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Mikeplugers91I just did a point to point race, with 9 people and won 24.000 in bettings. It was a close race aswell. Thought i could never win more then 4.000 if i betted10.000 everytime.
Aizcold   We have the same in GRID really when racing with the camera inside or in front of the car. You just have to be more careful when you try to overtake, it's not too big a deal really. Of course it will take some time to get used to it, but we should have skilled enough racers to pull it off.
Aizcold   Oh and on PS4 everyone will have a mic as it comes with a free one that is actually not half bad. Even if someone doesn't use it normally, they could use it for first person races to warn someone when they attempt an overtake.
Mikeplugers91   Yeah your right aiz, i think we call pull it off. Just people need to understand that they need to be more carefull. Offcourse everybody want to win but now risking a crash is even bigger now.
NibbsTMThe Touring Car Championship will be hosted tonight if a decent number of drivers are able to join!
Sorry we haven't made this clear earlier, there's been a slump in GTA Racing for many of us.
Aizcold   I think a portion of those that were still most active on GTA have moved to PS4 now. So I hope we'll be able to have some events on there before the end of the year. I'm alread looking forward to a first person only race event as well as finally doing some heists together :sick: And for those that won't make the move we can still have GRID events. I know I'll be joining those still at least.
NibbsTM   Yep, you're right, and I'm strongly considering getting the PS4 bundle with the game. We might even have to pull the plug on the Touring Car Championship and anything big planned on the old consoles.
Aizcold   I'd say it's definitely worth it. I would have waited for the bundle as well if I had known Project Cars would be pushed to March. As it stands I think I'll be trading my PS3 copy of GTA in soon and getting the PS4 version instead. I think I'll spend about a week mostly replaying the story and in the creator, but after that I will have had enough rest to host some events again :sick:
NibbsTMRC Touring cars! It's intense and bloody quick. :sick:
Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! - IFMAR 1/10th World cham...
From RC Racing the worlds no1 RC TV show - www.rcracing.tv -...
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NibbsTM   And something for you drifters :sick:
ZenzicJC   The speeds those things reach are amazing. This one for instance, 200 KPH: [link]
NibbsTM   That's insane! I think the commentator on the first video said the cars on track reach about 60mph, which is still impressive. Relative to over 600MPH if the size was scaled up to real size cars. I'd try sticking a small camera inside one of those. :sick:
RounderIs the Touring Car Championship happening today?
Rounder   Ah well, I actually need to rake up the rest of the leaves before more snow arrives. Responsibilities :(
NibbsTM   I will be hosting the race, hope to see as many as possible there, including guest racers. :sick: Please join anyway, Aiz, I like our duels. :sick:
NibbsTM   Very few are online, unfortunately we won't have this event. I hope we can get it restartet. :/
biafra84anybody know who " Leo_a127" is ? I'm not pressing charges but he steped out of line a bit. I'm not gonna make a hassle out of it and put it in the complaints thread. Unless he's been stepping out towards other members aswell. Consider this a fishing expedition.
Mikeplugers91   Yeah i said that quite some times over the last year haha. Also it keeps our group closer, and knowing who the persons are in the crew, will result in a better crew quality, if they are even crew killing and racing dirty with others crew members and seniours around, what will they do when nobody is around. I a,ways think of that.
Builder5150   Have contacted Leo. Waiting for the enivitable non reply. So if I dont hear from him in 24 hours he is gone. Im short shifting people like this out. He is online at the moment so he should see my message.
As for Heasydog or whatever cant find anyone in the crew close to that Biafra. Anymore info for the enforcer?
ZenzicJC   Here you go: SC: TLaxplaya69, PS: HershyDog7, joined: 4/18/2014, rank: muscle, country: Canada, time online: 467:02:10
Mikeplugers91I just came home and read about this new. Im just got a strange feeling and i feel really sorry for the father. Stuff like this really hurts me. This is what happened:

The father of a two-year girl was killed last year in Meijel has hurled a chair out of frustration to court Friday. The Court in Roermond just had the cause of the accident, a 33-year-old Pool, sentenced to 120 hours of community service. At the accident came also the Grandpa (67) and grandmother (64) of the child to life. By the District Attorney was two weeks ago fifteen months in jail demanded.

The judge actually says in the video: we took notice on sentences given in normal cases, just like this one. The court has come to a sentence of 120 hours of community service, equal to 60 in jail. If cummunity service is not completed.

Cant blame the father for his reaction, men this is a pathetic country The Netherlands, stuff like this makes me sick. For what i know now the father is being held at the police station. Proberly has to go to court for attacking a judge. And i just know he will get a bigger sentence then the guy who killed 3 people, granddad, grandmother and a 2 year old child. How can you get 120 hours of community service. :'(
Father in the courthouse throws a chair to the judge
The man who throws the chair is the father of a little girl ...
Mikeplugers91   I just read this: the court explains themself on their website saying that: the man has driven between 72 kmh and 124 kmh for research. (It was a 80 kmh road) but speed did not have to be the factor to kill cause, with the car he drove he could have easily taken the corners with 130 kmh. Also findings in research, he was not drunk, stoned and he was not busy in his phone. He also did not had a criminal record. A heavy punishment is not in place. The driver did caused "danger".....

Men men men, also the driver never said sorry for killing the 3 people.
biafra84   It is totaly fucked up that the father has to do jail time for towing a chair. Only natural that his emotions were high after losing his daughter and the driver getting of so light. To i dont know the situation of the accident itself. If he was driving 90 or a 100 where he was only suposto do 80. Sober, not on the phone and a kid just runs on the street chasing her football or what not. Its imposible to avoid. Thats the only reason i can see he got off so light. As i said i dont know the situation of the acident but thats a very Very light penalty must be something like that. I hope at least otherwise its a pretty fucked up court or the son of a politcian driver or something.

And running the risk of coming over like 'n even bigger dick,... Keep this in mind next time you got the opertunity to drive one of those fast ass BMW's Mike. I'm sure you're a good driver but if some kid just runs across the road.... You wouldn't have had a chance to avoid the poor kid anyway but if you where speeding it'll haught you even more...
Mikeplugers91   Your right biafra, i knew myself if i ever hurt an innocent person. I could not live with that. But im not a dick hahaha, i understand what you are saying. Even tho i never speed at crowded places or neighborhoods. Messages like this, and the video aswell. Heartbreaking
Bradderz080First videos uploaded to my brand new channel for my PSN account! :sick:

A 2 part video showcase of many of the new features :sick:

A preview of the graphics and combat in my first Capture make.

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Bradderz080   Many thanks to p_lustig for being my opponent in the capture :sick: It really is a whole new thing.
Bradderz080   Make sure you watch in HD too! :sick:
p_lustig   i was no opponent, i was a victim :sick:
biafra84Grid race starts in 30m. If you got a copy and feel like driving an V8 madman down suicide road.. Log on my pretties !
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ffraccaroli   I need 10 minutes from now. ....waittttt me plz
OnlyForward_   I was playing a gig last night and then went out with mates, chatting up girls in bars till 2:30AM so I couldn't make it... Hope it was a good one on the track, those V8's can be a bit "Drifty"... :sick:
ZenzicJC   Yep, it was good fun! Once you get used to those cars and the track it definitely gets more enjoyable. And it's simply awesome if you nail a lap! Hope all that chatting up payed off, Only!
Bradderz080Whoever made the Apex banner on the top of the home page, could i possibly have it to put on my Youtube page? :sick:
Bradderz080   The size on the page is 1,060px × 175px. Hope that wont cause problems
Aizcold   I think that's a bit smaller than the banner here, but I can easily adjust the size. I'll try to send it to you in the weekend. Please remind me if I forget :sick:
Bradderz080   Sooner the better! :sick: Uploading videos to the channel now. Will post em soon once they're done. A 2 part showcase of most of the new things, and the preview of the Capture i made. Looks great :sick:
JvdW1888Ordered a PS4 with Far Cry 4 for 400 Euros today. It was either Far Cry 4 or GTA 5 and I thought it was best to pick up an entirely new game first. Bye bye savings!
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Aizcold   Sure, you can at the evil Gamestop at least. Pretty sure they buy used games at Gamemania in The Netherlands as well. Or if they don't anymore you could just put it on Marktplaats.
biafra84   Put it on a 2th hand site. Those Gamemania pricks take a big piece. Cut out the middle man !
mixjah   2nd hand sitee also have the advantage that most of the time they don't really care whether the game is a bundle version or not. gamestop doesnt buy bundled games... (usually labelled "not to be sold seperately")
Liquid7394Please be true, Underground needs to be revived.
Alleged NFS Underground 2015 Detail Leak
It seems that disgruntled employees are the flavor of the week. Earlier, an allege ex-Ubisoft employee shed light on his working conditions while working at Ubisoft and now we have...
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biafra84   NFS Underground BITCH !
Marc30599Is grid autosport better than gran turismo 6? I I'm getting 10 bucks today and want to know what game I should buy...
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NibbsTM   I decided not to get GT6 and I don't miss it (I played GT 5). If you're looking for something a bit more simulation it should be pretty good, as the series does stuff like tire wear and pitstops very well. For me Project Cars will fill that gap, while Grid provides varied and fun racing that's a little more arcade than Gran Turismo, but not much.
Aizcold   Yep, what I don't like about GT is the lack of damage models and the crappy sound. GRID isn't a sim, but it feels fun to race and definitely challenging enough. But yeah, Project Cars will hopefully be much much better still. Really looking forward to that game and to No Man's Sky :sick:
biafra84   He got 10 bucks to spend, dont think Project Cars comes into play. Ofcourse it will outclass the both of em but .... 10 bucks. I still think he'll have more fun with Grid nibbs but saying the arcade/ sim difference is not by much seems a little inacurate. Its a different style of racing game all together. Dont wanne be a dick but i had way to many hours of great intence fun with the GT's to not post this...
NibbsTMA guy on Codemasters Grid forum called them "tourism cars" instead of touring cars.. that is all. :sick:
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Builder5150Lots of fun on Grid today. If only.............................
OnlyForward_   Award? Nice one! Congrats!
biafra84   Yep, thats builder, putting out fires on and offline :sick:
And offering people a good price to rebuild their house after he put out the flames. Good thinking there Builder
Aizcold   Ah yes, congrats again on the award, Builder!
JvdW1888When I watch this video, I can't help but wonder how amazing it would be to have a first person Championship... Too bad I'm won't be getting the game for a few months still.
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trickeh   Funny no one mentioned motorbikes... cars aside, it's great but I feel the FOV is somewhat limited... however, on a motorbike it's just damn amazing! I could cruise along almost forever with a motorbike :sick: Btw, anyone else but me who's been driving with the cockpit and then switch to 3rd person and go like "WTF, this car is crazy faaaaast!". The speed feel manages to somehow be LESS in cockpit than in 3rd person mode... that's a first :sick:
Liquid7394   I like how the sidewalks are blocked off. Seems like no on really likes pavement surfers.
Bradderz080   I noticed that a lot Trick, i swear you go a little slower if you drive in first person, you go past traffic on the motorways slower while in first person, i compared them.
Surely it should feel faster in 1st person? Im not sure
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