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AizcoldLooks like we're finally getting some triple A titles on PlayStation Plus. Too bad I already own NBA 2K. But it's an excellent game for anyone that has any kind of affinity with the beautiful game of basketball.
NBA 2K16 and Gone Home join PlayStation Plus this month - Pl...
Hi everyone. Today we're pleased to share with you two excellent PS4 games coming to PlayStation Plus on 7th June. First up, we're adding NBA 2K16 to the June lineup. One of the mo...
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dyr_gl   I had traumatic experiences with these games. I don´t understand basketball at all and when we (brother, cousins, etc) gathered to play them I lost every single match. Sad afternoons XD
Aizcold   Haha, well they really are very good games. Probably the best sport games out there. For instance, they do a much better job than FIFA or PES in terms of giving you the feeling that you are watching a tv broadcast of a game. And the gameplay is very deep as well. You can really put lots and lots of hours into mastering all the moves you can make and so on. But yeah, you do have to understand the game of basketball a bit to appreciate it :d
dyr_gl   Well, you could put hours into understanding basket and mastering the moves... or constantly throw triples with Hornacek / push people under the basket with Shaq. That was what I tried :-)
WattySo, i just checked social club (first time in a while). Turns out we have 324 requests to join the crew... What should we do?

I was thinking we could go back to the old school days and bring back the inductions. Thoughts?
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Lano   My induction was driving in the 2nd season of the GT Series being lapped by everyone! :d
DJ_BIG_L   324 :) it's getting much lol :) The problem is that it will be 80% of children who have never played in the contact mode and do not respect the rules of conduct in contact mode ... But the others will be penalized because of all this ... Maybe the best way would be to see what their current 4 or 5 crews ... If he comes home YEAH, NODO, RRR1, PERF ..... it can be a good point for them.
Taz   I agree, for the most part if they are in racing crews they most likely (unless they are Douche's) are ok to join crew. We figure out pretty fast who's Apex and who's not. I don't just add people who just send crew r's . If that's the only effort they have made they usually just fall off, so if they send a crew rq that says nothing I tend to ignore it unless they message me direct or pop up on the forum, we don't need fan boys, we need fam boys, people who are gunna participate in what Apex is, not just the kids who want the tag. And she should be a factor for most until proven mature
Scasurait took a while and i still have a lot to learn, but here it is, my first R*Editor vid :)
GTA 5 Online "SKYZ Session" (wingsuit, skydive, base jump, g...
free roam crew meet with Sky Children, RDRL and WING We had ...
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p_lustig   Great video!!!
Scasura   danke lustig :)
konorMCwhere is the gta granpix??
NibbsTM   Solid reply, but is there anything going on? :)
Aizcold   I don't know exactly what a granpix is, but I don't think I'veseen any around on the forum. And I come here fairly often.

I trust Elm though as to the whereabouts of the granpix, whatever they may be, but I do not wish to look in his pants.
biafra84   Ochhh yes you do.
F1 2016 - Beta Sign Up (PS4, Xbox One & PC)
Codemasters have just announced Beta Sign Ups for their next Formula 1 racer, F1 2016, with players able to test out and give feedback on the new handling on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
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No Man's Sky Coming to PS4 in August
Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely hard on our game, No Man's Sky. The game really has come together, and it's such an incredible relief. As we sit an play...
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Scasura   well then i misunderstood some infos^^ :)
Liquid7394   If anyone has played Journey it's kind of like that. It's also similar to seeing player ghosts in Dark Souls.
Scasura   even i am not a huge "Star Trek" fan, maybe this game will offer what i wanted for No Mans Sky
mixjah24h race on nürburgring, start saturday 13:30 gmt
Der Nürburgring - das einzigartige Ausflugsziel für Motorsportfans und Familien rund um die zwei faszinierendsten Rennstrecken der Welt (Nordschleife und Grand-Prix-Strecke). Buche...
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Scasura   yeahhhhhhhh cant wait, specially for tonight, love the night part of this race!
Scasura   that race was awesome :d from rain to hailstorm and fog and after 24 hours a battle for 1st in the last laps...love it
p_lustigHi guys, i have a question. Who's responsible for the website? i mean the guy who makes that everything works.
mixjah   mr enjin, i suppose :d ..no clue. zen made most of the magic back in the more active times i think, but ...well..tell me what it is you want, and i will very carefully explain to you why it can not be :d
ZenzicJC   "and i will very carefully explain to you why it can not be" :d:D
maxx69   It's OK lustig was trying to help as the Marmite forum went in to melt down...luckily a Cornish joiner mended it with a hammer , nails and a pasty sweat .
AizcoldRight, how many of you mother bitches are getting this game? I know it's only a trailer, but it looks pretty damn cool. Finally a shooter I think I might actually enjoy.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer - We Are Ghosts [...
Watch Ghost Recon Wildlands' brand-new trailer and see how t...
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Liquid7394   Depends.
Aizcold   I always prefer open world games anyway. And this game looks like it will be the kind of shooter I like too. Freedom to approach a situation in different ways, not a multiplayer shooter, no jumping around and shit. I like what I've seen so far.
maxx69   It's looking likely
Merely a rumor, yet to be confirmed.
Sources: No Man's Sky Delayed
The ambitious space game No Man's Sky has been delayed, two sources tell Kotaku. We don't know exactly what the new release date is-and it may not be finalized yet-but we're hearin...
Liquid7394   The same guy has now confirmed the delay. According to him no new date has been communicated, they simply have to put "coming soon" on promotional material.
ZenzicJC   [link]
ZenzicJC   Still nothing official, of course.
ScasuraMarmite Cup finals - Race 1 Lotus 51@Azure Circuit
[ProjectCARS] Marmite Cup - Lotus51@Monaco (Azure Circuit)
Marmite Racing Community Marmite Cup, Wednesdays 20:30GMT on...
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Scasura   thx maxx, thought this would match perfect :)
DJ_BIG_L   Haha, the music is very appropriate to the year and model of the car :) FUN !!!
Scasura   thx dj big :)
rob r_whalley89Crazy crash at the red bull ring this morning
Massive Formula3 crash at the red bull ring
Crazy crash at the formula 3 event at the red bull ring.
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rob r_whalley89   Turns out the boy broke his back in the crash
biafra84   Which one? Well the best to all of em offcourse. But who got hurt ?
ROBIN   Pretty rookie-esque to go straight through a dust cloud. Luckily everyone survived the massive incident.
Liquid7394I'm actually pretty hyped for this now.
Gran Turismo Sport Gamelplay Trailer Captured on PS4
This is the movie revealed at the "Gran Turismo Sport Unveil...
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Liquid7394   That's like saying Fallout 4 looks like Fallout New Vegas, it doesn't and GT Sport quite clearly has noticeable visual improvements. Anyone with functioning eyes can see it, he must not remember what GT6 actually looked like.

For a VR game it looks pretty good actually.
NibbsTM   Looks pretty good indeed.
GtGamer4hq - TGI_J   Now to get a PS4 I guess
Scasuralive stream starts soon!
Gran Turismo Sport | LIVE FIA Gran Turismo Championship, Pre...
Watch live, via YouTube Gaming, the pre-season test for the ...
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Scasura   release > 16th Nov 2016
Liquid7394   Was just about to post this [link]
DJ_BIG_L   Great !!! THX ;) :)
ZenzicJCHey brodudes, just letting you know I'm still around and checking the forum regularly! My complete loss of interest in GTA and PCars combined with spending more time with my family have definitely slashed into my multiplayer gaming and Apex time, but since that was a huge time sink now and again I guess it's not a bad thing. Prioritizing and not feeling obligated can be exhilarating, it seems. Anyway, I pre-ordered No Man's Sky and I hope that will get me fired up again and give me some more to talk about with you guys. To Maxx and Bia: cunt!
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JvdW1888   [link]
biafra84   First planet i discover, i'm calling it ' the sticky shed' Make yourself at home bub !
ZenzicJC   Seven replies in and we're at poof songs and shed innuendos. Good to see we're still the same. :d
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