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Upcoming Events: Friday 7 August - BMW Cup - BMW V12 LMR at Brno | Sun 9 August - Time Trial on Zhuhai Deadline | starting Fri 21 August - Muscle Vintage Open Series (GTA) ||
biafra84So when do we have the next team/constructers event ?

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ZenzicJC   Honing your skills eh?
ElMisterHorrible crash in a stock car race.
TazTazmainia is back and so is the Muscle Vintage Open Series (MVOS) Sign up's and details are available. Don't wait to long to sign up and pick the cars you want asap. we start Friday August 21st @19:00 GMT Go APEX
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AizcoldHoly smokes, Batman! This is insane!
DC presents Robbie "Maddo" Maddison's "Pipe Dream," giving t...
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Scasura   thats a new level of riding a moto bike on water...very very sick^^
Lano   oh boy oh boy oh boyyyy!!!! That looks so freaking c00000lllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aizcold   When I saw this video in a tweet by ESPN yesterday it had 5,000 views, now it has over 3 million views already! But well, it is a pretty damn cool video so that's probably not so surprising :sick:
TazHey guys let's give props to nema, saber, druidprince, and Lano represented Apex in a crew vs crew today putting us ahead in points after race 1. Nema came in 2nd and the rest of the crew held good positions for well needed points. Check nemas twitch for the full race, great job boys. GO APEX
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DJ_BIG_L   [link]
DJ_BIG_L   Nema and other members have made a very good race ... Félécitation to you :sick:
nemaGTA   Thanks very much Taz. :sick: Well done to all who participated.
AizcoldVery good episode of The Point about Rocket League.
DJ_BIG_LHi friends, some of you still playing GTA5 or are you all about Project Cars? I also play to Project Cars but still many GTA :sick: Forgive my poor English I use a translator...
NibbsTM   What platform are you on? I still play once in a while on ps3.
Senilsson   I still play GTA from time to time, and I'm on PS4.
DJ_BIG_L   I play on PS4, I'm French :sick:
AizcoldThis video made me chuckle a few times. Gotta love the little montage at the beginning :sick:

"The day is approaching to give your best
That's when you need to put yourself to the test
And show us the passage of time

We're gonna need a montage (Montage)
A sports-training montage (Montage)
Remind everyone what's goin' on (What's goin' on?)
And with every shot show a little improvement
To show it won't take too long

That's called a montage (Montage)
Even Rocky had a montage (Montage)
In any sport, if you want to go
From just a beginner to a pro
You'll need a montage (Montage)
A simple little montage (Montage)

Always fade out (Montage)
Into a montage (Montage)
If you fade out it seems like a long time (Montage) has passed in a montage (Montage)
Montage (Montage)"

Five hundred forum points for the first person getting where those lyrics are from! :sick:
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Senilsson   Who cares.. My english is completely rubbish but as long as the message goes through it's fine.. :sick:
Aizcold   Just shout "MVP, MVP!" constantly. Seems to work for Sen :sick:
ElMister   Haha. In time...
AizcoldI had a fantastic afternoon and evening of gaming today! Thanks Rodge, Bia, Liquid, Elm, Zen and others. Great racing in Project Cars and some really fun matches in Rocket League in between as well. As our Big Kahuna in GTAO, Mr. TazAvidD would say, "Go Apex Stalkers!" :sick:
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ZenzicJC   Sorry I wasn't able to stick around longer. Bad timing on my end to fire up the PS4. :sick:
ElMister   Ginetta GT4 endurance please!
Aizcold   Great fun playing Rocket League again today! Zen, you've got to get into some of the Rocket League action as soon as you have a bit more time again, buddy! It feels a bit like the good old Apex days with all the shenanigans and banter going on. Same goes for you, Taz, oh Mighty Leader :sick:
ElMisterFinally did my last job week! Back to studying next week but I'm sure I'll be a lot more active. Green! Green! Green!
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Rodgerzzz   I will be sending you a multitude of invites to various games tonight just to annoy you then :sick:
ElMister   I can already smell the Ginetta Jrs...
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Liquid7394   It's available now.
TazI'M BAAaaaCk!!!! O APEX how I've missed you so much. My sincerest apologies to inductees and new members who have been neglected, my Apex brothers who I missed, and for letting GTA EventS going quite. It's about to get loud in Los Santos ya'll, the Taz is coming.
*My 100% Internet connection doesn't go up till Tuesday, but I'll be working on the forum to get events put there, re orginize, and get our inductions process back to full strength.
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Liquid7394   In case you haven't already done it, I'd highly recommend adding Rocket League to your library. It's one of the free games this month and it's a lot of fun. It won't be free on Tuesday so adding it to your library will allow you download it when your Internet is 100%.
Aizcold   Always a good idea to add all PS+ games to your library. You never know if you might want to play them one day and adding them to your library takes up no space on your HDD.
ffraccaroliThats cool ....

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000 Official Video
1000 musicians play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to ask Dave...
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ZenzicJC   The synchronized drumming is so awesome! :sick:
Scasura   awesome :sick:
biafra84   I'll go 'n buy a lottery ticket, if i win i'll buy your littins a drumset each. They can start practicing their synchronized drumming :sick:
ScasuraGTA / PSN >> Error Code CE-34878-0 >> seems to be fixed without deleting friends, tried it last night and it worked again without errors!
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biafra84   Jup haven't had a prob with it neither
camwestuaeAt the moment, gta races seem to be rare is there any chance in me hosting a race in the near future or someone else.
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biafra84   Sure man anybody 's free to setup an event. If you come up with something cool and start a thread i'm sure you'll get some people to join.
Taz   I have events coming
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