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AizcoldGood news, everyone! It is now finally possible for all Apex members to own a banana phone! I am sure this awesome item will be on the Christmas wishlist for many if not all Apex Stalkers.
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NibbsTM   Finally!
biafra84   And when you trow it away in anger, it boomerangs back to you !
AizcoldHey everyone, the first race of the Touring Car Championship is on Saturday at 19:00. Please let us know whether or not you'll be there by commenting in the thread. Thank you!
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ZenzicJCFound a pic of Taz's in-game character online.
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Taz   Awww...zing zen, however, I would never have such puny arms brother. .. face, similar. ..I see it, for sure. ..lol
Taz   O and, hide to wife, hide yo kids. :sick:
Aizcold   The likeness is simple uncanny!
SenilssonSo, I had eye surgery yesterday and just got home now. Still have a slightly blurry sight but should be able to get back into the action soon enough. :sick:
It feels great to throw my glasses and lenses in the trash at last.. :sick:
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Builder5150   Working outside in the sun and fresh air I believe has kept my eyes in great shape. Only one in my family that doesnt need glasses. Yet. Hope it works for you. My wife had it done and it didnt go so well. She still gets tired eyes.
NibbsTM   I think that's part of it, but genetics also play a huge role. I think the amount of close-up reading we do increases the chance of nearsightedness.
ffraccaroli   Well done Sen ... I'm colorblind, surgery does not exist for this, but the good thing is that even with advanced age i still doesn't need glasses, doctors say that the pressure of the colorblind´s eyes is better than the normal ones.
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Rik96   Beemer fans This movie is for you!
NibbsTM   That looks really good, thanks. :sick:
The racing looks so good, it doesn't matter that I'm not really a fan.
bansi31Modded lobbies ruining the game #shit
marcinguy   Yesterday we had God modders in almost every lobby, and people exploding when you shot them. It's just awful.
Builder5150   It's getting worse, had a level 15 guy killing everyone in the room last night by hitting them. You couldn't kill him, yet he would run up and hit you and boom. Your dead.
bansi31   A guy came near me and I thrown away some miles #WTF
biafra84Ochh how a track test can erupt in a free roam killingspree. Hardly any friendly fire too. We killed em good boys and girls, we killed em good ! And i just found out If your in the back of a van you can use rather large machine guns. A van full of members, a bounty on one of em. They come chase us but then, the back doors fly open, Surprise Motherfucker !!!

And 2 side gunners in a chopper dont hurt neither.

Come Get Some !
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Rik96   Next Time i will hook up the van with the C-bob,2 gunners on each side of the chopper plus to more on the van's back.. we just need some RPG's to be the ultimate free mode death machine.
NibbsTM   Lol rik, sounds fun, but a lot to kill for some nut in a jet - we need our own jet support. :sick:
biafra84   A van filled with armed men airlifted by a gigantic helicopter shooting heavy weaponry. Flying over the city raining down death and destruction to all who dwell below. Yet the guy in the jet who happens by is called " the nut "
I love this crew !
NibbsTMNoDo are having a Futo tournament tonight, if anyone is interested. Only a few spots left and a small gift certificate as a prize. You might have to join The Racing Union (so they'll know to trust you :sick: ), but that shouldn't be a problem for any of our regulars here on the forum.
Futo Fun (PS3) | Nonchalant Dominance
I'm moving in slow motion Feels so good It's a strange anticipation Knock, knock, knocking on wood Bodies working overtime Man against man And all that ever matters Is baby who's a...
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Rodgerzzz   Im already signed up! Can't wait :sick:
NibbsTM   Yeah I saw your name. Gotta study and go to bed early, so I won't join. Don't have a modded Futo anyway. :sick:
bansi31   They are giving 10$ gift card for the winner.
ZigMeister666You know those stories about police brutality in LS? Well in a cop chase, I was shooting at cops chasing me when I hit a spike strip, roll three time and crash into some shrubbery. As I dive out of my vehicle before it goes off a cliff, a cop car slides sideways into my car at high speed pinning me between the two vehicles. I'm dead. The cop then gets out (I'm dead by his door), standing on top of me, he pumps 3 blast into my stomach...

Upon respawning I hear a random cop chase, and a cop screaming over the sirens "if you don't stop, right now, I'm going to fucking kill you!". Then only gunshots and the sound of women screaming...

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ZigMeister666   Re watched that video and I'm now on the floor crying and my throat is throbbing from laughter. Worst part is, every time another line pops into my head, it starts all over again..
NibbsTM   "Take that, ya mug!" - haha glad you're enjoying it. It's hilarious for me even though I haven't hear Bogan-speak before. :sick:
NibbsTM   Yeah it should be out now. Wish I had more time to consider the purchase, gimme a little while. :sick:
Builder5150Yeah not a good move Australia. Never challenge the haka, its meant to say to opposite teams " here we are, we challenge you to beat us"

biafra84   I'll start clearing out some space in the livingroom to propperly prepare and challenge my rival racers !
Aizcold   Oh Biafra, you're the undisputed Apex king of one liners :sick:
biafra84   Ochh, you're gonna make me blush..
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