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DruiDPrincEWhat is the ruling for off road tires in APEX? Mysterious Weirdo told me they were banned, truth? If that's the case then why don't we ban turbo tuning, ems upgrades, or select spoiler mods...?
Rodgerzzz   It more comes down to the fact that people with off roads on were predominantly all over the pavement like a cheap hooker over a £10 blowjob. Most of us refrain from the whole curb surfing thing unless it's on the racing line in which case go for it! I found a happy medium in choosing Tuner tires as they were nice and soft and still looked pretty cool. I even remember me and JvD entering a NODO championship on tuner tires and finished 1-2 in the race :sick:

As everyone else has said, the fact off-roads are predominantly used for pavement then we've stayed clear of them through personal choice. I wouldn't say they are banned by any means but some people will poke a bit of banter your way if they see them on your car :sick:
Builder5150   Rodg, once again your grasp of the english languge answers the question.
pundip6   I expect a shit ton of banter then Rodge...all my cars have them, except sports classics and my Entity (bought that baby well before off roads were a thing) :(
AizcoldNew GTA Online update coming next week.
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Aizcold   The heists are generally a lot of fun. I could eqsily do them all again and it wouldn't be a grind at all.
Taz   I did. Lol was so broke prior. I'm at 4 mil, I can get that up for sure. The clothes are what broke my bank 37k for some outfits. 0_o
Liquid7394   The only one that feels like a grind is the Fleeca Job.
biafra84Review on the new wheel.
Logitech G29 & G920 First Impressions from E3 2015
http://www.ISRTV.com presents our first look and impressions...
Slicer0007   Still think one would be better off with a T300.. After reading reviews, it seems as if it's still the exact same wiring on the interior with some extra buttons and compatibility thrown in for PS4/XBOX1. If you're on a PC, you might as well spend half that on a fresh G27, rather than spending upwards of US $400 on the G29 which seems amazing, but really is a re-skin of the old model; which isn't bad, I'll throw in, but with a price tag like that excluding the "optional" shifter, I'd rather stick with a controller! But that's just my opinion..
biafra84   Was surprised buy the price aswell, thought this was gonna be a cheaper alternitave for the T300, somewhere between the T100 and 300. Guess not.
JvdW1888   Completely agree. I wanted to buy this thing, but the only thing that's better about it over the T300 are the pedals. Other than that, it has an outdated Force Feedback system and is 95% a copy of the G27. You pay 150 Euros extra for the PS4 compatibility. I'm not going to get it.
oTempoGuys, I won't be active for about a month starting on the 4th of July. I'll be on vacation. I'll take my ps4 but no time for anything serious
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Rodgerzzz   Have a good time dude!
oTempo   Thanks :sick:
TazPretty Good Work, I look foward to more episodes
GTA 5 Rockstar Editor - The Stunt Lads Show: Pilot
Next Episode: http://youtu.be/yxYZ82VSJPw STUNT LADS THEME S...
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Aizcold   I'm kind of glad that video editor isn't on the PS4 version. I'd be wasting way too much time with it if it was :sick:
Taz   Real talk^
Builder5150You know you want one........
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Rodgerzzz   Reminds me of the Lister Storm from back in the GT1/GT2 days: [link]
Lano   Me love you long time!
Builder5150The International Rugby season is almost here. And that means the Rugby World cup is only a few months away. Watch this Enforcer become happier as the All Blacks destroy all before them!!!
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ffraccaroli   humm i liked this game , i support this team LYNX
Aizcold   Very instructional video, Builder. I feel I have learned a lot.
Builder5150   And you all thought rugby was two hookers 40 minutes each way......
Liquid7394Well the last ever Top Gear was great, there were some sad parts but I think Jeremy may have found the best rims in the world.
Link Description
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mixjahNASCAR tonight on sonoma! make sure to have a look! this could be fun :sick: broadcast starts in a few minutes..
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Scasuradamn fu..ing, shi..y useless R* support :sick: I wanna play GTA online with my friends and crew mates... These useless scumbags at the support keep telling me check your NAT type and router settings, blah blah blah :sick:
Every other game works fine and even GTA worked fine until a patch 6 or 7 months ago.

If anyone lese had problems like these and you managed it to fix it, pls tell me your secret^^

  • When i try to join a public lobby it takes 2-5min. to load if i make in on the server^^
  • When i finaly manage it to join a public session like yesterday, it takes about 1 min. and then everyone leaves the server and i am alone again

I really dont know what to do, and playing GTA alone is no option :sick:
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Rodgerzzz   "Good afternoon, Apex IT support. This is Mixjah speaking how can I help?"

"Ok Scasura I know your issue, I'll transfer you through to ZenzicJC now"

*dialing tone*

"Good afternoon, Zenzic Erotic Furniture Incoporated, Zen speaking how can I help?"
Scasura   it seems like it works again but its a bit hard to say with the ongoing servers probs^^ mixJah guided me through the DMZ router settings and with a mix of these changes and the R* support answer i finally got (something to work with^^) it seems like everything is fine again, but i will test it through the day :sick: THX alot to all of you for your tipps and help!!! specially the DMZ things Zen wrote and mix told me weeks ago^^ hehe
Scasura   by the way, i hope your problems also get solved fracca!!
Ajo's superstar save
Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo shows stunning commitment, crossing t...
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Aizcold   Well, he's a Finn... They tend to be pretty composed. Until they start drinking that is :sick:
pundip6   Holy shitballs!
Forza_DIF   Suomi sisu!
TazHey guys, just a heads up, We are trying something new due to a huge weekly amount of Applicant/New Recruits to hold recruitment fairs. the details are in the link below. I'm hoping current apex members still active on GTA will join these every once in a while. It gives the new a chance to meet the veterans, it would give the recruits better understanding of what our crew really is so they don't just get there tag and disappear, but will help them stay involved more, and most specifically offers a big room lobby where we can not only evaluate the new recruits driving level but their personalities as well. Our first Recruit Fair is tomorrow at 22:00 GMT so if your around, please join and help welcome the newer members.
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Nacho-_-BanditoTouring Car Championship - Race Three - Stream
NachotheBandit - Twitch
Project Cars Multiplayer - PS4
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DruiDPrincEWe are online now about to do the hunger games if anyone is available come join!!!
TazOne last reminder we got a event of Apex fun today at 2030 GMT. Hope to see all you dirty mudderz back in Los Santos for an hour to kick up some dust. Bring your friends well be gathering about 20 mins prior or close to, the touring cup should be done by then
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DruiDPrincE   I'll be there!
Rodgerzzz   Reserve me a spot!
Lano   Hellzzzz yeah!
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