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ZigMeister666Hey all, just wanted to let you know I'm not dead!

Been itching to get online but I don't have an internet just yet as I've moved (sad face).

Anyways, how fucking cool is the rat truck!! I would love to do a classics event racing these and hot knifes and the sort!
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ZigMeister666   NOOOOO!!! I just blew up my Rat Truck!' :sick: now gta respawns me with some depressing rainy weather.. What a dick -.-
NibbsTM   Hey Ziggy. :sick:
Hope the move went well.

I'd love to do classic racing events as well. :sick:
Bradderz080Just watched one of Broughy's vids on his Live Racing series, in this one he tries racing a full lobby including some crew members driving modded cars while he drives a stock one. And look what track he did it on! :sick:
Stock vs Customs - GTA Live Racing #3
Another PS4 GTA Online racing live com video where I mix thi...
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p_lustigthere are 250000 challenges aviable. don't know if it's a bug but u can drive it 4 or 5 times a day, easy money.
Liquid7394   Playlist section
S.I.N-dalu   They still have it? wow I thought it was patched..lol where have I been.
NibbsTM   Old or new gen or both?
Liquid7394Racecars are slightly better.
[1.19]Handling Changes - GTA Online
Posted 31 minutes ago awesome work fun, so although its only marginal the race livery version are slightly better... ie they handle slightly sharper so your cornering will be quick...
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p_lustig   damn from where u got this infos? but it's cool, thx.
Liquid7394   Game code.
OnlyForward_   Cheers Liquid. I usually take a quick look at the handling file after an update myself but mostly I don't need to now as you always let us know the juicy bits! :sick:
GTA Online Festive Surprise is live: homing missile launcher...
Thursday, 18th December 2014 10:01 GMT By Matt Martin The Festive Surprise for GTA Online hinted at by Rockstar yesterday is live, and it includes new vehicles and liveries. Browsi...
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OnlyForward_   Oh we old timers ARE getting it as well as 1.19, coolio! No no more blubbing if someone has a jet out in a session as the heat seeker RPG should be enough to see em off quickly enough even if it's not fatal... There's some fun stuff here for sure!
NibbsTM   Good stuff. :sick:
marcinguy   omg third property confirmed! This is all I every wanted this Christmas!
GtGamer4hqThis is very well made :sick: I love this :sick:
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Mikeplugers91   That trailer is really good, looks like a actual movie trailer.
Liquid7394   Awesome. I'd love to see these kind of videos on the in game TV.
AizcoldSome interesting stuff in here. I like the answer they gave about Shark Cards making it possible to release all DLC for free. Never thought of it like that.
Asked & Answered: GTAV First Person Experience, Online Heist...
In the time since Grand Theft Auto V's release on new generation platforms, we've received lots of questions from the community about what is in store for the future, including the...
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Liquid7394   I always knew that was why they opted for cash cards. I still don't like cash cards but it's better than having to buy DLC every month or so. Also notice that the second pic appears to be on the aircraft carrier.
Liquid7394   This article is interesting, the president of Take-Two expresses why milking gamers with dlc is dangerous. Smart business move imo.
NibbsTMFormula C Championship in Grid Autosport starts up tonight at 19.30 GMT! That's in less than 3 hours, alright?! Unfortunately I can't be there for this race, but I want you to have a good time. :sick: Comment here and in the thread if you've missed my earlier spamming and would like to join.
ffraccaroli   Nah Jv and Rod was using formula B , and all others formula C , so i won Aiz was second and Only 3th .... thats the real standings .
NibbsTM   Oh, my bad ffracca.
NibbsTM   Made a table for the standings. That's a digital one, not something from IKEA. It's too bad you stopped racing, petter, you threw away free points, since the top 10 get points and we're less than 10 active in a race. :sick:
GtGamer4hqAnyone gonna be buying anything from the Marussia F1 auction on the 16th? I rather like the look of the rolling chassis F1 or the Racing Sim :sick:
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NibbsTM   Nah, it's interesting, but definitely not worth it for me at the moment.
GtGamer4hq   Bet it'll be very expensive swell :sick:
RodgerzzzIf anyone's still stuck for what they want for Christmas, this website up-cycles old F1 car components into furniture and other accessories! I'm seriously tempted to go for the Lotus Wheel Rim table, would really complete the look I'm going for in my gaming room!
F1 gifts | Memento Exclusives
Unique and exclusive F1 gifts; including race-used F1 car parts, upcycled F1 tables and home accessories, signed F1 photos and much more. Complete with certificates of authenticity...
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Builder5150   Come on Rodg. I just finished making my wife a coffee table that transforms into a recliner. Im sure you can do better.
ZenzicJC   Holy shit, you have a gaming room?
ZenzicJC   Oh, and Builder: pics or it didn't happen! Very curious to see how that works. :sick:
Craig 9876Hello fellow Racers, I'm here to bring something to you guys who like to Race competitvely on the PS4

I'm from Nonchalant dominance and we have set up a Race league. Over on our forums is where everything is explained, but basically we are trying to get as many people to join in as we can so it can be as competitive as possible. We currently have about 45 people signed up for it from Nodo and Sweat Buckets, but we would like to get about 60. I would post a link to the forum but I'm not sure If i am permitted to or not. Anyway, If anyone is interested then comment here and I shall link it or whatever.

My skype is craig-9876 if anyone wants to get in touch

Thanks for reading
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Mikeplugers91   I have skype i shall add you later on today so we can have a little chat. 9:30 gmt is 10:30 for me so that would be no problem. I shall have a look on your forum to read all rules and requirements.
Craig 9876   Sorry Mike, I just seen this now. Erm yeah add me on Skype and we can talk whenever mate. craig-9876 is my skype.
Mikeplugers91   Okey i added you just now. I dont get notifications from skype, and i dont use it often but i will catch you online sometime.
Liquid7394Found this on Reddit. Definitely makes me want a Picador now.
GTA V - Please stop
Just leave me alone.
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NibbsTM   Brilliant clip. :sick:
S.I.N-dalu   LMFAO
NibbsTM   For a long time I've wanted to see if you can easily carry an ATV on the back of a pick-up truck. Should be doable?
ZenzicJCTonight at on grid: 20:30 Burger King Indianapolis and 21:30 F3 practice!
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NibbsTMIf you have Grid Autosport, join the Formula C championship being held over the next 6 weeks and race your little heart out. :sick:
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JvdW1888   And keep in mind: I'm participating again! You don't want to miss that!
ZenzicJC   Man, it's been five minutes since he's back on the forum and already he's being smug!
NibbsTMRemember to join the chat in our GroupMe session on your computer, smartphone or tablet whenever you want to race with crewmembers, regardless of which console you're using. You could also just chat and post memes, anything goes. :sick:
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ZenzicJC   FF, keep your bromances in the GroupMe chat please! :sick:
HELLRAZOR   GroupMe what is that?
Aizcold   It's an app we use to chat with each other across PS3 and PS4. It works very nicely as an app on your phone or tablet and there is even a website version you can use on PC. If you want to join just download the app and sign up and then send me a PM on here with the name you used to sign up and the email address you used and I'll send you an invite to our group.
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