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LimitedFusionHey guys so i just wanted to let everybody know that ill be offline for a while, (aka not on gta) because I'm getting kinda getting busy with school. The ONLY time I might be online is if im watching netflix, or on the weekends playing gta. I'll cya at christmas break next probably.
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RodgerzzzTrack Library looks amazing Aiz! Next time you online we need to discuss more track to go into it for sure :)
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NibbsTM   Oh, right. Maybe the verified tracks should also be in the track library but with a special icon/font to show the honor they've received. :)
Aizcold   Yep, I was thinking the same. But given how long it takes us to come up with shortlists and so on nowadays, i think we should do the Verified Contest differently. I have a few ideas, but like I said I'll send a PM about that in coming weeks.
Rodgerzzz   I think I know what Aiz has planned and I think it would be a really good idea!
ZenzicJCSince we don't have anything GTAO-related planned tomorrow evening, I'll be hosting the Apex vs. Nodo playlist at about 18:30 GMT. Feel free to join me!
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Senilsson   I really need the practice, I hope I can join :)
pundip6   I did ask if you had enough for a secondary event but it's now lookin likely that we won't have enough which is a real shame. I think most people that didn't make I through the qualifiers we held are now planning on watching the stream (if Broughy streams it, which he will if he can make it).
So please don't be upset if a secondary event doesn't happen.
I'll take you all on on my own of I have too ;)
Rodgerzzz   So who's the final lineup then Pundip? I'm gonna guess Zenzi, MrMister, Broughy (If he can make it) and ChrisDe22?
Oh actually I forgot SubaruWolf, Doodle and Double_S? Enlighten us Pundip! :d
Mikeplugers91Funny thing, i just thought about my time at Apex and uhhm. I was never inducted... I had a threat on gtaf wich where i was looking for a race crew that race clean, zigg messaged me. And i kept stalking him on gtaf cause i could not make a account here, there was a little problem. And then all of a sudden i was a Apex Stalker. This came to mind with me when i thought of my first crash. Dont really know wicht track but it was in the sandy shores area, in the first corner i braked to late and hit the back of bradderz, wich result in him spinning of track. And did not wait cause i was not inducted and did not know about the rule.

On skype brad told me like dude you need to wait, and i was like no i dont why should i wait. You braked to early and i braked as hard as i could and could not swerve to the right or left cause i would hit others. So i did everything i could to try and avoid.. :p so he told me about the crash and wait rule. And it was my fault when he explained it. That was already in my blue nightmare i think :)
Mikeplugers91   Yeah did i miss something, i want to laught to
Mikeplugers91   Yes please :)
Aizcold   Fantastic stuff. Although i am now a bit concerned that Sen will take his Tornado out for a race and leave me in the dust :d
TazCasey :AKA Carsonclick taped the last Gt event. Here's the link if you would like to watch.
APEX- Crew Event #2
Another Apex stalker crew event. This time at a more open ra...
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Mikeplugers91   Even tho i cant see myself racing, watching the full sprint race and a bit of the main race. I was not happy with both finishes but when i watch it now i can be a bit proud of myself. For not quiting and especially for keeping my head cool and even be more concentrated and focused. Thats my weak spot normaly if i get caught in crashes or i make stupid mistakes myself. So i am proud of myself, and it gives me that little more motivation to come online more then only for the wensday and friday races.

Also i lost my competativeness and i dont know how and why cause now i dont care of finishing 1st or 10th, normaly only win counts for me but the last 2 months i cant race serious anymore, even in events i still lose my competativeness and with the thought i can settle for this place rather then to attack and go for the highest spot that i can go for. Also in playlists i wanted to win as much as possible and see myself as the winner in the end, but now i cant even remember when i even cared about a pl race win..
Aizcold   I see Carson was being a bit too careful in the first lap there going in to the grass to avoid a crash when Josh almost comes alongside. Doesn't look like that was necessary, but it's probably due to him being hit several times in the warm up lap.

Carson, if you read this, next race just hold your lines in situations like this and if you get hit we will be handing out penalties for the next race to whoever was responsible. It shouldn't be so difficult for us to not hit each other on warm up laps and on the straights :(
JvdW1888   That warm up lap for the sprint race is ridiculous. I know it has been said several time but marc is ramming carson there in the back maybe 10 times. Compliments to carson for keeping it cool, because I think I would've lost my shit. There's no need to keep a 0.5 meters distance in the warm up lap, it's a warm up lap ffs.

Please be extra careful in the coming race marc, things like this can't happen again.
JvdW1888I just watched this video again and if I compare this driving style to what I'm doing now I really notice that I have improved so much. I'm really doing better than I have ever done before right now. But, as we speak, a lot of the Apex Stalkers members have 'caught up' with me and drive an (almost) equal pace as I do. That means that, even though I have improved, others have improved even more. And I'm really, really happy about that. Even although most of us are a member of this crew for several months now, we still keep learning and improving our skills and I think we owe that to our fellow members. We push each other to extend our limits, and for that, I'm proud to be an Apex Stalker. :)
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Aizcold   Haha, I know. That Massacro is just silly. I'm never doing that again though, my hands still hurt! :d I think 48 minutes would be a perfect length for future endurance races. That's already plenty long.
S.I.N-dalu   I bet it does hurt aiz...but not as much when you go 70+min racing then get disconnected...haha! Congrats!
Aizcold   Yeah, that sucked man. Especially since you were on a podium spot at the time.
GtGamer4hqThanks for the promotion on Xbox… Wasn't expecting that at all. Thanks It means a lot
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JvdW1888   Congrats GtGamer! Great to see that you put so much effort into this, truly deserving the promotion. :)
richmills   No worries GT, you deserve it.
GtGamer4hq   Thanks everyone :)
SenilssonElection for the Swedish parliament today, should be a good one! :d
GtGamer4hqGoing silverstone for a ferrari event in 5 mins…. Free tickets ftw
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GtGamer4hq   [link] -- 3 Laferraris video
GtGamer4hq   [link] F1 Cars Round The track
Traksta1   Love it. You were In a good spot to hear the best of an "old" F1 car by the looks of it. Sweet.
pundip6Formula E for anyone that's interested :)
Formula E 2014. Round 1. Beijing. Race
Formula E 2014. Round 1. Beijing. Race http://youtu.be/HCK7i...
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Taz   Whoa ! That liked kinda deliberate . There Guna give that guy the win. I'd be hitting him with a wrench in the pits
Mikeplugers91   Yeah taz, i think i cant be as cool as heidfeld was. And it really looked like a horror crash. Like the commentator said sometime you just have to accept your gonna lose and somebody is faster then you. I would be furious.
biafra84   Jep when you saw Heidfeld run arcose the track i was sure he was gonna pop Prost in the mouth. Probably why he kept his helmet on...
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