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biafra84Wtf is up with that banner, 2 years?? Think we're somewhat beyond that point
Project CARS 2 Gameplay: 6 Things Car Nerds Will Love
Project CARS 2 gameplay: Project CARS 2 is unashamedly a gam...
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mixjah   here's a link to the gtplanet forum, lots of info about pcars2 there
Project CARS 2 - Announce Trailer (4K)
With 170+ cars, 60+ tracks, varying terrains and motorsports...
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The Wolfsburg 200
GG Everyone :) GRAND THEFT AUTO V https://store.playstation....
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TheSherbertDipI probably shouldn't post this here but can anyone link me to a goodm NASCAR/oval track playlist in gta 5 please
biafra84   Go through the old event threads. Taz setup some great Nascar events ..

Wolfsburg 200

Saturday February 4, 2016 @ 10 pm UK / 2pm pst

200 mile endurance race


^ more info & sign-ups ^

I would like to invite all APEX members to CoreGaming's next racing event Wolfsburg 200 if you have any questions please contact me. Thank you
A Standard Lap around Wolfsburg GP
CORE Gamings first standard lap. Track by Daniel1Plainview T...
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Draco25240Might as well share it here too... Seems like GTA 6 has been released in Brazil... on Playstation 2 :d
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Scasura   hahaha xO
RounderHad a crazy dream last night, Aiz, Rodgerz, biafra, ffracaroli, Jv, Taz, Zen, Nibs, Ziggy, we were all at an outdoor go cart track racing for real and had a BBQ picnic! It was awesome!
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ffraccaroli   hahaha
Aizcold   Who won the race?
DJ_BIG_LHappy new year APEX :)
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LimitedFusionO i'm getting back into GTA V racing... What are some of the best cars to use now that more DLC is out???
Bradderz080   The answer to your question lies in 1 name: Broughy1322. Every update he tests all the cars fully upgraded round his balanced track to find the fastest. Check his youtube channel, very informative.
At this moment, the top 10 Supers are as follows: RE-7B, X80 Proto, Tempesta, Nero Custom, Nero, ETR1, T20, Osiris, Zentorno.
Broughy's channel: [link]
CORE GAMINGS: Snow Run 2016
GG Everyone and Merry Christmas!!! :D GRAND THEFT AUTO V htt...
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Merry Christmas from CoreGaming
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Daniel1PlainviewWinner of CoreGaming's 2016 Snow Run

Gamer_stig_3 ... 1st

dlj9178 ... 2nd

oXiMo ... 3th

Thanks for everyone that join the event and thanks to the APEX members that join, it was a great off-road event. We will do an other
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GamerST1GThe track for The Snow Run
A Standard Lap around There Will Be Blood
A very standard lap around CORES first offroad track GRAND T...
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CoreGaming's 2016 Snow Run


I would like to invite all Apex Members to our annual Snow Run. It's a 1 Hour Off-Road Endurance Race. Contact on, No catch-up, No slipstream & No bikes

Sign-up @ [link]

Thanks and i hope to see you there
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