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AizcoldTrying out the new banner I created. Let me know what you guys think. There's still plenty of room for improvement, but already I'm fairly satisfied with it myself.

The idea is to change the cars on the pictures every now and then. So if you want to have your car in there you can post a picture in the thread I created for this little project :)
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marcinguy   Looks great!
Rounder   Liking it very much Aiz!!
GtGamer4hq   Very nice. Good job Aiz
sahdow97Broke my foot ;(
GtGamer4hqIll be on holiday for 2 weeks starting tomorrow
JvdW1888Four spots left for the Formula One Championship! All four cars are still available to pick. Only one Zentorno left. Sign up now! :d

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ZenzicJC   Those who would like to drive their Entity are especially welcome! Then I can keep driving my Turismo. :cool:
Liquid7394Destiny beta is being made available to everyone, you can download it from you're consoles store.
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Toes   All consoles?
biafra84   From what i gather its free and on all consoles, new and old gen. But you need a playstation plus account or a ...... xbox gold is de microsoft version of it ?
NibbsTM   Need some company on ps3. :p
Mikeplugers91So after 5 years of black driving.. More than 200.000+ km at least and owning various of cars. Drving daily every day. I can finaly announce that i have passed for my driving license exam this morning 08:00 am haha. Passed in 1 time.. Yeah im a legal driver now hahaha
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Aizcold   I have to say, Mike, it's a bit selfish to drive without a license for so long. What if you caused an accident? Who would have paid the medical bills for anyone that got injured?

But I guess it's a relief for everyone on the Dutch roads that you have a license now. So congrats! :d
Mikeplugers91   Yeah i know, but the big diff is now that i drove more carefull and safely. I understand what you mean and alot of people told me also. But my life has not been like most others. I tried to do it 5 years ago but lost my home, then last year i tried again and again had private problems, wich caused me to move back at my stepmoms house. But now things are goig the right way again, and i got my license now.

If i could do i sooner believe me if i had the chance i did it right away. In those 5 years i never even scratched my car not even with parking ;)

But your right with what you saying aizcold, but that did not happen. So you can understand my relief, a mistake is made very quick and it have not even have to be my own mistake, if i was involved im always wrong without a license. But now im happy yeah
Rodgerzzz   Should've done it in Spain Mike! You just drive down a road and maybe hit a roundabout and if you can do that adequately then you are able to drive all over Europe in the eyes of the Spanish authorities :d

Congrats though dude, you're gonna be flashing that license at every opportunity!
NoPun1ntendedWhat are some of your favourite driving roads in GTA Online? I'd like to create a track incorporating some of the greatest driving/racing roads in the game and enter into the contest, personally i love driving and racing in Vinewood Hills, but i know lots of you enjoy wide tracks with flow. Can y'all hit me back with some of your favourite spots are? Much appreciated. - Pun
chaotikspraya86   I love the vinewood hills. Best roads for racing imo. I have no problem overtaking on these narrow roads either because I treat them like any other road, except these are more fun because there is less room for error. More tracks should be built around here.
AJCentricGuys! Im back! But my old account was hacked. So now my PSN name is TwitzBlitz. Also my computer is broken so expect me to just join the enduro. Sent from my PS3 BTW
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Aizcold   Sent you an invite to the chat, AJ. See you online again soon!
AizcoldDon't forget, Saturday at 20.00 GMT we'll have another Golf Tournament. We could use some more people to sign up. So if you feel like whacking some balls with your golf mallet then post something in the thread :d
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NibbsTM   Fore!!
Builder5150   Would love to join. But real bad timing for me Aiz.
GtGamer4hqTrying to upload like 6 destiny videos onto my channel at the same time, youtube no like,
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Liquid7394   I have some recorded too but I can't be bothered to upload them, the game is so fun to play.
GtGamer4hq   Exactly,
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