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Use the GroupMe chat or the PS4 chatroom when you're online to arrange ad hoc races, playlists and other fun activities in any of the games we play! :sick:
ZenzicJCStream for GT3 Cup: [link]
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ZeNzI23   ^ irk watched it as child but grew out of it, anyway GO BELGIUM ! :sick:
Senilsson   Heroes!
ZenzicJC   Beer!
chaotikspraya86Hi guys, don't know if anyone remembers me, (slow guy that wins a lot, somehow) but I'm planning on coming back to console gaming in the next couple of weeks, now i can finally get hold of a ps4. I would like to know if the GTA racing scene is still active with apex, and if not, what is the current racer everyone's playing? I've been away too long in the blocky world of Minecraft, and need to get back to hardcore racing asap, before i go CRAZY....
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chaotikspraya86   No nissan or ferrairs? who is funding this game, bernie ecclestone? only he could prevent two of the most well known car manufacturers from appearing in racing. oh wait, it has audi in it, so it cant be him xD
chaotikspraya86   Just had a look at the full car list and wow, thats disappointing. from the whole (small list) there is only one car that i would want to use and the rest i either dont like, or never heard of. why on earth does a game with the name project cars have the smallest list of cars ive ever seen in a game? starting to think this game might not be for me, as im more of a car fan than a racing fan. I like racing, but i like racing in cars i like. id rather play gran turismo, and thats never going to happen. Hopefully i can find people on gta to race with, cause the one selling point project cars had for me was the hope of driving my dream cars around legendary tracks. whats the point if i cant do that. such t a huge disappointment.
ZenzicJC   "Huge disappointment" That's a bit of an overreaction. :sick: True, there's still stuff to be fixed in this game, but it's already awesome. True, the garage isn't huge, but it's definitely not exceptionally small either. Just look at how long Grid kept us going, even though that game was quite limited. I'm much more interested in having lots of tracks, since every car in this game already offers a very different driving experience. But yes, if you're looking for a car collection game PCars might not be for you. Although I don't see the point in having 500 cars of which you'll probably only drive 15 regularly either.
dyr_glFREE BEER!!!!! Hey Delegados, now I have your attention, you´re needed in the corner.
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Liquid7394   [link]
pundip6SOON! :sick:
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ZeNzI23   Pundip back in ACTION ! Can't wait to race again with you ! :sick:
Rodgerzzz   I wondered where you'd been Pundip!
Aizcold   Nice one, Pundip! See you on the race track soon :sick:
biafra84And yet another GP2 Win at monaco for Stoffel Vandoorn ! Hope to see em at F1 next year.
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Aizcold   With a name like Stoffel you'd certainly hope so :sick:
biafra84   Not to mention how the brits and french will pronounce it
ZenzicJCReminder: tonight's the Ford Focus Fest and tomorrow we have the GT3 Cup. Some people still need to decide on which GT3 car and livery they'lll use, so have a look at that if you can!
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Aizcold   Can't say that I am. I usually keep the same livery on my car for multiple races, until I pick a different car or livery.
biafra84   Incoming !
ZenzicJC   I always forget I can save stuff on PS4 now! Really regret not saving that "incoming!" scene... :sick:
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SuperNufcfan1   Hello FF :sick:
ZenzicJC   Howdy!
Liquid7394   Olleh
MäkkinenSome leaked images of the new Logitech G29 have come out, looks amazing and is definitely on my radar! No price tag or release date has been announced yet.
New Logitech Wheel? - Inside Sim Racing
While many sim racers use Logitech wheels and pedals, or have used them in the past, the brand has actually been absent from the market for a couple years. Back in January 2013, Lo...
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Liquid7394   New Logitech logo. You can see it on the box.
Liquid7394   Logitech G logo [link]
mixjah   Low-G-tech..i get it now
ZeNzI23This site is SICK ! [link]
Anyway, I'd like to be more involved here since I'm playing a lot more on pCARS now and I got my wheel. Here is just such a better mindset than, well other places :sick: I'm already in the PS4 Chat, so add me or inv me to some races soon :sick:
Apex Stalkers on Project CARS
Apex Stalkers is a PlayStation community founded in 2013. All of us go totally bonkers over online racing. That is why we are now expanding our gaming activities into Project CARS....
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Rodgerzzz   You need to buy a mic Z instead of looking around on Skype :sick:
ZenzicJC   Thanks for the compliment, Zenzi! Appreciate it. :sick: Looking forward to seeing you on track. :sick:
ZeNzI23   Thanks, I'm still trying to get the hang of this forum, I've been here before a while back but this still confuses me.. :sick:
AizcoldCongrats, Mixjah! You are now officially an Apex Legend :sick:

A well deserved promotion for which you can thank Biafra the most as he brought up the subject.
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ZenzicJC   Congratulations, Mix! :sick:
Scasura   Congrats mix !
mixjah   whoop whoop! cheers guys, thx bia! :sick:
ScasuraLOL....just saw an interview with Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing)...last weekend he married "Ginger Spice" Geri Halliwell...... Congratulations Mr. Horner now you got a Spicy Stick!
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Rodgerzzz   The worst of the Spice Girls... Baby spice is looking pretty fine nowadays!
Marc30599Yes Ghost Games!!!!!
*Hype Level Rising* I'm guessing Underground 3?
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Liquid7394   The reveal is in about 20mins.
Rodgerzzz   This is it apparently, could be interesting if it's anything like the first two in the underground series: [link]
Liquid7394   I hope they've completely changed the way cars handle now that it's a confirmed reboot. No more Burnout drifting to get through corners. Saw some nice cars in that teaser, Mustang, 180SX, RWB 911, BRZ/GT86, 2000GT Skyline.
TazWho out there is on PCars using a controller and not a wheel. looking for others with the disadvantage to race with, learn from, get some practice in, and look for when I'm online or playin' the game... yeah I said it :sick:
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biafra84   What cars are you using. I'm realy had a hard time with some and still do. Others i'm much more comftable with. Try formula rookie or the gt3 Z4. Silverstone National is an smooth track as well to get to grips with a machine. Its a track that takes some time to realy master but is forgiving while you do so. Drop a line on the Apex PrC chat if you're online and me, or i'm sure someone els thats online, will be more then willing to talk you through it.
Aizcold   The most important piece of advice I can give you is to always be gentle on the throttle and the brakes. You can't just press them down completely like in GTA and not have any problems. Other than that it's just a case of getting used to the game and practicing a lot. You're a good racer so I'm sure you'll get there :sick:
ouston810   Me! Really wanting to get a wheel though!
TazGT news summaries are up for week 7, for participants you might find some valuable information hidden about next weeks race, well it's not very hidden, but it's the only way you'll know :sick:
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AizcoldOur YouTube channel has been a bit quiet again recently and could really use a few people taking care of it and uploading new content regularly. So anyone feeling up to the task, please post in the thread below...
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