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TazNext week the championship. Thanks all who participated
ASSCAR 2016 week 3 : Flo-Rida Cup
Tampa Drifts, a ton of fun, and a crash or 10. Still outside...
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GTA V - ApexStalkers Day (2nd Anniversary)
00:00 - Last Race of the Bangfest - Worst race ever! 06:00 -...
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Scasura   that was an awesome night of gaming :) ....[link]
TazNew topic up
Delegados' Corner - ApexStalkers
This is a link to an Enjin page with restricted view access.
biafra84   Careful you dont burn yourself using that little match
ZenzicJC   Is there an upper limit?
Lano   I only need 4,5 cm more! that´s it.. im getting that penis enhancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TazAnyone else excited about the new MC DLC coming out. I've really enjoyed the effort by r* to keep the game alive, apex bday is coming and we should have a ton of things to do
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Aizcold   I'm guessing this is more online free mode stuff? Not very interested in that to be honest. Unless it's something that comes with some proper missions again that aren't only in free mode. Then again, can't complain about GTAO still getting new content. That's pretty cool in itself.
Liquid7394   I agree with Aiz. I just want more PvE stuff to do, preferably stuff I can do solo since I hate the way lobbies work and randoms are dumb. I'd really like a mission creator.
Discord Link
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Watty   BOOBS ( . Y . )
TazNot my best work by any means, a bit rushed this time.
ASSCAR 2016 Wk Mash-Up
Week 2 of the series with the Gun-Dom Cup. It was a ton of f...
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WattyASSCAR Week 2 - Highlights
GTA V | Asscar Week 2 | Highlights
With a cluster fuck of crashes and my Gauntlet being slow as...
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Puckshey guys, a couple of guys and I got something wet and slidy come up the pipeline in the next couple of weeks (this may or may not have been purposely said to be a dick joke) but stay tuned here for a new event that I think everyone would enjoy!
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ASSCAR!!! |Week 2|
Soooo close! GG GRAND THEFT AUTO V https://store.playstation...
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XstylezMy bad, I meant Sunday.
Lano   I'll do my best to show up man :) the latter the better
XstylezLetting you guys know that my rallycross event is Saturday. [PS4] Last day to send in tracks, will be taking in new people til the day of the event.
Draco25240Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested. The Crew is free on PC for about a month, starting yesterday. Might not be the best game ever, but free is free :)
Link Description
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Liquid7394   It's improved quite a bit since launch.
Aizcold   Draco, join us on Discord: [link]

We've moved there from GroupMe and other messaging apps now to get everyone together in the same spot.
Draco25240   Ah, you've moved to Discord? Awesome, will join then! Been using Discord for quite a while now, so that's convenient :p
GETscopedF00LWhat's up just got into the crew look forward to racing with you guys.

PSN: GETscopedF00L
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Lano   Beware of nema.. he´s a shaddy fellow! :p

Welcome :)
biafra84   Welcome aboard mate
Nema   Welcome man, your premium race times are amazing. :)
LanoI know i´m not one of the first members of the ApexStalkers! And i keep earing about the good old GTA days! But still.. exactly one year ago i made this video! One week of events mash up! Rocket League, PCars, GTA... So many event going around! I miss dive bombing you guys <3
ApexStalkers - Rocket League / GTA V / Project Cars - 1 Week...
Just racing with my Apex friends! Monday - Rocket League wit...
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Taz   ok Lano, a couple things.
#1 that video was fuking awesome !
#2 Your an event monster sun!
#3 Loved the txt was sick it kept me involved.
#4 Pcar videos always cook my linguica, wish i could be better at that game, it looks beautiful.
#5 Go team Tazmania, i don't think I ever laughed so hard ever during the bidding that broke into the greatest Gif. war
Lano   Glag you liked it bro! :d Linguiça FTW!!!!!
Lano   To be better at pcars.. buy a wheel :p unless you´re nema and can play that with your mind...
AizcoldA bit serious for our forums perhaps, but this is a very interesting read. Quite a long one too, but I can definitely recommend reading it.
'We're the Only Plane in the Sky'
Nearly every American above a certain age remembers precisely where they were on September 11, 2001. But for a tiny handful of people, those memories touch American presidential hi...
biafra84   Tad long idd, i'll put the kettle on. With the 15th "annivercery" the papers are full of it again. Bit i didnt know before is that fighterjets were dispatched in a hurry to take down the last jet. No time to replace the fake training amo with live rounds, missiles they were send off to kamakazy the last airliner. Hopefully with time enough to eject.

Tho by then the pasengers of the flight got wind of the attacks and rushed the terrorists themself and the plane whent down before the fighterjets got there to try and ram it out of the air.
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