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ToesFinally, Codemasters have fixed their game! Time for a revival I think... :-)
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Forza_DIF   slidey cars
ffraccaroli   Liked the music ....
nkavcicToday i cant play for 5 minutes because of damn phone and then some dude set his house/restaruant on fire... F... brilliant -.-
Venom_097Ok, GeForce experience is working, streaming :) [link] THE CREW BETA PC [link]
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NibbsTM   Not a game for me, has an arcady style I don't like at all. :/
Venom_097   I'm having second thoughts about it :/
ZenzicJCIs Social Club being slow for anyone else when browsing?
Aizcold   We can't load any jobs or playlists in the game at the moment either. So i'm guessing there are some issues.
AJCentricFfs I thought the 24 Hours said the 19th not 14th. Made me think 17th was a Friday. Was gonna celebrate Gta's birhday
NibbsTMI have no words!
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NibbsTM   Very funny, Aizcold. ^^
A picture from gtaforums actually, I assume the save editor was used
ZenzicJC   That bull guard is too high. If not for that I'd be all over this car. Really.
NibbsTM   It's like the BF Injection turned up to 11.
AizcoldAmazing. I always knew Americans liked their guns, but this is just silly. The amount of sheer stupidity involved here is simply mind blowing.

The last sentence in this article is a little gem too, “You can’t give a 9-year-old an Uzi and expect her to control it". Who'd have thunk it?
Girl, 9, accidentally kills gun instructor with an Uzi
A 9-year-old girl accidentally killed an Arizona shooting instructor as he was showing her how to use an automatic Uzi, authorities said Tuesday.
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AJCentric   This is why I need to get away from Arizona
ZenzicJC   This is just too stupid for words. Bound to happen.
NibbsTM   Well that's horrible.. I think guns can be fine as a hobby, with limits, but giving kids something that dangerous is looking for trouble.
AizcoldAnother No Man's Sky video. This time for Dutch speakers only. Nothing really new in there, but it still gets me even more excited about this game :)
Alle vragen over No Man's Sky worden beantwoord
Boris en Jelle nemen alle kijkersvragen met jou door in de 'Alle vragen over No Man's Sky worden beantwoord' preview!
Venom_097Video will be up in an hour :)
Apex Stalkers Endurance 25/08
Endurance race hosted by Apex Stalkers, this week's track wa...
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Aizcold   Nice one, Venom. I especially enjoyed the popped tire finale :d
RodgerzzzOh Fucking Yes! Let the "but you just lost 4-0 to a team 2 divisions below you, you're f****** s***" comments roll in... :d
United sign Angel Di Maria for record fee
FOOTBALL NEWS 26/08/2014 19:05, Report by Communications Dept. * Argentina international midfielder joins on five-year contract. Manchester United is delighted to announce that Ang...
Aizcold   Have faith in the genious Van Gaal, Rodge. Everything will be fine if he just gets some time. Can't expect the man to clean up Moyes' mess and straighten your awful squad out in just a few months :d
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