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AizcoldLove the trailer for the new Project Cars content! It definitely gets me enthousiastic about these cars. Might even end up buying my first dlc pack :sick:
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DavidCore89   The Yellowbird should have came with a health warning, it's absolutely insane.
maxx69   I only tried it with cold tires .....it didn't go well ...lots of four wheel drifting lol
ZenzicJC   Wow, they really stepped up their game with this trailer! I just wish they'd unlock that free camera for us too...
ZenzicJCOld Vs New Car Pack (3.49 euro) and free car number three are now available in my PS Store. I assume it will be the same for other EU countries.
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DavidCore89   320 touring car is in it's own class, surely this indicates more touring cars to come?
maxx69   can you drive the fastback without a large afro ?
DavidCore89   It's unlikely...
ElMisterThis kid is living the dream...
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Lano   Its like taking sand to the beach..!
dyr_gl   Someone should have watched the video about changing steering ratio XD

They´re just changing the real wheel rotation limit and the screen one is out of sync.
maxx69   near future world champion showing us even he can go wide at the bus stop chicane
DruiDPrincE2 Man Le Mans Endurance race.....SIGN UP NOW!!!!

We have updated some information on the race and teammate change overs! I think the new rules will better suit everyone as we shouldn't run into any hold ups during change overs now. :sick:

Also updated the post with a SIGN UPS sheet. The sooner you get us your information the higher you place on the grid!!!!
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Watty   With the SIGN UPS sheet, we need team mate, vehicle AND sponsor before your place on the grid is changed
camwestuae   Car- Dominator- team camwestuae and Taz- sponsor cola
ElMisterBoyahh! Who's got a new T300?! I do !
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maxx69   just phoned Amazon and I will have a replacement wheel on Saturday ......sweet man
Aizcold   Im sure they have plenty of sweet men working at Amazon, Max. But it's good to hear you were pleased with the customer service you received from this particular sweet man :sick:
maxx69   sweeter than sugar this little treacle toes ha ha and dusted in sherbert ...like my little Dip Dab man .
camwestuaeCurrently in gta online I have been planning a online race event. It will be a OFF ROAD rally race considering not many people have thought of this idea. I have announced they will be 3 tiers for the cars, however the cars are tba and I have created a few tracks, I will be selecting the track in the near future however it would help me out what u guys thought about this, I'm still new to Apex but have been racing and enjoying it, all I would like is ur guys opinion on this rally race thanks.
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camwestuae   Thanks guys I'll post a thread and Try arrange this and see where I get, lano I'll like to see that vid
Lano   [link]

Check it out
camwestuae   And also if the event does that place it will be done on ps4 Draco
mixjahnew project cars dlc and free car out, only in us store for now.
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Aizcold   I imagine that is very similar to what Zen's 'special chair' looks like after every race we do...
ZenzicJC   With real assists this car won't have TC or ABS! This is going to be fun! [link]
DavidCore89   I like the car, it looks deceivingly easy to drive, but the reality is quite different. Real assists on means no idiots in my lobbies when I'm racing this car, just clean drivers.
RodgerzzzAnybody fancy having a group tuning session one of these days? With David, Elm and Dry all sharing really good setups a group lobby where we can all share ideas and advice would hopefuly be really helpful to some of us. May make a nice change from just racing too! Let me know if anyone fancies it and I'll set up a thread to discuss when we can do it!
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Lano   Im in
Rodgerzzz   OK cool, let's do it then!
maxx69   another in depth lesson in tuning from youtube ,channel "Tony's racing" another very informative German guy talks you through the process ...(you may need a strong coffee to accompany the videos )
ElMisterJustin Wilson has passed away. What a bad year for Motorsport. :(
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reyaz4hmed786   Rest in peace legend
biafra84   His brother just send out a tweet. Aparently he saved 6 lives being an organ donor. Dont know how the laws in your country is about that or how you feel about it but if you're chill with that. Fill in the paperwork.

Rip Justin
NibbsTM   Well said, biafra. Some good can come out of these tragedies in that way.
AizcoldI don't know if any of you are interested in this, but it works very well and is super easy too. I just downloaded it after I got an emulator to play some Super Mario World on my laptop and now I can use my PS4 controller to play Super Mario, brilliant! :sick: All you need to do is run this program, connect the controller via USB and it works right away.
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Draco25240   Nice find :sick: I've been using a PS4 controller for PC gaming for about a year now, using a very similar tool (DS4Tool, the original that first got it working). Way better than keyboard and mouse IMO :sick:

Is that so Zig? I'm guessing this is you then? [link] :sick:
Aizcold   Yep, I searched for DS4tool first, but I think that needed Xbox controller drivers and so on. This newer tool needs nothing at all except the program itself.
ZigMeister666   Believe or not, a few years back, a couple mates and I, after a few beers, took turns playing black ops zombies with a steering wheel. I got the high score of "nearly survived round 1" :sick:
Draco25240YES!!! :sick:
A new series of Blackadder is on the cards
Sir Tony Robinson, who played Baldrick in the popular Eighties BBC comedy, said a new series of Blackadder is "on the cards", provided Laurie can be lured back. Sir Tony joked that...
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ZenzicJC   "Get inside her five times a day and take her to heaven and back!" Of course it will be good! :sick:
Builder5150   I have all the Blackadder series on DVD, watched every episode, Best comedy series ever
maxx69   " we've been sitting here since christmas 1914, during which time millions of men have died, and we've moved no further than an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping "......brilliant
AizcoldThis might really get me to visit Los Santos a bit more often. Perhaps we could even get together with a bunch of guys and think of some sort of little project we could make together...
Rockstar Editor Updates: Coming in September to PS4 & Xbox O...
Create, edit and share your GTAV and GTA Online experiences - from amazing stunt montages to creative machinima storytelling - with the Rockstar Editor coming in September to PS4 a...
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Aizcold   This part of the Editor sounds interesting for the Snapmatic photographers among us: "Snapmatic Integration: Now you can export any still frame at a marker point straight to Snapmatic, giving you ultimate freedom when searching for that perfect camera angle."
AizcoldThe PS Plus games for September have been announced.
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maxx69   Perfect , my little boy will be a happy chappy
ElMisterHorrible incident in IndyCar yesterday. Justin Wilson hit debris from a crashing car which has put him in a coma.
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Lano   =/
maxx69   That's unfortunate man ...It's the dangers of open cockpit racing
Rodgerzzz   The tricky triangle strikes again!
AizcoldVote here on the LMP2 car and track you want to race on in the next Pisswasser Endurance Race which will take place in two weeks from now.
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