you can opt out and not receive nagging prompts to update."

So you can still stop it then even if it does download and start automatically.
Draco25240   Yeah, but once it starts the update process the first time (on boot), it will ALWAYS ask you whether to accept the Win10 EULA at every single boot you do, no matter how many times you decline, and since it doesn't have a KB registration number, you can't uninstall the downloaded update through Windows Update.
DJ_BIG_L   Thank you
DJ_BIG_LHello everyone, here are three video I just do or I present 3 tips in creator mode fashion GTA5. I hope this will help some of you :)
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DJ_BIG_L   .
Creator Tips 1 [link]

Creator Tips 2 [link]

Creator Tips 3 [link]
TazMy first attempt at the R* editor. Most likely what I'll be entering in the verified creators contest.
Mountain OG TT
Made for rally time trial and the sultan super RS. - View al...
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Taz   I got lucky and the timing for the whole song matched up great
NibbsTM   Nice job! Very cool and lots of nice shots, though a few clunky ones as well. Would love to see a perfected version of this video. :d
Lano   This is so freaking sweet
TheSherbertDipCan someone please do a gta 5 hillclimb event wouldnt it be cool
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DJ_BIG_L   Hi, I organize an event on Sunday 21 February, but among PERF. It's Panto CUP is a playlist of 4 tracks, lasting 15 minutes each. There is room...
The link of the playlist for the event is here :[link]
These are four very beautiful tracks I selected for this event... :)
DJ_BIG_L   Excuse me folks, I do not want me to advertise
Taz   We had one of those before didn't we. I want there but I think the hike was to the too if chilliad with shannangins in between
vsuhovskyanybody know what's going on with the Formula Renault Series? Has it been moved to saturday?
ROBIN   I believe it's been put on the shelf due to the lack of participants. Perhaps it will come back after the GT3 Sprint Series. Only time will tell..
AizcoldThunder in your bed, solidity in your bone-ons!
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NibbsTM   Now you have my attention.
Aizcold   I'm glad you like my new motto, Nibbs :d
ZigMeister666Heads Up: Bunch of vehicles are now on sale in GTA. Noticed that gold Luxor is 7,500,000 now for example. Get looking!
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Rodgerzzz   I'll be on all day aiz if you fancy VIP stuff!
ZigMeister666   He wanted to play with me Roger. Go away

But seriously, should be on around that time
Rodgerzzz   Dammit Zig, I just want to feel loved! :d
Scasurawell thats a cool mom :d ...you can skip to 2:00
Best GTR launch control reaction ever
Video & GTR by Aaron Eddington, Annapolis MD Driver Tammy fr...
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ZenzicJC   "Eager" is the word, I believe.
ZenzicJC   Or was it "eagle"... giphy-facebook_s.jpg
maxx69   "desperate" I think is a better way of putting it
maxx69This was my first game console....just listen to those specifications
ZX Spectrum ad from Micro Men.wmv
Ad for the Sinclair ZX spectrum from Micro Men
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ZenzicJC   [link]
NibbsTM   I have more fingers on my hands than that thing has colours.
maxx69   mine was the 128k that had a cassette deck attached and only took 20mins for a game to load
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